Eco Product Review: Bhumi Ethically Made 100% Organic Cotton Bed Sheets

Eco Product Review: Bhumi Ethically Made 100% Organic Cotton Bed Sheets

Tossing and turning and can’t seem to get comfy in bed? Have sensitive skin or suffer from skin allergies and your bed sheets causing irritation? I understand your frustrations. I’ve been there, experienced that. As a conscious entrepreneur who needs a good night’s sleep to perform at high levels, and one who has sensitive skin too (so sensitive in fact that I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night at hotel rooms and Airbnb’s feeling itchy and scratching myself all over), I’ve found a sleep solution that works – luxuriously soft organic cotton sheets. 

Australian organic bedding company Bhumi is one such brand producing high-quality organic cotton bed sheets that are well worth the investment if you’re after a sustainable night’s sleep.

Australian Eco Ethical Bedding Brand Bhumi Ethically Made Organic Cotton Bed Sheets

Sustainable bedding

Bhumi’s sheets are organic and synthetic chemical-free, certified to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), a gold standard in textile sustainability. Organic cotton farming processes have less environmental impact than conventional cotton production. The process consumes less water, there are no toxic chemical pesticides polluting the environment or posing risks to human health and wildlife. Since the soil hasn’t been depleted of its nutrients and functions as it should, it is healthier and can also capture and store more carbon, helping to manage climate change. 

Bhumi’s fabrics are also dyed with GOTS approved non-toxic dyes. These are free from hazardous elements such as formaldehyde, lead, nickel and heavy metals.

Now in the interests of full transparency I should point out that I also co-own a certified organic farm in Queensland Australia so I’m partial to businesses that support organic farmers and farming practices that are kinder to the planet. While organic cotton production makes up just 0.7 percent of global cotton production, brands like Bhumi makes it possible for organic farmers to continue doing the good work they do.

Ethically made bed sheets

In addition to being an environmentally conscious brand, Bhumi is also socially conscious – it has a fair-trade certification under its belt, evidence that it upholds human rights and labour rights standards.

All its workers receive a living wage, social security, pension funds, sick pay and holiday leave, health insurance, lunches and overtime pay. Employees also receive free transport to work and their children receive free education. 

Australian Eco Ethical Bedding Brand Bhumi Fair Trade Organic Cotton Bed Sheets

That the brand respects the social, economic and labour rights of all farmers and workers in its supply chain gets a big tick. By doing business consciously, paying workers fairly and treating workers with dignity and respect, Bhumi is simultaneously tackling issues of human exploitation, slavery, forced labour and child labour and helping capitalism evolve for the better.

Restful night’s sleep

I received Bhumi’s Pewter Queen Size Sateen Sheet Set and Organic Cotton Head Wrap to try out. The set was delivered in a recycled box and inside, there was no sight of plastic (yay!); just recycled paper and natural twine. Unwrapping it, the sheet set bundle was stored in a reusable organic cotton laundry bag. I decided I would road-test the sheets whilst staying in a hotel in Brisbane as I rarely get a good night’s sleep in a hotel bed.

Australian Sustainable Bedding Brand Bhumi Ethically Made Organic Cotton Bed Sheets

As timing would have it, I also had a cold and annoying dry cough so sleep was the only thing on my mind when we got to our hotel. Replacing the hotel’s white bed sheets and pillowcases with Bhumi’s organic cotton fitted sheet, flat sheet and soft pillow cases (don’t worry, upon checking out, the hotel staff were notified that the sheets were perfectly okay to use and needn’t be washed because you know, washing clean bed sheets is unsustainable) I promptly tucked myself in. The sateen sheets felt super soft and silky. An amazing feeling, particularly because I was sick. I lay my head to rest on the pillow case, it was like laying on clouds, a feeling of sheer bliss. I don’t remember much else, after that. I was instantly, peacefully fast asleep. I woke up feeling much better. The best sleep I’ve had in a hotel bed in a very long time. That I didn’t have skin rashes or feel itchy was a bonus.

“I work hard and I take afternoon naps to give my brain and body a break. Sleep is what enables me to perform at high, sustainable levels. Fair trade 100% organic bed sheets are a non-negotiable.” – EWP Editor-in-chief Jennifer Nini

Photography: Ben McGuire
Sustainable Bedding Brand Bhumi Fair Trade Organic Cotton Bed Sheets Australia

The next morning I jumped into the shower. After stepping out, I placed Bhumi’s beautiful white organic cotton wrap around my head to dry my hair. Easy to twist with a strategically placed button and elastic to keep in place, the super soft and absorbent head wrap made me feel as though I had just been to a luxury spa. It was divine.

After returning from that trip, I didn’t get the chance to throw Bhumi’s bed sheets on my own bed as I had recently thrown on freshly washed bed sheets and thought it silly to remove them when they didn’t need to be washed just yet. I was slowly recovering from my cold but had to travel to Sydney as I was invited to be on a panel at an event for Fashion Revolution

After being away for several days, I returned home on Sunday evening, exhausted from the event (it was amazing!) and the trip (I’m not a fan of air travel). I was excited to learn that my partner Ben had washed the old bed sheets and Bhumi’s soft, fresh organic ones were to greet me instead. Keen to indulge in its organic goodness, I quickly got changed and went straight to bed. As soon as my tired skin and bones hit the light, silky sateen sheets, it was like I was being given a body massage. All the aches and pains left; it was just sublime. That night, I had the best sleep ever.

Mother’s Day is almost here. Bhumi is offering $50 off all orders over $149 and a free navy Turkish Khadi Hand Towel valued at $49. Just use the code MOTHERS-DAY at checkout to take advantage of the promotion.

To shop Bhumi’s eco luxurious range of organic bedding and bed sheets, visit

Disclosure: This product review was sponsored by Bhumi. Bedding and head wrap were gifted. All opinions expressed are the author’s own. Facts and other product information checked with the company. Whether reviews are sponsored or not, they are free from commercial influence or bias. For more information about our policies, click here.

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