PathWater is Leading the Bottled Water Industry into the Circular Economy

PathWater is Leading the Bottled Water Industry into the Circular Economy

We all know the importance of drinking eight glasses of water every day but the benefits decrease when the water we drink comes from plastic. Most plastic water bottles contain harmful synthetic chemical compounds including Bisphenol A or BPA. More than 60 years since the industrial chemical was added to plastic, BPA has only recently been found to pose a huge risk to human health

The chemical mimics the structure of the hormone estrogen which means it can influence bodily functions such as reproduction and cell repair. Therefore BPA exposure can lead to possible health problems such as infertility, increased blood pressure and prostate and breast cancer. Research has found that BPA can leach into bottled water, particularly when the plastic has been exposed or reused.

Apart from health risks linked to BPA, the world is drowning in plastics. In the US alone, around 2.5 million plastic water bottles are thrown out every hour. The plastic bottle is also one of the top ten items collected in beach cleanups worldwide, ranked third behind cigarette butts and plastic food wrappers. Furthermore, it can take a plastic up to 1,000 years to decompose, which means that every piece of plastic that has been produced is still around in some form, to this day.

PathWater is offers sustainable bottled water in packaging that is infinitely recyclable
PathWater offers sustainable bottled water in packaging that is infinitely recyclable.

To avoid the many problems associated with plastic water bottles we need to focus on alternative solutions for beverage packaging that are better for people and planet. Cue,  PATHWATER.

Aluminium not plastic

As a solution to the globe’s plastic crisis, PATHWATER is the first in the beverage industry to offer purified water in a reusable water bottle made from aluminium, a material that can be infinitely recycled with zero loss of quality. This path to a revolution will finally help the industry evolve from a linear economy to a circular economy (which should be the ultimate goal of any business operating in the 21st century). It’s also lightweight and sturdy and can be easily refilled due to its wide mouth top.

PATHWATER aluminum bottles are also safe and BPA-free which makes it healthy enough for long reuse cycles.

Responsibly sourced water

The US-based company works with a local water facility in Montebello, California to responsibly source groundwater and uses an intense filtration process to ensure that only the purest, balanced water gets into their aluminium bottles. Managing their water resources wisely is key to conserving available water, particularly in the face of climate change.

Today, around 880 million people still don’t have proper access to clean water and in developing developing countries, tap water isn’t safe enough to drink, doing so can pose many threats to one’s health. With PATHWATER, there’s no such problem.

The water purification goes through a seven-step reverse osmosis system. This purification system helps eliminate parasites and viruses; removes heavy metals and improves the taste and its appearance. So when your purified water has gone through this seven-step reverse osmosis process, you can rest assured that with like PATHWATER’s does, you can rest assured that the water you are drinking is safe. 

Pathwater enourages people to refill not landfill
PathWater enourages people to refill not landfill.

Environmental Advocates 

When it comes to who’s responsible for the plastic waste found in our oceans, most fingers will point to consumers. But the real culprits are the multinational corporations that accept no corporate accountability for the waste they produce.

PATHWATER’s cofounders want to remedy this. They believe that to be the change, it has to start from the source of manufacturing. That is why PATHWATER was conceived – to reduce plastic waste and disrupt a profit-driven industry.

“I’d like customers to know that we are driven by our mission first, and profits second. We want to serve others and serve our planet and leave this world a better place than when we got here.”

CEO Shadi Bakour 
PathWater’s CEO Shadi Bakour. 

Creating a sustainable business solution to end the manufacturing of single-use plastic water bottles isn’t enough for these eco-beverage pioneers. The team at PATHWATER practices their environmental values by sponsoring and participating in local beach clean-ups. To date, they’ve sponsored around 30 beach clean-ups, picked up about 1500lbs of trash and donated $10,000 to ‘Heal the Bay’ cause.

They have also also established a Student Ambassador Program (PSA) which focusses on encouraging youth advocacy and participation in banning single-use plastic bottles at schools. This empowers the younger generation to take charge and find ways to solve the plastic crisis the planet is currently drowning in.

The company has founded a beverage business model that the world desperately needs. PATHWATER inspires each of us to look at solving environmental problems in new ways, shifting our attention from disposability to a culture of smarter design and smarter recycling.

Today PATHWATER can be found in 4,000 stores across the United States, has more than 50 investors representing a wide range of professions and has the support of more than 100 ambassadors, all of which are dedicated to the goal of bringing sustainability to bottled water. 

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