Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week

Note: This letter was originally published in our weekly newsletter and is being republished here.

Hey guys,

Happy belated Earth Day for yesterday! Let’s get real though, every day is Earth Day for us eco nerds lol! 

Now this week is also ethical fashion’s biggest week, Fashion Revolution Week. This year we commemorate the 6th anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh where more than 1,100 people lost their lives and 2,500 more were injured. We also unite and use our voices and platforms to demand transparency from the fashion brands we buy, asking #whomademyclothes? I imagine many of you are already involved in creating a fairer and less toxic fashion industry and will be doing your bit this week to raise awareness and make brands accountable, but if you aren’t already involved, here’s why you should be.

As for me, I will be heading to Sydney as I’ve been invited to be a part of the amazing Eko Mindful Boss Ladies brunch this Saturday where I’ll be speaking on the panel with other kick-ass soul-lifting entrepreneurial women in sustainable fashion and media: eco stylist, TV fashion commentator and Salvo’s Ambassador Faye De Lanty, Tommie Magazine founder and editor-in-chief Natalia Shehata and EKOLUV founder and serial social entrepreneur Emily Kate Symes.
If you’ve ever wondered:

  • how I found the courage to step away from the corporate life and do my own purpose-driven thing (to the horror of my risk-averse immigrant mum who to this day is still super confused how I make my money in the digital world haha!),
  • how I’ve been able to transform EWP from a sole blog to a financially sustainable multi-contributor media business,
  • how I deal with rejection, setbacks, negativity and ‘haters’, online abuse and trolls,
  • the strategies and tools I use to maximise efficiency whilst simultaneously prioritising health, well-being and embracing the slow life,
  • the podcasts, publications, philosophers and thinkers I turn to for inspiration and wisdom,
  • why I don’t believe in ‘vanity metrics’ and how I really measure business success and positive impact, and
  • what my political beliefs are why I love learning about economic theory,

then make sure to book your ticket to this 4+ hour power brunch. It’s guaranteed to be a day filled with killer conversations, intimate stories, non-stop laughter, Instagrammable pics and practical business lessons you can take away. Plus it will be hosted at the beautiful EKOLUV zero waste, dress hire and consignment store in Paddington, a gorgeous space for many Instagrammable pics and memorable moments!

And as if you weren’t already getting lots of business insights and value, each guest will receive a Luxury Sustainable Goodie Bag too. I should point out that 50% of ticket sales proceeds go to Opportunity International Australia to help millions of people in Asia work their way out of poverty so you’ll be learning lots, and helping a good cause too!

So if you want to get the lowdown of how I do what I do, learn from all the other remarkable ecopreneurial women on the panel, or just want your chance to get some time in with me to discuss shop before I return back to my green paradise in the Middle of Nowhere, Australia, grab your ticket before they sell out! I really hope to see some of you there!

Peace, love and all that jazz,

Jen xx (Editor-in-Chief)

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