10 Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Podcasts to Tune Into

10 Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Podcasts to Tune Into

What’s new in fashion? 

That is the most common question we ask when we talk about fashion. Once caught up, we update our wardrobe with these trends worn by Tinseltown’s beautiful people or the gorgeously-clad Instafamous.

Inspired, you dress up in a style that is either urban chic, hipster or edgy. These eclectic options lead us to believe that we have our own choices when it comes to dressing up but in reality, we are all just fashion fascist victims – that the only direction to go, fashion-wise, is forward. 

However, there is more to fashion than the glitz and the glam, the frills and the fun of dressing up or going shopping. Pull on the other thread that makes up this diverse world and you find fashion’s dark side; you unravel the paradox of what is really happening behind the fashion scene.

There are tons of documentaries and articles exposing facts about the fashion industry and how it is linked to modern slavery, animal cruelty or pollution. I understand, though, that after a long day at work, straining your eyes to stare at the screen is cumbersome. That is why I have rounded up a list of sustainable and ethical fashion podcasts for you to follow.

So listen up, rest your eyes and be informed about the fashion things that matter. 

1.Conscious Chatter

Conscious Chatter, a podcast about how “what we wear matters”, is hosted by US-based Kestrel Jenkins who uses her audio space to talk about the garment industry, the social and environmental issues surrounding it and how we can spark change.

Kestrel interned for People Tree in London, a fair trade fashion pioneer and online garment retailer that uses environmental-friendly materials. This experience propelled her into leading a fashion revolution where she could still have a flair for fashion without losing her values.

10 Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Podcasts to Tune Into

2.Wardrobe Crisis 

Clare Press is a journalist, ethical fashion advocate and author. She launched her podcast, Wardrobe Crisis, in 2017 as an extension of her book, Wardrobe Crisis: How We Went from Sunday Best to Fashion Fashion.

Clare often invites guests from the fashion industry, from researchers through to designers, and together they tackle real issues that surround the fashion industry but concentrate more on ethical matters, sustainability and environmental concerns.

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3.Wear Your Values

You can listen to Wear Your Values via any podcast app you choose, from iTunes through to Stitcher.

This podcast is ideal if you want to understand more about sustainable fashion or fair fashion. The first episode launched on January 30 and because it’s in its early stages, great for beginners who are still learning the basics. By tuning in, you’ll become a part of a fresh sustainable fashion dialogue.

4.Fashion Revolution Podcast

In Fashion Revolution Podcast, Tamsin Blanchard investigates the issues behind fast fashion. Speaking to garment workers, supply chain experts, activists and politicians, she chews over the hidden facts behind fashion production and the rag trade. There’s only four episodes for listeners to tune into, but it’s all you need to start understanding the true cost of the fashion industry and starting asking, “Who Made My Clothes?”

5.Pre-Loved Podcast

Hosted by Emily Stochl of the Brume & Daisy blog, Pre-Loved Podcast is a podcast for lovers of preloved fashion. For each weekly podcast show, Emily invites guests – vintage store owners, stylists and other preloved style revolutionaries – to talk about their love for thrift, vintage and DIY fashion, how they began their fashion revolution journey and why second-hand clothes are their first choice.

6.Spirit of 608 Podcast

The Spirit of 608 podcast explores the connection between fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech aka FEST and celebrates the women who make up FEST such as Lorraine Sanders, fashion journalist and podcast host. She focuses on FEST, why it’s the future of fashion industry and aims to empower the women involved in it.

Credit: Spirit of 608

7.American Fashion Podcast

Charles Beckwith and Cathy Schepis are the weekly hosts of American Fashion podcast who discuss topics associated with the fashion industry, from human trafficking, employee abuse right through to the theft of intellectual property.

They also talk about how the fashion industry is literally a dirty business – how it’s one of the most polluting industries. By shining a light on this, they discuss how listeners can find a balance between the social and environmental aspects of fashion – without sacrificing style.

8. Fashion No Filter

Camille Charrière and Monica Ainley’s hosting style in Fashion No Filter is to treat their podcast like a traditional radio show where they discuss fashion and interview guests from the industry, in a way that’s fun yet enriching for listeners. By going back to a method of passionately sharing and exposing important fashion issues and creating a show experience worth is what makes this podcast unique.

9. Fashion Unzipped

The Telegraph’s fashion-focused podcast ‘Fashion Unzipped‘ is hosted by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton often along with other top fashion editors at the publication.

In this audio space, Charlie not only discusses what’s trending at the latest fashion week (the big ones like London, Milan and New York not you know the lesser known ones); running through the current season’s style guide, but she also tackles serious topics associated with fashion such as sizeism, women’s rights and supply chain transparency. So be in the know; listen to the prophet.

Credit: Fashion Unzipped

10.Who Made My Clothes

Fashion Revolution Australia and New Zealand and Jackrabbit.fm teamed up to create the Who Made My Clothes podcast in recognition of Fashion Revolution Week 2017. 

The playlist consists of a seven-part series hosted by Clare Press (yes the Clare Press of Wardrobe Crisis) with each episode focussing on the region’s popular ethical clothing labels.

Final thoughts…

Behind the fabulous world of style and grace is a series of horror stories waiting to be exposed. You have the right to know about it and you have the choice to refuse to be blinded by the glitterati.

So the next time you ask ‘what’s new in fashion?’ go through this list of ethical fashion podcasts, subscribe to the ones that tickle your fancy and keep tuning in to stay abreast of the people and brands making the fashion industry better.

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