No Toxic Cleaners Necessary: Clean Your Kitchen Chemical-Free with ENJO

No Toxic Cleaners Necessary: Clean Your Kitchen Chemical-Free with ENJO

Australians are some of the world’s biggest waste producers. According to the 2014-2015 National Waste Report Aussies produced 64 million tonnes, equivalent to 2.7 tonnes per person of waste.

The kitchen is the largest contributor of waste in the home. In addition food packaging, food waste and chemical spray bottles, the average kitchen is stocked with harsh cleaners and single-use plastic items such as rubbish bags, disposable wipes, paper towels and poor-quality sponges and cloths. 

Environmentally conscious companies such as chemical-free cleaning brand ENJO Australia have been on a mission to help people reduce their household waste long before sustainability became a buzzword.

Since 1994, the Western Australian company has been offering healthier, greener alternatives to traditional cleaning products. The direct-selling cleaning company built its reputation on its all-purpose, reusable cloths which features patented fibre technology that requires zero chemicals to clean surfaces, only water. 

No Toxic Cleaners Necessary- Clean Your Kitchen Chemical-Free with ENJO Kitchen Bundlejpg
ENJO’s exclusive fibre technology means no chemical cleaners are needed, just water.

The original fibre (a combination of polyester, acrylic, polyamide, viscose and cotton that is exclusively woven for heavy duty applications) was developed in 1985 by Austrian textile expert Friedrich Engl in response to the disastrous environmental impacts of an oil leak on Lake Constance. The innovative fibre worked so well that offering the superior cleaning technology to everyday consumers seemed the logical next step. 

Fast forward to today and ENJO has built an inclusive business model, providing individuals (mostly women) with flexible business opportunities and income options selling ENJO products at their convenience. More than 15,000 people have started their own ENJO business, collectively selling products to over 1.5 million Australian customers.

ENJO Cleans Your Kitchen Chemical-Free with its Kitchen Bundle..
ENJO products are sold through a network of passionate and loyal ENJOpreneurs

The power of green cleaning

With almost a $1 billion in revenue and roughly 28.6 million fibre cleaning products sold over its business lifetime, ENJO’s eco-friendly cleaning system has withstood the test of time, trusted by many eco-conscious households.

No business can survive 25 years if their eco products don’t actually work and meet customer expectations. In ENJO’s case, they absolutely do. Its products remove grime, grease and germs from household surfaces and replaces the chemicals in the cupboard.

The cleaning system is super simple: Just add water to dampen ENJO’s kitchen fibre before use, use the kitchen fibre to wipe down the kitchen surface and to ensure bacteria doesn’t grow, dry the surface with the Kitchen Miracle.

No Toxic Cleaners Necessary- Clean Your Kitchen Chemical-Free with ENJO
Chemical-free cleaning with ENJO

Because the fibres lift and remove dirt and grime without harsh cleaners, ENJO saves Australian families roughly $966 on cleaning products over a three-year period. Since toxic chemical sprays and cleaners aren’t required, homes are also greener and healthier.

In addition to its positive environmental impacts, the company also meets high ethical standards. Its long-lasting sustainable cloths are ethically handcrafted from locally sourced materials in Austria. The fibre is Oeko-Tex certified, independently tested by a third-party laboratory for human safety and proven to contain no harmful substances or legally banned chemicals.

Best of all, ENJO’s Kitchen Bundle – which includes an all-purpose cloth, kitchen sponge, kitchen miracle (for drying), kitchen mini (smaller version), marble paste and kitchen glove (for hard to reach places) – means there’s less packaging and disposable waste created since the products are designed to last for three years, considerably longer than comparable items on the market. 

ENJO Cleans Your Kitchen Chemical-Free with its Kitchen Bundle
ENJO Kitchen Bundle will last a minimum of three years

According to the company, its revolutionary cleaning system removes roughly 171 million plastic bottles from landfill and approximately 85.6 million litres of chemical detergents from wastewater over three years. Here’s the amount of waste a typical Australian household saves from landfill item-by-item over a three-year period using ENJO:

  • 4320 disposable wipes
  • 156 dish sponges
  • 9360 sheets of disposable paper towels
  • 18 bottles of all-purpose cleaning sprays

“Minimising waste and living sustainably is important,” said Barb de Corti, Founder and CEO of ENJO Australia. “I’m so proud that ENJO has been bringing a safer, environmentally-responsible cleaning product to Australia for 25 years.”

Waste is a design flaw

As is often said in sustainability circles, “waste is a design flaw” and the gold standard all manufactured products should aim for in the waste hierarchy is circularity. Instead of the linear production of “take, make, waste” where materials end up in landfill, circularity means resources are recycled and reused.

Barb de Corti, Founder and CEO of ENJO Australia
Barb de Corti, Founder and CEO of ENJO Australia,

ENJO’s commitment to circular design can be seen in the way it handles end of useful life products; the company encourages customers to donate their old fibre cleaning products rather than dump in the trash. Instead of making its way to landfills, these old materials are collected and upcycled into car seats and home insulation. 

Helping customers live low waste lifestyles aside, the company further adds to its eco credentials by being 100% carbon neutral.

“ENJO international’s production is now 100% carbon neutral, a real reason to celebrate, and a real reason to be proud of everything we have done and continue to do” says de Corti. 

To celebrate its 25th birthday, the company supported the Clean Up Australian Day efforts held last weekend. For some companies, protecting and preserving Australia’s natural environment has become a tokenistic gesture designed to win over eco-conscious consumers, but for ENJO – who prioritised sustainability long before it became cool to care about the planet – it was just another opportunity to remind Australians that making a positive difference is central to their mission.

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