Maxicare Veggie Fest 2019: Here’s What We Saw, Tasted and Learned…

Maxicare Veggie Fest 2019: Here’s What We Saw, Tasted and Learned…

Manila, Philippines: It was pretty early for people to be flocking at the park on a work day but there we all were, checking out all the different booths that are selling plant-based products for a holistic lifestyle. 

The Veggie Fest 2019 is Maxicare‘s first bazaar, held at Legazpi Active Park in Makati on March 15. The event, spearheaded by the president and CEO of Maxicare Health Corporation, Sean Argos, aimed to promote health and wellness through plant-based nutrition. The company is a pioneer in the health maintenance organization industry in the Philippines.

Veggie Fest wasn’t just about veggie food nor was it exclusive to vegans and vegetarians. Aside from booths stocking a wide array of plant-based items, there were interesting and in-depth discussions about health and wellness given by lifestyle champions. Topics ranged from guilt-free eating to ageing, and even included a baking class to boot.

Transitioning to a plant-based diet is what our world needs right now from the perspectives of health and climate change. Maxicare rounded up a group of influential change makers, conscious entrepreneurs and products to address the fact that plant-based nutrition doesn’t just concern food choices but covers many areas of our lives too.


Beyond the superficial, true beauty is also about what’s on the inside reminding people that there are other methods to explore and manifest beauty. Natural skin care products and eating organic food rich in vitamins and minerals will help achieve that.

Many of the merchants I spoke to at the event made their own products from all-natural ingredients. Each product bottled and packaged in eco-friendly and recyclable materials that are made to reuse. On display were extra fine activated charcoal powder toothpaste, shampoo bars, bamboo toothbrush, natural deodorants, essential oils, face serums and much more.

Zero Basics
Mayumi Organics

Fresh produce

What’s a veggie fest without fresh produce? A few of the vegan food purveyors in the bazaar came equipped with fresh fruits, vegetables and spices. All of the produce is grown and harvested in their own farms, a few of which are organic.


While beer is made from natural ingredients, some beers contain artificial flavors and worse, gelatin. Gelatin is a flavorless ingredient made from animal skin. It is used to filter the beer just before bottling. The beer I came across at the event does not. Home brewed beer by Nipa Brew offers a variety of beer flavors from malt to coco and is perfect for vegans and vegetarians.


It was the first time I’d ever tried Kombucha tea. Figgs Kombucha is a probiotic wonder tea that the owners ferment themselves using green tea as their base. Flavors range from watermelon and hibiscus to mango and lemon. I tried the mango and lemon kombucha and I felt energized the whole day.

Veggie feast

The event wouldn’t have been complete without delish vegetable-based meals and delicacies. From vegetarian burgers to hummus, from a platter of vegan cheese to fresh lumpia (Filipino spring rolls) I washed it all with refreshing kombucha tea.

Overall it was a great day at the park. I had quite an experience roaming around and learning all about the healthier alternatives we have in our country right now. These are better alternatives to help us begin our journeys to a healthier us and I’m proud to see an increasing number of Pinoys who are leading the way, driving and implementing positive changes.

Final words

Maxicare is not just a health care provider. Through the Veggie Fest, I learned that Maxicare is also focussed on a holistic approach in contributing to our overall well-being. This event, of course, won’t be a success without the genius of Rey and Bing Montes of Scenta Creations Event Styling. Since the bazaar was such a hit, there was a popular demand to bring back the Veggie Fest soon and maybe this time, it will be a two-day affair.

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