6 Eco Mum Bloggers Who Inspire Other Parents Towards Green Living

6 Eco Mum Bloggers Who Inspire Other Parents Towards Green Living

Living lightly on the planet is difficult. And when little monsters, ah I mean children, are involved… it honestly looks near impossible.

As a woman without children, I realise that to mothers I sound idiotic when recommending they spend four hours in the kitchen making their own food with only plastic free ingredients from the bulk bin store. How do you even shop at a bulk bin store with a toddler in tow? And when I show pictures of my waste for the month and it all fits into one small box (including recycling), I can imagine many eyes rolling from individuals whose households are shared with young ones.

I won’t pretend to be an expert on eco-parenting. I’m not! But what I do know, is that living an eco-friendly lifestyle with children, is totally possible.

Some of my favourite bloggers are incredible mothers who share how they tread with care for the planet and its people, as they raise their little ones.

For expert eco parenting advice, here are some green mommas to call on:

Simply Liv & Co.

I’ve followed Liv for years, and continue to be inspired by the way she simply and realistically lives an eco lifestyle. Liv has two sweet girls and a growing baby bump! They live minimally, all four (soon to be five) of them in one RV. Liv has taught me to value experiences over ‘stuff’, and her recommendations for sustainable maternity wear and baby products, make me excited for the future when I may need them.

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Credit: Simply Liv & Co’s public profile on Instagram


I’m constantly learning from Danielle at the Wondermammas blog, regardless of the fact I don’t have kids! This blog focuses on fitness and plant-based nutrition, but Danielle’s tips on conscious living and eco-friendly clothing for babies and mums, are super helpful too. Danielle is a mum to twin boys, but still manages to blog about how they live life simply and as waste free as possible… she’s basically a superhero.

Credit: Wondermama’s public profile on Instagram

The Rogue Ginger

To give you an example of how great The Rogue Ginger blog is… I went to find the URL to Erin’s blog to link to this article, and ended up reading her articles for a further 10 minutes. It’s just brilliant.

Among many things, Erin Rhoads from The Rogue Ginger, is an incredible mother. She started writing about zero waste living in 2013, and with the birth of her first child in 2017, she began sharing more about her zero waste lifestyle with children. From low-waste birthday parties to successful cloth nappy stories, I am very glad that Erin, a fellow ginger, exists in the green space.

Credit: The Rogue Ginger’s public profile on Instagram

The Mindful Mom Blographer

A recent discovery, Laura from The Mindful Mom Blographer, is a breath of fresh air. She’s not only spearheading a minimal and zero waste life, but she also openly discusses anxiety and focuses on mindfulness. Laura’s blogs and Instagram posts are raw and honest; she says all the things you are thinking, but don’t say out loud. This blog is the perfect place for mummas who have just begun their eco-journey, or need to be pulled out of their negative mental funk.

Credit: The Mindful Mom Blographer’s public Instagram profile

Eco With Em

Eco writer, illustrator, mum, and environmentalist, Em Ehlers is who I want to be when I grow up. Em is equal parts honest, intelligent, silly, and playful. I love every second of my time spent on her blog and Instagram. If you’re down for a great almond milk recipe, beautiful illustrations that will motivate you to make change, and hilarious selfies with gorgeous kiddies, then Eco With Em is your new happy place.

Credit: ecowithem_ public Instagram profile

The Green Mama

Manda aka The Green Mama, has been a consultant in the field of sustainability for 20 years, and it shows. The Green Mama blog is full of practical tips and tricks for parents, recipes and life-hacks, green renovation advice, and wellness and beauty practices. There’s not much The Green mama doesn’t cover! Manda gets real on the vegetarian mum topic, shares truly helpful ways to navigate holidays with children, and isn’t afraid to be open in the judgy world of parenting.

Credit: The Green Mama on Instagram

You may usually dismiss tips from parents with perfect package free pantries, and glare at mothers who bring in homemade vegan treats to daycare, but living with less footprint on the planet doesn’t have to look like perfection. These bloggers are real-life examples of people caring for the planet so their little ones can enjoy it for decades to come.

Hope they inspire in your journey as an eco-parent!

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Title image credit of Erin Rhoads aka The Rogue Ginger.

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