5 Ethical Fashion Books Newbies Must Read

5 Ethical Fashion Books Newbies Must Read

New to this whole ethical fashion thing? Welcome.

I was once new too. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be feeling conflicted, confused, and overwhelmed with information. The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world, and it can feel pretty devastating to hear that humans have caused this catastrophic destruction through our love of something so beautiful and meaningful: fashion.

In an attempt not to overwhelm, but instead direct you smoothly on your way to feeling empowered rather than frustrated, here are the best ethical fashion books to get you started.

Knowledge is most definitely power in this situation, and reading these five books is the best place to start.

Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press

This is the first book I read when I entered the ‘ethical fashion-sphere’. Clare Press, now a friend and mentor of mine (pinch me!), eloquently discusses the history of fashion, and how the heck we went from “sunday best to fast fashion”. She gently, but powerfully, urges you to begin asking ‘who made my clothes?’ while educating you on the current state of the fashion industry.

Wardrobe Crisis incorporates brilliant anecdotes that help you visualise the issue in everyday society, and leaves you feeling not all is doom and gloom: we are part of a fashion revolution after all.

Pick up this read here.

Wardrobe Crisis- How We Went from Sunday Best to Fast Fashion - ethical fashion books

Slow Fashion by Safia Minney

Slow Fashion is one of the best places to start. If you’re a visual learner and prefer magazines over books, this masterpiece is for you. Safia Minney has brought together the stories of creatives, entrepreneurs, designers, and many more, to bring you examples of GOOD fashion stories. No matter what you currently do with your days, or how intertwined you are in the fashion industry, Minney presents options for everyone to play a part in changing the future of fashion.

The full colour photography means you’ll never get bored, and the beautiful texture of the front cover on this FSC certified book, means you’ll want to keep it by your bed, always.

Pick up this read here.

Slow Fashion- Aesthetics Meets Ethics - Safia Minney ethical fashion book

Eco Fashion by Sass Brown

I’ll be honest: this book is still on my to-read list. It’s at the very top though, as I have heard nothing but GREAT things. Different to your usual ‘ethical fashion’ book, Sass Brown discusses eco-design, exploring the idea that green design is good design. She uncovers the big dogs already implementing green design methods, and gets readers excited at the idea that change is already happening. The tipping point has near!

Pick up this read here.

Eco Fashion by Sass Brown - ethical fashion books

To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out The World? by Lucy Siegle

Usually, I’m not demanding, but you really must read this book: ASAP.

Lucy Siegle knows exactly how you’re currently feeling: ashamed of your overflowing wardrobe, confused at the hundreds of fashion facts being thrown around, but wanting desperately to do something bout it all. Siegle is a reformed fashionista, and was once in your exact boat.

In her book, Siegle visits factories in Bangladesh, tells tales of the horrific cotton industry, and launches into the social injustice of our current fashion model. Siegle will help you find your why. She’ll get you up to date on the current status of the fashion industry, and explain what you can do in with own shopping habits to stop contributing to fast fashion.

Pick up this read here.

To Die For- Is Fashion Wearing Out The World? Lucy Siegle Eco Fashion Book

This is A Good Guide by Marieke Eyskoot

New on the scene, this fresh guide definitely fills a hole that needed to be filled. Although this guide explains much more than ethical fashion, it’s inevitable you will soon (if you aren’t already) start thinking about your beauty products, food, and general existence on this planet too: Marieke Eyskoot’s book will guide you in the right direction on all of these topics, including fashion.

This guide contains tangible recommendations for how to navigate the ethical fashion space, brands to shop, habits to adopt, and the basics you need to know about fast and slow fashion.

Pick up this sustainable fashion and lifestyle book here.

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