RED by Modibodi: Period Undies That Meet the Needs of Young, Red-Blooded Sustainable Females

RED by Modibodi: Period Undies That Meet the Needs of Young, Red-Blooded Sustainable Females

As the 2018 year wrapped up, I was given the opportunity to attend Modibodi’s RED Launch; Modibodi are the makers of reusable and eco-friendly period underwear and the event brought to light the topic of what it means to be a sustainable female.

Although there’s now a magnitude of awareness on eco-friendly menstrual products (zero waste menstrual cups for starters), I know for myself growing up there was no such thing as ‘period undies’ – I did grow up in the country with admittedly delayed exposure to innovation and progressive conversation.

I had spent approximately ten years of my life using unsustainable menstrual products such as non-organic tampons, so just think of the reduced environmental impact if I was taught that considering sustainability elements was the norm, I would have been purchasing long-lasting functional leak-proof undies and organic cotton tampons a long time ago. Granted our knowledge has come a long way since then, so too advances in product offerings, but the lesson stays the same – menstrual sustainability should still start with that young girl.

Photography: RED by Modibodi.

Modibodi developed its RED line of products utilising the same leak-proof technology in its original products so that girls and young women can also have the comfort of going about their day not thinking about their period, or having to change their pads or tampons. The business has even produced a range of RED by Modibodi swimwear too!

So how is RED by Modibodi sustainable?

The products are made from various eco-friendly fabrics (depending on the underwear range) such as bamboo, microfibre nylon or merino. The state-of-the-art absorbent fibre technology (the padded bit of the undies) is made from merino and polyester (sorry vegans!). According to the company, the products are also manufactured in a non-Australia based factory that complies with high OEKO-TEX® work standards.

Now it still challenges my mind how the product works. The brand uses a Modifier Technology™a top layer of innovative fabric which quickly wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and stops any smells and odour coming from down there. The middle layer of the undies safely absorbs fluid and locks it away (2.5-20mls depending on how heavy your flow) and the bottom layer has added waterproof protection, so you’re feeling super secure.

These absorbent period undies are also manufactured with longevity in mind and are of course, reusable and washable so will last for many years.

Another reason why I think RED by ModiBodi‘s work is so important is that they help to normalise the period discussion and ease the stress and emotions surrounding such a pivotal time in young women’s lives. Period underwear should not be an extra thing you have to navigate when menstruating.

Speaking from personal opinion, pads were just not an option during that time in my life; I always felt as though people could see that I was wearing one because I was always aware that it was there. I know a lot of girls who felt the same, and looking at tampons as somewhat confronting, so I can only imagine now how they’re looking at the menstrual cup and wondering trying to work that out.

I was never quiet about being on my period at school when I was surrounded by my girlfriends but when I was around other people and especially males, I’d get more anxious. Trying to hide a tampon or pad in your pocket or bra when going to the bathroom and then cringing that the sound of the wrapper would alert everyone in the girls’ bathroom that it was that time of month, and especially if there was someone in the cubicle right next to you.

Do you remember feeling like this? Or maybe you’re at school and experiencing similar things? There really shouldn’t be any embarrassment associated with menstruation especially for young females; think about it… it’s pretty hard to hide the fact that we are female and periods are part and parcel of being female, the two go hand-in-hand and we shouldn’t need to feel ashamed or apologise for female-related issues.

RED by Modibodi also sells 7-pack period undies.

Of course every female is different and has different preferences but I think for any young woman experiencing menstruation should own a pair of period underwear; to me it just seems like a common sense useful item that gives you peace of mind, personal assurance and confidence.

For more info on RED by Modibodi’s period undies, click here.

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