New Ethical Denim Brands in Australia That You’ll Love

New Ethical Denim Brands in Australia That You’ll Love

Denim is a staple in any wardrobe, whether you are doing Project 333, have a capsule wardrobe, only purchase from a conscious label or second-hand there’s no doubt that denim holds a place for every individual’s style. I personally love vintage denim and can’t go past a pair of Levi’s but if you’re after something more refined that doesn’t compromise your values there’s two new home grown (Australian) denim brands that have two very different approaches.

Justice Denim

Born and bred in Melbourne, Justice Denim works with last of the great denim craftsmen in Australia. Launched just four months ago, the brand is already having a positive social impact; partnering with not-for-profit organisation Destiny Rescue to donate a portion of their sales, as well as being independently audited and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

Each pair of Justice Denim jeans is handmade in Melbourne, working closely with the last of the great denim craftsmen in Australia; each is handcrafted for quality and sustainably-made to reduce textile, water and energy waste. As advocates for the slow fashion movement, the brand is trying to leave the smallest possible production footprint ensuring that everything down to the thread, zip, button and stitch in their supply chain does no harm and brings life to everyone that touches it.

Credit: Justice Denim

New Ethical Denim Brands in Australia That You'll Love - Justice Denim

Justice source most denim from Calik, a premium denim factory in Turkey that is also Bluesign accredited, which means it produces in line with highly recognised global sustainability standards for environmental, health and production safety. The factory is also a member of the Better Cotton Initiative a non-profit industry body that works towards improving the environmental and social impacts of cotton production.

Of course in keeping up with sustainable buzz word of the moment, “zero waste”, the brand is working towards a zero waste model by donating all denim off cuts and scrap denim to quilters who recycle the fabrics into quilts and other projects.

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The brand’s partnership with Destiny Rescue, works to rescue children from the sex trade in countries across Asia and India. According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), every 26 seconds a child somewhere in the world is forced into sexual slavery, which equates to an estimated 1.2 million children per year. Justice Denim’s goal is to help and educate 150 girls a year through Destiny Rescue, with each denim purchase contributing to a weeks’ worth of life changing education.

Browse the Justice Denim collection here.

First Principles Denim

Another way of embracing zero waste fashion, First Principles is a made-to-measure denim label born in Japan and designed in Melbourne with its flagship store on Little Collins Street. The brand uses the highest quality Japanese denim for its jeans, that are customised to individual taste and fit, so each pair of jeans are tailor fitted to suit each customer’s unique proportions. Pretty eco cool, hey?

New Ethical Denim Brands in Australia That You'll Love
First Principles Denim. Photography: Ren Pidgeon
New Ethical Denim Brands in Australia That You'll Love

This denim brand challenges the waste associated with fast fashion by purposely providing people with a pair of jeans that look great, feel amazing and fit perfectly (as they are tailored to suit your size and preferred style). Isn’t it better to have one pair of jeans that you love than ten ill-fitting poor quality ones?

First Principles also offers an insight into how tech is changing the fashion industry; their model creates an individuals unique digital pattern using a 3D Curate Tool that allows you to customise the style, cut, waist height and detailing of your jeans either in store or online and within four weeks your Japanese denim jeans will be made.

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New Ethical Denim Brands in Australia That You'll Love - First Principles Denim
New Ethical Denim Brands in Australia That You'll Love

The brand sources its denim from one of the world’s longest running mills , Kurabo Mill in the Japanese town of Kojima. Operating for over 110 years, with premium technologies in spinning, organic dying, weaving and finishing, Kurabo has earnt the title for the most recognized and respected Japanese mill in the world denim market.

View the First Principles Denim collection here

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