GlobeIn Artisan Boxes: Stylish and Affordable Fair Trade, Ethical and Eco-Friendly Xmas Gifts

GlobeIn Artisan Boxes: Stylish and Affordable Fair Trade, Ethical and Eco-Friendly Xmas Gifts

Searching for an affordable ethical Christmas gift set to give your family and friends this Christmas? Look no further than GlobeIn, a leading US subscription box company that offers handmade and ethically sourced artisan goods from remote regions around the world. It is also the only subscription box company to receive the official Fairtrade stamp of approval.

GlobeIn was launched by social entrepreneurs Vladimir Ermakov, David Gorodyansky and Liza Moiseeva who were driven to solve the poverty problem by providing opportunities and a chance for economic empowerment through fair trade. They aimed to connect the $100+ billion market of handcrafted artisan-made goods to the global economy.

In 2013, the co-founders raised $1.1 million from high-level entrepreneurs and angel investors to start their business. Over the last three years, the company has been able to drive $3 million dollars in earnings, profits and business value to artisans, delivering on its social mission to reduce poverty and empower communities through job creation and fair wages.

GlobeIn Artisan Boxes Make An Ideal Fair Trade, Ethical and Eco Xmas Gift

GlobeIn Artisan Boxes Make An Ideal (and Affordable) Fair Trade, Ethical and Eco-Friendly Xmas Gift

“We’re hell-bent on one thing, and one thing only, and that is to empower artisans around the world,” explains co-founder of GlobeIn Liza Moiseeva. “And also on the consumer end, we’re basically trying to redefine capitalism; we’re trying to break down all the barriers that the current capitalist system built up over the decades.

“We’re trying to connect [customers] to the artisans, to the maker behind everything, in your house, in your life, behind every piece that you’re wearing and saying that it’s not okay to not pay fair wages for the products that you have in your house; it’s not okay to have slave labour in the 21st century; it’s not okay to not know how and where your things are made.

“So we’re trying to redefine capitalism, and kind of going back to the norm, what was once normal, to paying fair and dignified wages for the beautiful, amazing handmade products and really to connect with everything you own.”

GlobeIn Artisan Boxes Make An Ideal (and Affordable) Fair Trade, Ethical and Eco-Friendly Xmas Gift

By connecting remote artisans to mindful customers across the world, the company is also able to provide stable employment and business training, as well as deliver important health, environmental and social services such as clean water, education, protecting threatened species and natural habitat.

The company offers several boxes based on various themes such as ‘Cozy’, ‘Picnic’ ‘Laundry’, ‘Pamper’ and ‘Jewelry’. With 21 different boxes to choose from, there’s bound to be one that matches the tastes, preferences and interests of your loved one.

Each GlobeIn Artisan Box features handmade products sourced from artisans in remote communities such as those in Turkey, Mexico, Rwanda, Cambodia and even India.

The products in each box are not only expertly handcrafted but are useful and functional too; practical products are my kind of gifts!

As part of our partnership, GlobeIn offered to send a gift box and since we featured the business a couple of years ago, I was already familiar with their products, love what the company stands for and knew what to expect.

GlobeIn Artisan Boxes Make An Ideal (Affordable) Fair Trade, Ethical and Eco-Friendly Xmas Gift

I chose to receive the ‘Bathe’ Box as I needed a new bath towel and I especially liked the woven basket and kitchen towel included in the gift set. The contents of this particular box:

  • Pestemal Bath Towel hand-loomed and made of 100% cotton
  • Lemongrass Citrus African Black Soap from Togo made by Alaffia artisans using traditional knowledge, handcrafting the soap shea butter and West African palm kernel oil.
  • Palm Leaf Basket from Mexico made by artisan basket weavers from the remote town of San Luis Amatlá
  • Hand Towel from Turkey finely woven by hand from cotton
  • Silk Face Scrub from Turkey made from100% raw cocoon silk, the facial mitt helps to eliminate dead skin cells and rejuvenate skin (I am vegan so I will be gifting this to my sister who isn’t vegan and loves beauty products)

My choice of artisan box provides 15 families and 30 women in Turkey jobs, gives five weavers and sewers a living wage in Turkey and contributes to Alaffia’s Empowerment Projects in Togo, Africa.

Stoked with this fair trade gift set and will get plenty of use from the bath and kitchen towels especially. A gorgeous box that offers good feels all around. Winning!

Free Shipping on 1st Box of GlobeIn Artisan Box subscriptions

Keen to give an ethical Christmas gift that gives back? Check out If you purchase before 15th December, you get 30% Off GlobeIn Shop products AND receive free shipping with guaranteed delivery before Christmas (only in the US).

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