From Art Workshops to Vegan Cooking Classes, These ‘Experiences’ Make Purposeful Xmas Gifts

From Art Workshops to Vegan Cooking Classes, These ‘Experiences’ Make Purposeful Xmas Gifts

With Christmas literally around the corner, it’s peak panic time for people to buy shoddy presents that will inevitably be thrown out by February. There are endless lists of ‘conscious’ gifts out there, but have you considered buying an experience with purpose for your loved one?

Experience gifts can be life-changing, educational or just plain fun and, if it has purpose, it will definitely be a worthwhile gift to give (they also can’t end up landfill). The below are idea suggestions for purposeful experiences to purchase online; bonus, you don’t even have to set foot in a shopping mall to buy it!

Note: For those not based in Australia, just do an online search to find a list of local experiences. 

1. A weekend away with Airbnb   

There is nothing better than a weekend away, experiencing a new area and getting outdoors. Hotels can sometimes be  expensive and wasteful, which is why booking accommodation through Airbnb is the perfect gift. Airbnb is a company based around the share economy, allowing people to rent out people’s existing homes and allowing owners to make back some money.

8 Purposeful Experiences That Make Memorable Xmas Gifts

2. Natural skincare workshop

Last year I was given a voucher for a waste-free skincare workshop and it was one of the funnest experiences I’ve had. Not only do these workshops teach skincare recipes, saving money and waste, but the classes allow participants to take home a range of handmade products.

3. Life experience 

This is a gift for the passionate learner amongst your circles. Life experience workshops are not for those that need help in their lives, it is a gift of knowledge, curiosity and empowerment. There is a magnitude of powerful workshops in every city on a range of topics such as confidence, female empowerment, emotional intelligence, philosophy just to name a few. This is without a doubt my favourite gift to give and receive.

From Workshops to Vegan Cooking Classes, These 'Experiences' Make Purposeful Xmas Gifts

4. Pottery Class

Pottery is not only for the artistically inclined; it can be enjoyed by ordinary people too because it’s therapeutic and fun. There’s a range of classes you can purchase as a gift, from ceramic pots to advanced sculptures. Most classes allow people to drop in, so even a taster session is an ideal experience to give as a gift to a loved one.

“Working with clay integrates mental, emotional, and kinesthetic brain functions. It’s a full-on experience, and a great way to get out of a slump.” – Ashley Warner, psychotherapist and ceramic artist

5. Drunk painting 

This craze seems to have exploded over the last year and I’m here for it. Drunk painting is literally what it says on the tin, a class of people painting whilst also drinking. It is incredibly fun to do with a friend, especially if you are both terrible painters.

From Art Workshops to Cooking Classes, These 'Experiences' Make Purposeful Xmas Gifts
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6. Get cultured with museum tickets 

Museum tickets may seem like a boring gift, however, museums and art galleries are really upping their event game. Most museums and art galleries across Australia host late night events, unique experiences and gigs. Check out local museums and gallery programs to give the Xmas gift of a thought-provoking experience.

7. Plant-based cooking class

The cooking class experience doesn’t necessarily have to be vegan, however, it’s good to consider the fact that animal agriculture and raising livestock is one of the top five carbon-emitting sectors on the planet. Learning how to cook delicious vegan food such as vegan cakes and plant-based meat-free curries is a perfect gift for both vegans and non-vegans alike.

From Courses to Vegan Cooking Classes, These 'Experiences' Make Purposeful Xmas Gifts

8. Natural fabric dyeing 

Do any of your eco-conscious friends ever talk about the chemicals from fashion dye? Well, this is the class for them. Natural colours come from food, flowers and herbs, and can easily be used to dye silk. Most classes focus on dyeing a shirt or scarf, which participants are then able to take home with their new dyeing knowledge.

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