7 Practical Fair Trade Christmas Gift Ideas for the Entire Family

7 Practical Fair Trade Christmas Gift Ideas for the Entire Family

Keen to give thoughtful Christmas gifts that help to empower small-scale farmers and workers in the developing world and give them more control over their future?

Consider giving a Fairtrade gift. Fair trade is all about negotiating better prices, providing decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers giving them a more dignified and sustainable livelihood and helping to improve the quality of their lives.

“For 25 years. Fairtrade has been working to tackle global trade injustice and transform the lives and communities of millions of disadvantaged people,” says CEO of Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand Molly Harriss Olson.

“But the challenges remain for marginalised farmers and workers – who produce 70 percent of the world’s food and represent half of the world’s hungry people. Issues such as climate change, political unrest, and unsustainable costs of production continue; but fairtrade is helping change happen.”

To help make a world of difference, here are some practical and useful Fairtrade gift ideas you can feel good about buying for loved ones:

1. Etiko Fair-Trade Ethical Sneakers

An institution in the Australian ethical clothing industry, Etiko has won numerous awards and consistently receives accolades for pioneering Fairtrade apparel. The brand consistently scores top marks in ratings websites and apps such as Good on You. As well as being Fairtrade certified, Etiko is also a Certified B Corporation which means it achieves high social and environmental standards including business transparency. Their sneakers are vegan, made of fair-trade certified organic cotton and natural rubber. They produce sneakers for men, women and kids. Free Australian shipping for orders over $100.

Check out Etiko’s sneakers here.

Etiko Ethical Fairtrade Organic Cotton Sneakers

2. Globein Artisan Boxes  

For an ethical Christmas gift set, you can’t go past Globein’s artisan box which features gorgeous handcrafted products created by artisans in developing countries across the world. There are several on offer so you can select one ideal for your gift recipient – or you can sign up for a subscription and receive one each month which is ideal if you’re hopeless with planning gift shopping, you can just keep the gift set on hand when you need to rock up to a birthday party!

The company is passionate about supporting remote farmers, artisans and cooperatives as well as protecting cultural heritage through sustainable and socially responsible practices. Each ethical gift box has a positive impact, from helping to invest in schools and improve sanitation, through to providing employment and income to disabled artisans, Globein is a business that contributes practically and positively to people’s lives. The brand is also a verified member of the Fair Trade Federation.

View all of the super cute Globein’s artisan boxes $60 here.

Globein Artisan Cozy Box Fair Trade Xmas Gifts
Globein Artisan ‘Cozy’ Box
Globein Freshen Box
Globein ‘Freshen’ Box

3. Mighty Good Undies Certified Fairtrade and Organic Underwear

This Australian underwear brand offers up mighty good undies that are mighty good for workers, mighty good for the planet and might good for your bum. The brand is Fairtrade certified and features Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton fibres which are stylish, soft and comfortable AF and doesn’t hurt the planet either. Mighty Good Undies produces organic underwear and basics for both men and women, and comes in a range of sizes to suit diverse body types.

Shop Mighty Good Undies $24.95 here.

Mighty Good Undies Fairtrade underwear
Mighty Good Undies for men and women

4. SOL Organics Certified Organic Cotton Fairtrade Bedding Set

A good night’s sleep is a gift all in itself which means SOL Organics will be a Christmas gift that keeps on giving long past the holiday season. Made from Fairtrade GOTS-certified organic cotton, a recipient of these organic bedding sheets will be grateful for the five-star luxury experience that you’ve helped to create in their humble bedrooms. If you’re keen to read more about what we really think of this brand, check out our product review here.

View the entire SOL Organics fairtrade bedding range here.

SOL Organics Certified Organic Fairtrade Bed Sheets Bedding Sets

SOL Organics Certified Organic Fairtrade Bed Sheets Bedding

5. Sustainable Threads Fair Trade Kitchen Towels

For a stylish addition to a home, Sustainable Threads fair trade highly absorbent, machine washable lint-free kitchen towels make an ideal gift. Hand-woven on bamboo looms by indigenous artisan weavers in Assam, Northeast India, these kitchen towels are intricately designed, made of cotton and coloured with low-impact, low-tox dyes. The artisans also belong  to a local non-governmental cooperative that taps into existing traditional skills and economically empowers its women weavers. Comes in an assortment of colours.

Get yours from The Little Market $14 hereSustainable Threads Kitchen Towels

7 Practical Fair-Trade Christmas Gift Ideas for the Entire Family

6. Oxfam Fair Chocolate

For the chocolate lovers in your family and friendship circles, there’s also Oxfam Fair Chocolate which is Fairtrade certified (and skilfully crafted in Belgium for their Belgian chocolate range) and features ingredients such as organic coffee beans, salted caramel and coconut and made with from high-quality cocoa from such locations as the Ivory Coast. It’s also super affordable so you can gift without going over budget. Not for vegans, unfortunately.

Purchase Oxfam Fair Chocolate here.

Oxfam Fair Chocolate Fairtrade

7. Republica Organic Coffee

For the coffee lovers, an ideal Christmas present is Australia’s Republica Fairtrade Organic Coffee made from Arabica beans. The coffee is Fairtrade certified and is 100 percent sourced from Fairtrade producers, made in Germany. They also stock naturally decaffeinated coffee (99.7 percent caffeine-free). All Republica Organic Coffee range is synthetic chemical-free, certified with Australian Certified Organic.

Grab some Republica Organic Coffee here.

Republica Organic Certified Fairtrade Coffee
Republica Fairtrade Organic Coffee

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Disclosure: The curated list is based on the writer’s research and does not fully take into account all ethical considerations that are unique to each individual. This list also contains affiliate links. Before making a purchase, we encourage you to do your own research paying particular attention to the supply chain and your own particular set of ethics. For more information on our policies, click here.

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