5 New Zealand Conscious Activewear Brands That Will Make You Want To Work Out

5 New Zealand Conscious Activewear Brands That Will Make You Want To Work Out

If you’ve ever visited New Zealand, you’ll know ‘kiwis’ (the locals) love to be outdoors. You’ll find them hiking mountains, doing yoga on the beach, running the streets, and adventuring through New Zealand’s lush native forests. Plus, just like everywhere else in the world, you’ll find them wearing activewear on the daily; even if they aren’t working out.

Activewear and increasingly, athleisure wear is a key part of any kiwi’s wardrobe, worn best when ethically, locally, and sustainably made.

That’s why we’ve rounded up give New Zealand brands creating activewear (and yoga wear) that will make you want to work out:

Shereena Noelle

Think bright, bold, and sexy. Born out of a love of sport and fashion, Shereena Noelle garments are made by hand in Auckland, New Zealand. As a designer, Shereena has thoughtfully created practical activewear with distinct design twists that stand out from the crowd. The collections are produced in small runs, ensuring uniqueness and individuality, with the goal of motivating you in whatever you do! You’ll find crop tops, singlets, and long leggings in bold block colours.

Shereena Noelle NZ Ethical Activewear
Credit: Shereena Noelle

Shereena Noelle ethical activewear NZ


This is the type of active wear you’ll want to stay in all day long! Saltysea activewear is designed in New Zealand and bought to life in Bali. The garments are for the world traveller, women who lead everyday active lifestyles, or even the casual gym goer. On top of demonstrating how conscious business can be done successfully, 10 percent of profits are donated to an organisation of choice. All Salty Sea activewear is made using locally and sustainably sourced fabrics, so you can run your heart out without a heavy conscience.

Saltysea NZ ethical activewear
Credit: Saltysea

Saltysea ethical activewear NZ


All good brands have wonderful startup stories and ones that centre on strong friendships and adventurous travel gets our attention; cue Zeenya. Founded by friends, Chloe Wickman and Sarah Mortimer, Zeenya (pronounced Zeen-yah) is built on the belief that fashion shouldn’t come at a cost to people and the planet. The core collection is made locally in New Zealand, and its sports collection made ethically in Brazil. The founders have built a relationship with everyone involved in the making of their activewear, and pride themselves on a transparent and ethical production line. The garments feature biodegradable fabric, Amini Sol Eco, chosen specifically for its breathable, quick drying, and anti-bacterial qualities. If you’re after colourful, playful, and unique prints, look no further than Zeenya.

Zeenya ethical activewear nz
Credit: Zeenya


New Zealand yogis… this is the brand you’ve been searching for. WE-AR create the most delicious (yes, delicious) activewear for all your warrior stances, downward facing dogs, and Hindi squats. Made from materials like organic cotton and natural viscose, it’s perfect for staying warm during long yin-yoga stretches, and keeping cool when the tempo speeds up. Bonus: WE-AR activewear doubles as stylish athleisure wear so you can throw on during the day while running errands – without looking like you’ve come straight from the gym!

5 New Zealand Activewear Brands That Will Make You Want To Work Out
Credit: WE-AR

WE-AR Ethical Activewear NZ Organic Cotton Leggings

Flip Your Dog

New Zealand is isolated from everywhere else in the world: that’s why we love Flip Your Dog. This conscious business brings to New Zealand a curated selection of activewear from several brands across the globe. Usually, New Zealand misses out, but not this time thank goodness!

All brands are fair trade and environmentally conscious, with a passion for creating stylish and comfortable workout clothing. Owner Janelle Hope has done an incredible job at creating an online platform selling activewear to suit everyone. Sports bras, tank tops, leggings of all lengths, patterns, block colours, bright prints, and dark shades: Flip Your Dog are your go to if you’re short on time and want plenty of options.

Flip Your Dog Ethical NZ Activewear
Credit: Flip Your Dog

Flip Your Dog Ethical Yogawear Activewear NZ

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