32 Ethical and Eco-Friendly Office and School Supplies

32 Ethical and Eco-Friendly Office and School Supplies

Whether you’re building an eco-friendly workplace, a conscious parent planning for when the kids go back to school or a student who wants to show your love for the planet through your choice of school supplies, whatever brings you here, we know you want to do right by the environment and minimise your footprint.

Vegan, sustainable, plastic-free, recycled, reusable, zero waste, we hope this curated list makes student and office supplies shopping sustainably that much easier.

1. Notely 2-Pack A5 Eco-Friendly Notebooks

This Notely eco-friendly notebook set is made with FSC-certified 100% post-consumer waste paper, with FSC-certified printing methods, non-toxic soy-based inks, AND it’s carbon neutral. The A5 36-page notebooks are designed and printed in Australia and feature Thom Stuart art designs. The pages are lined so you can jot down thoughts, notes, lists in an orderly fashion. 

Purchase this 2-pack set of sustainable notebooks here or browse more designs here.

2. Dharma Door Everything Pouch Book Bag

Made from a durable handwoven jute and cotton fabric blend and screen printed by hand with azo-free dyes, the Dharma Door ethically-made Fair-Trade pouch bags are perfect for protecting your books and iPads. Alternatively, you can just pop loose items in here to stop them from jingling and getting lost at the bottom of your school bag. The bag size is 28cm x 21cm.

Get the Dharma Door stylish iPad/book bag here.

3. Sprout eco-friendly wood pencils

Sprout pencils are the only original, plantable and patented seed pencils in the world. Made from sustainably sourced wood, they are biodegradable and thus eco-friendly. These are also lead-free so are non-toxic. Want to make the world sprout?  Sprout pencils are the way to go. Makes for an awesome sustainability conversation starter too.

Purchase here.

4. Michael Rogers ‘Under the Sea Decomposition Book‘ made from post-consumer recycled paper. 

Possibly one of the most eco-friendly notebooks ever made, Michael Roger’s Under the Sea Decomposition Books feature college-ruled sheets made from 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper and produced using recaptured landfill gas. The books are chlorine-free and printed with non-toxic soy ink.

Get yours here.

5. Package Free Shop Recycled 3-Ring Binder

Switch from plastic binders to these 100% recycled chipboard binders and reduce your environmental impact at school, work or home. Made from 100% recycled corrugated cardboard, 85% post-consumer and 15% post-industrial. The covers can be composted and the metal rings can be recycled at the end of its long life.

Buy it here.

6. Onyx and Green 5″ Scissors featuring Bio-Plastic made from corn

Biodegradable plastics aren’t always a perfect solution when they’re in shopping bag form, but in scissors? No probs. If you look after these Onyx and Green eco-friendly scissors, they really should last you a lifetime and won’t add to our mounting environmental problems at the end of its life.

Purchase yours here.

7. Earth Greetings 2019 Eco-Friendly Diary

The Earth Greetings 2019 diary is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. It contains weekly planning pages and individual calendars for each month as well as a contacts and birthday section, space for goal setting before every month, and enough space to write your notes, thoughts, musings and plans on lined, blank pages. This eco-friendly 2019 diary features artworks by Australian artist Claire Ishino.

Get your 2019 eco diary here.

Earth Greetings 2019 Diary features beautiful artwork by Claire Ishino.

8. Bamboo Pen, Refillable and Sustainable

The Earth Greetings Bamboo Pen is a sustainable black ballpoint pen with a stylish and body made from sustainable pesticide-free bamboo wood grown in China.  The best part is that it is refillable with any standard ink cartridge saving waste going to landfill. We’re also loving that the pen is Carbon Neutral and it’s refillable with a ‘Cross Medium Ballpoint Pen’ ink cartridge.

Grab your zero waste pen here.

9. Pela Case Eco-Friendly Phone Case

Pela Case is the world’s first 100% compostable iPhone and Android phone cases. Responsibly produced in a low-impact factory and made from a bio-plastic (a starch-based polymer and flax straw waste) these eco-friendly phone cases are durable, fashionable and best of all, planet-friendly! There are some limited edition designs too with turtles and penguins if you’re keen on cutesy. The business is a member of the 1% for the Planet organisation which means it donates a portion of sales to projects that help protect the oceans and the environment.

Phone cases for iPhone, Samsung and Google Pixel.Get your Pela Case here.

10. Accompany x Raven Lily Wood Grain Printed Journal

The handmade Accompany x Raven + Lily Wood Grain Printed Journal is ideal for jotting down thoughts, notes, sketches and to-do lists. Made by local artisans in India from recycled materials such as discarded cotton, newspapers, military tents and jeans, your purchase supports their business and helps economically empower them and their communities. 

Different colours such as pink and blue available. Purchase your ethical and eco-friendly journal here.

11. Stylish 2019 Eco-Friendly Organiser

This stylish, handmade 2019 A5 organiser is printed on 100% recycled paper. Features a to-do-list on every page for every week of the year, space for addresses, notes and goals, and includes whimsical artwork. Printed in Germany. Compact and lightweight measuring s14.8 x 21cm.

Purchase your Mighty Paper 2019 diary on Etsy here.

32 Ethical and Eco-Friendly Office and School Supplies

12. Happy-Nes Elita Ethical Earphones

Perfect for creatives, freelance contractors and people who want to shut the rest of the world off to concentrate, Happy-Nes earphones are stylish and handcrafted in Turkey by skilled artisans. For iPones and Apple products only, the earbud-style headphones feature a built-in microphone and volume adjuster. Purchase these ethical earphones and you’ll be helping the brand support Tohum Autism Foundation, an organisation that provides autistic kids in need with social education.

Purchase these stylish ethical headphones here.

13. Hey Love Bag Made-to-Order Handmade Cork Laptop/iPad Sleeve

A made-to-order modern lightweight bag handcrafted in a classic design and made from cork. It is sturdy and durable. Has a felt interior to protect the items and natural cork exterior. Make sure to provide laptop or device dimensions and they will customer the sleeve for you.

Order your custom tablet/laptop sleeve here.

14. Onyx and Green 24 Pack of Recycled Colored Pencils 

15. Typography Desk Calendar

This eco-friendly desk calendar is handmade in Brisbane, this 2019 desk calendar is sustainably-made with Eco White Recycled 300gsm card and a Tasmanian Oak timber stand. Each month is uniquely designed with a handwritten brush typography, followed by digitalised editing. 

Get yours here.

16. Waste-Free Stapler from Paper Clinch

 You’ll never have to buy staples again with this waste-free stapler from Paper Clinch. Light, comfortable and ergonomically designed, just open and slide the stapler to the corner of the stacked paper and press – the paper fastens with minimal force (see image below). Fastens up to give sheets of paper without the use of staples which means you can save money as well as saving the environment.

Get your zero-waste stapler here.

Waste-Free Stapler from Paper Clinch

17. Handmade eco-friendly desk charging station

Personalised handmade bamboo charging station and professional organizer dock to organise the desk, keep it clutter-free. An ideal gift for minimalists and neat freaks, and perfect for student and home offices, work offices, reception desks. Accommodates all electronic devices from large laptops, tablets, and smartphones regardless of make and model.

Get your custom eco charging station here.

Custom charging desk

18. 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Eco-Friendly Print Copy Paper

Made in the USA from 100% post-consumer waste and paper-based fibres from food and beverage containers and other print materials, the Printworks Multipurpose printer and copier paper is also chlorine-free and FSC-certified sourcing. Remember to reduce waste by only printing what you need to, and recycling when not needed anymore.

Get a ream of this eco copy paper here.

19. Onyx and Green 30cm/12-inch Bamboo Ruler

Onyx and Green are renowned manufacturers of eco-friendly school and office supplies, using compostable, recyclable, biodegradable and innovative sustainable materials in their products. This 30-cm ruler is made from sustainably-sourced bamboo and comes in recyclable packaging.

Buy the ruler here.

20. Eco-Friendly business cards and stationery from Words With Heart

Ethically manufactured in Australia with recycled paper and vegetable-based non-toxic inks, Words With Heart is the eco-friendly stationery company of choice for conscious businesses such as The Clean Collective and Tsuno and companies such as ING and Atlassian. From business cards and pamphlets through to posters and swing tags, Words With Heart will deliver what you need. And for every purchase, they donate a portion of profits to a charity that provide education projects to girls in developing countries.

Visit wordswithheart.com for more info.

21. Wood laptop stand, standing desk

Combining traditional and modern craftsmanship, each wood laptop stand is made by hand in California using high-grade Baltic birch. This isn’t mass manufactured, it is made-to-order to minimise waste, and they can customise to suit your office needs.

Visit their Etsy page here.

22. Paper & Lattice 2019 Eco-Friendly Planner

This 2019 A6 weekly diary planner is handmade using eco-friendly recycled papers, stitched with a decorative linen cloth and gorgeously presented in a box. Comes in several colours such as royal blue, grey and moss green.

Purchase yours here.

23. Refillable Fountain Pen

This built-to-last elegant Baoer 3035 fountain pen is refillable with refillable ink cartridge. Made from 304-grade stainless steel, the stylish pen features a snap on cap. All components can be recycled. Learn more here. Responsibly made in China.

Purchase this stylish zero waste pen here.

24. Eco-Friendly Tab Dividers

Organise your life with these recycled dividers. Perfect partner to your recycled binders (see #5) above, these recycled tab dividers can be reused over and over but at the end of their life, are compostable and biodegradable. Measures 8.5″ x 11″ these USA-made tab dividers are made from thick and durable 13-point natural recycled chipboard, comes in 5-tab or 8-tab.

Get your eco-friendly tab dividers from Package Free Shop here.

25. Cork mousepad

Handmade in Portugal from cork, a natural and eco-friendly material, this mousepad is sustainably stylish and will make a great addition to the student desk, home office or workplace. Vegan-friendly.

Get your eco-friendly mousepad here.

26. KarenzaCo Eco-Friendly Pencil Case

A practical and eco-friendly pencil case made with 100% recycled cotton canvas and hand screen-printed in sweet pastel colours using eco-friendly dyes. Choose different colours and prints. Measures 7cms x 23cms. Can also be used as a makeup bag.

View the range here.

27. 2-Pack Non-Toxic Glue Stick

Manufactured by Onyx and Green, this 15cm 22gram plant-based glue stick is non-toxic and packaged in recycled materials. Dries clear and quickly, and washes off hands easily.

Get your pack of two eco-friendly glue sticks here

28. Artistic 2019 Recycled Weekly Planner

For a unique eco-friendly planner, this one by London-based studio TRIA is for you. Featuring original abstract photography on the cover, the A5 planner is made of recycled paper and is undated so you can start it whenever you want. There’s a space for notes on each page. All materials used in the products and packaging are ethically sourced, eco-friendly, acid-free, recycled and biodegradable.

Buy yours here.

29. EcoEnclose Kraft Flatback Paper Tape

Made in the USA, this biodegradable plant-derived paper adhesive tears easily by hand and requires no dispenser. Switch from plastic sticky-tape to this eco-friendly option for the office or home.

Get yours here.

30. Recycled Post-It Notes in Pastel  colours

These eco-friendly Post-it Notes are made from recycled paper and have a plant-based adhesive which is durable but can also be easily removed and reused a number of times. Make sure to recycle at end of the Post-It Notes’ life.

Get these eco Post-It Notes here.

31. Bamboo Eco-Friendly Double Sharpener

A two-hole sharpener made with recycled materials and sustainably sourced bamboo. Made by reputable eco-friendly office suppliers Onyx and Green.

Buy a sharpener here.

32. J.Burrows Premium 100% Recycled Copy Paper 

J.Burrows Recycled A4 Copy Paper is made from 100% recycled materials and is itself recyclable. Great for photocopying and general office needs. Purchase this eco-friendly office paper from Officeworks as they plant two trees for every one used through their Restoring Australia initiative. Read more here.

Purchase a ream here.

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