EWP Podcast | Jackie Ruddock, Founder and CEO of The Social Outfit

EWP Podcast | Jackie Ruddock, Founder and CEO of The Social Outfit

It’s been a while since we uploaded a podcast, but we’re back and brimming with excitement to introduce you to our next super inspiring podcast guest.

Her name is Jackie Ruddock and she is the brilliantly-dressed changemaker, founder and CEO of The Social Outfit, a Sydney-based social enterprise and ethical fashion brand using fashion to make a difference in the lives of refugees and new migrants in Australia. A registered charity, it trains and employs people from refugee and new migrant communities with the aim of improving social and economic empowerment, all while tapping into their traditional and cultural strengths and celebrating creativity and diversity.

Take one look at her long list of achievements and it becomes clear that Jackie is a woman driven by huge purpose…and a huge heart. She was awarded her Masters of Philosophy in Gender & Cultural Studies in 2011, and holds an Honours in Education and has basically spent her entire career trying to make the world a brighter, fairer and better place.

Now before embarking in her seven-year adventure into social entrepreneurship, Jackie had worked professionally within the charity sector for more than 12 years as a project manager and researcher in the fields of education, health, communications, multiculturalism and sexuality and gender. She previously held senior management roles at The School for Social Entrepreneurs, FAR Social Enterprise, and Streetwize Communications. She has also worked as a Research Associate at the Journalism and Media Research Centre, University of NSW, at the Twenty10 Association and Family Planning NSW.

Clearly, Jackie Ruddock is a woman on a mission to make a difference, and we hope her story motivates you to action to help transform this world for the better. At last count, Jackie and The Social Outfit team have helped some 19 refugees and migrants gain their first Australian jobs.

During our 45-minute conversation, this inspiring female founder offers up some wonderful nuggets of wisdom for those keen to make a difference in the world and explains how partnering with ING Dreamstarter helped make her dreams come true.

If you’re keen to use fashion as a force for good, or just want to learn from a kick-ass female founder, you can’t miss this episode. Jackie is full of wisdom and advice, gained from years in the social justice and social entrepreneurship space. We’re confident you’ll be inspired to live a more purposeful life after hearing her story.


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Show Notes

Connect with Jackie Ruddock and The Social Outfit

Discussion points and what you will learn in this episode

  • What makes this fashion label different from the rest
  • How The Social Outfit is helping to improve the lives of refugees and new migrants in Australia
  • How fashion can help to promote the ideas of inclusivity and diversity
  • How the social business measures positive social impacts
  • Why their partnership with ING Dreamstarter has been crucial to the charity’s success
  • Advice and tips for social entrepreneurs looking to make a difference

…and so much more!

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