Daniel Andrews Has Been Reelected As Premier of Victoria. Here’s Why He Won (Again)…

Daniel Andrews Has Been Reelected As Premier of Victoria. Here’s Why He Won (Again)…

Labor’s Daniel Andrews has been reelected as Victoria’s Premier, winning by a huge landslide and humiliating Liberal opponent Matthew Guy in the process. His victory a clear sign that his “positive and optimistic plan” was heavily endorsed by the majority of Victorian voters.

In Mulgrave’s Village Green Hotel, Mr Andrews delivered a victory speech to an ecstatic crowd filled with Labor Party volunteers, campaign staff and supporters.

He said, “Friends, the people of Victoria have today overwhelmingly endorsed a positive and optimistic plan for our state. They have endorsed the removal of 75 level crossings.

“They have endorsed properly funding our hospitals and our schools.

“They have endorsed the biggest infrastructure agenda in road and rail in this state’s great history.

They have in record numbers at the same time rejected the low road of fear and division and for that, I am very very proud.”

Melbourne’s population is soaring, and with the city tipped to overtake Sydney as Australia’s largest city by 2050, Andrew’s practical plan of action to upgrade hospitals, build schools and invest in infrastructure projects was a hit with voters, many of whom are already feeling the effects of having road traffic congestion, public transport delays and long hospital queues.

“We are the most progressive government in the nation,” Andrews continues. “We are the most progressive state in the nation. We live our values, we keep our promises and we get things done.”

Labor’s win was also bolstered by the Coalition’s lack of clear climate change policies; in a progressive state such as Victoria, ignoring concerns around climate change and rejecting environmental initiatives is to cement your political fate. That the Coalition didn’t learn from their mistakes in the Wentworth byelection, losing a safe Liberal seat (one they’ve held since 1944) to an Independent political candidate with a climate action plan, shows just how out of touch they are with voters.

In his concession speech, Victorian Liberal leader Matthew Guy didn’t admit to making any campaign mistakes, but rather, focussed on the strength of Labor’s campaign.

He said,

“I rang the Premier Daniel Andrews and offered my sincere and gracious congratulations to him on what has been a stunning night for him and his party. It is fair and the right thing for us to do to acknowledge his success, his party and his team’s success and the strength of their campaign and tonight I do that.”

He continued,

“In the Liberal Party not just in the last few weeks but indeed the last few years, we have campaigned on issues that we believe are important, and of the most importance to Victorians. Keeping Victorians safe, lowering their cost of living, easing the congestion in places like, particularly the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and also decentralising our state’s population.

“It isn’t sustainable to keep growing Melbourne at the rates that it is, and I note in country Victoria, the minimal swings against our party.”

With Australia’s next federal election to be held next year and its come-out-of-nowhere Prime Minister Scott Morrison suffering dismal poll results, the Liberal Party will need to revise its campaign communication strategy and set a clear climate action plan if it stands any chance of being reelected.

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