15 Cruelty-Free and Vegan Xmas Gifts For Eco Beauty Lovers

15 Cruelty-Free and Vegan Xmas Gifts For Eco Beauty Lovers

I’m vegan and I know how hard I am to cook for (or so my Filipina mother tells me) and buy for (or so my partner Ben tells me) and it’s with this understanding that I prepare this Christmas gift guide, to help you find vegan and cruelty-free gifts for your picky beauty-product animal-loving friends and family members.

Now I absolutely believe that all gifts should be cruelty-free, so even if you’ve landed on this post seeking gifts specifically for your cruelty-free or vegan loved ones, I encourage you to consider giving them to non-vegan friends and family also; that is, if they’re obsessed with skincare and cosmetics products lol!

1. Hanami Cosmetics Lipstick

Hanami’s vegan lipstick contains jojoba oil, shea butter and Vitamin E which is why it applies smoothly, doesn’t dry, sticks as it should and makes lips feel moisturised, soft and supple. Comes in a variety of colours but the one I wear is ‘Tempest’ red, for times I need an energy boost. If your vegan recipient doesn’t do bright colours, there’s also a neutral tone called ‘Naked Lunch‘ which is just as gorge. The packaging is also modern and eye-catching, which makes it ideal for Christmas gift giving. Made in Australia, yay!

Purchase Hanami’s vegan lipstick A$29.95 here.

Hanami Cruelty-Free Vegan Lipstick in Tempest - Vegan Beauty Xmas Gifts
Hanami Vegan Lipstick in Tempest

2. Au Naturale’s Anywhere Creme Multistick

This American clean beauty brand manufactures cosmetics that are naturally derived, cruelty-free and vegan, formulated without synthetic preservatives, nanoparticles and parabens. Au Naturale’s Anywhere Creme Multistick is a standout, as its creaminess allows it to apply smoothly and can be used for cheeks, lips and eyes, but sets to a semi-matte finish according to our beauty writer Mary Imgrund, which is ideal since no one wants to wear something that doesn’t blend into the skin and sets, because it will smudge or pick up dirt if it doesn’t!

Comes in seven different shades to suit any complexion; browsing the five-star reviews on the site, Grapefruit seems the winning colour, so go with that if you’re not sure which colour to choose to give to your vegan loved one.

Purchase Au Naturale’s Creme Multstick US$35 here.

Au Naturale Cosmetics The Anywhere Creme Blush Multistick
Au Naturale Cosmetics Anywhere Creme Blush Multistick in Grapefruit

3. Sienna Byron Bay Vegan Nail Polish

Sienna Byron Bay produces a gorgeous range of non-toxic nail polish that is Australian-made, cruelty-free, vegan and gorgeously packaged and come in a wonderful selection of nail polish colours, reds, pinks, blues, neutrals; whatever shade you’re after, they’re bound to have. This is not just a self-proclaimed vegan nail polish brand, Sienna Byron Bay also have some serious certifications to back up their claims, holding currents certs with PETAAustralian Made CampaignChoose Cruelty-Free and Vegan Action.

From A$25 each, browse Sienna Byron Bay’s vegan nail polish collections here.

Sienna Byron Bay vegan nail polish vegan beauty xmas gifts
Sienna Byron Bay vegan nail polish

4. Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eyeshadow Palette

Lily Lolo’s beautiful palette collection of eight eyeshadows is what I use for fuss-free makeup. The colours in the palette are neutral and will flatter all complexions, creating a more natural look; however because it contains darker shades, eyes can be made up more heavily for a more dramatic look or if transitioning from work day to nightlife.

The sleek slimline compact makes it easy to store in a bag or as small as a clutch. The applicator isn’t much, but I have my own set of vegan makeup brushes that I use that does the job perfectly (see #10 on this list) and don’t care for the applicator that comes with. The brand is Cruelty-Free International approval (formerly BUAV) so if you’re after a vegan product (completely animal-derivative free) skip this one.

Get the Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eyeshadow Palette A$42 from Nourished Life here.

Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eyeshadow Cruelty-Free Eye Palette
Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eyeshadow Palette

5. USPA Rejuvenating Spa Ritual Kit

I became hooked on this Australian natural skincare brand whilst working with them for a recent giveaway and after months of using their products, I’m a massive fan. I work outdoors a bit and every time I apply their products, I feel pampered; it feels super luxe, smells divine, and is cruelty-free. My product of choice is the Daily Hydration Lotion which contains Macadamia Nut oil and Rosehip Oil which is my moisturiser of choice this year, but I am also equally obsessed with their Rich Body Butter which contains Coconut Oil and Cocoa Seed Butter. USPA also have super cute packs like the Rejuvenating Spa Ritual Pack which makes for a great Christmas gift for anyone who deserves a good self-care session like mum, wife, you get the drift.

Purchase the USPA Rejuvenating Spa Ritual Kit A$85 here.

USPA Rejuvenating Spa Ritual Kit Cruelty-Free Beauty Xmas Gifts
USPA Rejuvenating Spa Ritual Kit

6. Ere Perez Jojoba Eye Pencil

This Ere Perez eye pencil is the one I use, in natural black of course given my dark complexion, although it comes in a variety of colours such as Earth, Bronze and Stone to suit different preferences and a variety of skin tones. This stylish pencil is designed for easy application and I find it draws on well and I don’t need to reapply as often as I do other vegan pencils nor do I have the smudge problem I’ve had with others. The pencil contains jojoba which is super gentle on the eyes. Eye pencils are essential items in a woman’s toolkit and this is a great vegan option.

Buy Ere Perez Jojoba Eye Pencil in Black A$26 here.

Ere Perez Jojoba Eye Pencil Black Vegan Eye Pencil Eco Beauty Xmas Gifts
Ere Perez Jojoba Eye Pencil in Black

7. Madara SOS Hydra Recharge Cream

This is hands-down my favourite night cream of the year; the Madara SOS Hydra Recharge Cream hydrates really really well, perfect for applying when going to bed, my skin always feels and looks amazing the next morning. It isn’t greasy, there are no breakouts, just a beautiful, luxurious, gorgeous-smelling moisturiser that replenishes tired skin. It contains natural ingredients, is scientifically-formulated and is also Certified ECOCERT, cruelty-free, vegan and made in Europe.

Purchase Madara SOS Hydra Recharge Cream A$60 from Nourished Life here.

Madara SOS Hydra Recharge Cream Vegan Cruelty-Free Beauty Xmas Gifts
Madara SOS Hydra Recharge Cream

8. Inika Certified Organic Liquid Eyeliner

The world’s most credentialled natural liquid eyeliner, the Inika Certified Organic Liquid Eyeliner is made in the USA, is certified organic, is certified vegan and cruelty-free, and works a treat for those looking for a more defined and dramatic eye. Contains Certified Organic Aloe Vera, and Certified Organic Black Tea Leaf extract. This is the eyeliner I use when I’ve got a meeting or event, or just heading out for a night on the town and want to emphasise my eyes; it does the job well and makes a great addition to any vegan makeup kit.

Purchase the Inika Certified Organic Liquid Eyeliner A$39 from Nourished Life here.

Inika Certified Organic Liquid Eyeliner in Black Vegan Beauty Xmas Gifts
Inika Certified Organic Liquid Eyeliner in Black

9. Clover Fields Shampoo & Conditioner Bar

The Shampoo With a Purpose 125g shampoo and conditioner bar from Clover Fields makes an ideal gift for the eco-conscious vegan. Manufactured by one of Australia’s oldest, family-owned soap and body care makers, this luxury shampoo is made from ethical and natural ingredients such as argan oil and gardenia. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil free, minimal and has modern packaging (that’s recyclable too!), sulphate-free and low environmental impact, this bar replaces wasteful shampoo and conditioner plastic containers and leaves hair feeling luxury. I use it and I absolutely recommend it.

Purchase ‘Shampoo With a Purpose’ bar A$15 here.

Clover Fields Shampoo and Conditioner Bar- Zero Waste Vegan Shampoo Bar Xmas Gifts
Clover Fields Shampoo and Conditioner Bar ‘Shampoo With a Purpose’

10. EcoTools® Makeup Brushes

EcoTools® produces professional-quality 100% cruelty-free and vegan synthetic makeup brushes, sponges, applicators and bath accessories that are eco-stylish and animal-derivative free. These makeup tools are made with recycled materials such as aluminium and renewable bamboo. I’ve personally been using my EcoTools® set of makeup brushes for almost a decade; I purchased them long before I became vegan. The brushes are in great shape, still look fabulous and wash and dry well. I haven’t had the need to buy any new makeup brushes in almost 10 years so that’s saying something!

Purchase EcoTools® Makeup Brushes A$42.99 here.

Eco Tools Cruelty-Free Vegan Brush Set Vegan Beauty Xmas Gifts
Eco Tools Vegan Brush Set

11. Blessed By Nature Antioxidant Soothing Eye Serum

This Australian brand manufactures a range of non-toxic, natural and organic skincare with ingredients that are ethically sourced from local, sustainable sources including Australian botanicals, extracts and vitamins which nurtures the skin and does little harm to the planet.

I especially adore the Blessed By Nature Antioxidant Soothing Eye Serum, which I apply to the eye area after cleansing to help restore and rejuvenate the skin. It contains sunflower, aloe vera, jojoba oil and Kakadu plum extract which helps to soothe and calm tired, puffy skin. It contains no SLS, SLES, sulphates, animal derivatives, synthetic fragrance, artificial colours, mineral oils and parabens. The box packaging is also recyclable.

Purchase Blessed By Nature Antioxidant Soothing Eye Serum A$17.95 here.

Blessed By Nature Antioxidant Soothing Eye Serum Vegan Beauty Xmas Gifts
Blessed By Nature Antioxidant Soothing Eye Serum

12. Eco Minerals Mineral Bronzer

The Eco Minerals pure mineral bronzer is an all-natural blend that offers a gorgeous sun-kissed glow to any complexion and is great for contouring. I use this product as a blush rather than an overall face bronzer because I have a darkish complexion already and prefer to just emphasise my cheekbones. I recommend it, doesn’t fail at all (unless you’re heavy handed and then you’ll just look like you’re performing for a stage show ha!). I generally don’t even wear foundation, just this mineral bronzer.

Now Eco Minerals products are certified cruelty-free and certified vegan, is made in Byron Bay, Australia from ethically-sourced 100% natural ingredients. Founded in 2007 by passionate animal advocate Lulu, this eco-friendly cosmetics brand has been pioneering cruelty-free products before vegan became the new black.

Purchase Eco Minerals Mineral Bronzer A$31 here.

Eco Minerals Mineral Bronzer
Eco Minerals Mineral Bronzer

13. Dr. Bronner’s All-One Hemp Lavender Pure-Castile Bar Soap

Dr. Bronner’s has been around for a looonnnggg time, since 1858, so you could say this brand is like an institution in the natural beauty world. Its products are made of certified Fair-Trade and organic ingredients and are made in the USA, are certified vegan and cruelty-free. I especially like the Lavender bar soap which is made of Fair-Trade Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Hemp Oil and Lavender Extract, and is a soothing bar soap that lathers nicely and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. The soaps do contain palm oil but these are certified that no rainforest habitat or wildlife is harmed under IMO’s “Fair for Life” program which is a strict fair trade and sustainable certification. The soaps come in recyclable paper packaging which helps to minimise environmental footprint.

Purchase Dr. Bronner’s All-One Hemp Lavender Pure-Castile Bar Soap A$7.95 here.

Dr Bronner's All-One Pure-Castile Bar Soap in Lavender Vegan Beauty Xmas Gifts
Dr Bronner’s All-One Pure-Castile Bar Soap in Lavender

14. Kester Black Vegan Nail Polish

Australian vegan nail polish company Kester Black‘s ethical accreditations are plenty, holding the following certifications: B Corporation, Halal Certified, Certified Vegan, Choose Cruelty-Free, Cruelty-Free International and Carbon Neutral. The nail polish contains none of the usual nasties such as toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin and camphor. With a range of hues from bright colours to nudes, good luck trying to choose one for a gift, particularly with the fabulous product photography which only makes it that much harder to decide on a colour!

From A$20, browse Kester Black’s collection here.

15. Au Naturale’s Fortune High Lustre Lip Gloss 

Au Naturale’s Fortune High Lustre Lip Gloss has “an almost chrome-like finish, rather than a glitter or shimmer” according to EWP beauty writer Mary Imgrund and has a smooth, moisturising effect on the lip. It is ideal for daily wear without appearing tacky, and like most lip glosses, will need to be reapplied after eating and drinking. There are 12 colour sheens to choose from so you’ll be sure to find one to suit. Make sure to check out all the reviews on the site (there are three 5-star reviews on there) if you need any more help deciding.

Purchase Au Naturale’s Fortune High Lustre Lip Gloss US$18 here.

Au Naturale Cosmetics High Lustre Lip Gloss Vegan Beauty Xmas Gifts
Au Naturale Cosmetics High Lustre Lip Gloss in Slip colour

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