12 Ethical Brands Producing Organic Activewear, Yoga Wear and Athleisure Clothing

12 Ethical Brands Producing Organic Activewear, Yoga Wear and Athleisure Clothing

When a reader recently left a comment sharing her difficulties in finding organic activewear and sportswear made from chemical-free natural fibres, a lightbulb went off in my head. She’s not the first reader to mention this; why the heck haven’t we created this list before?

Some people don’t like to wear garments made of synthetic fabrics, whether for health reasons, comfort reasons, environmental reasons or just personal preferences. Even if the garments are made from ‘sustainable’ but plastic-derived fabrics such as recycled polyester and ECONYL, or eco-friendly semi-synthetic fabrics such as Tencel and Lyocell.

Wearing organic natural fibres is healthier for the skin and more planet-friendly since it is grown with no toxic pesticides, fertilisers and GMOs. Whether we’re talking organic cotton or organic hemp, organic fibres are grown with the health of farmers, workers, wildlife and the planet in mind.

Now activewear brands that only make collections completely from 100% organic natural fibres such as 100% organic cotton doesn’t seem to exist, I’ve looked high and low. It’s clear from my research that the fibres in the garments need to be blended with elastane and Spandex for high-performance, durability and stretch. But if you know of any 100% organic cotton athleisure brands, feel free to leave their details in the comment section below.

With that said, as far as we’re concerned, close to 100% natural and organic is good enough. Any brand that responsibly manufactures activewear and athleisure clothing made of mostly natural and organic fibres should be commended.

So without further ado, here are the brands in no particular order:

1. Organic Basics

Why we love them: This sustainable label has built a reputation on lust-worthy, minimalist and budget-friendly 100% certified organic and ethically-made underwear and basics and its diverse casting of models. The Organic Basics activewear range is made from recycled materials but the brand has a great range of organic tees for men and women that are suitable for fitness activities.

Best for: The fashion-minded minimalist-practicing millennial.

Price range: Organic tees US$39.

Shipping: Worldwide shipping available.

Shop online: organicbasics.com

Sustainable & Organic Activewear- Eco Warrior Princess

2. Groceries Apparel

Why we love them: Groceries Apparel is a sustainable fashion brand that ethically manufactures trendy collections in their own factory located in LA, California. The brand uses 100% GMO-free and fair-trade sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp and recycled fabrics. Its range of activewear and athleisure clothing is trendy AF and can be worn for daily workouts, running errands or whenever you feel like casually hanging out with mates.

Best for: Busy ladies who want to look effortlessly stylish in and out of the gym.

Price range: Sports bras from US$48, leggings from $78 and crop tops from $39.

Shipping: Free shipping on US orders over $75. International Shipping available, costs calculated at checkout.

Shop online: groceriesapparel.com

Groceries Apparel Organic Cotton High Waisted Seam Leggings ethical yogawear
Groceries Apparel 87% Organic Cotton High Waisted Seam Leggings $78
Groceries Apparel Organic Cotton High Waisted Seam Leggings
Groceries Apparel 87% Organic Cotton Banks Bra $48
Ethical Brands Producing Organic Cotton Activewear, Yoga Wear and Athleisure Wear
Groceries Apparel 87% Organic Cotton S-Type Legging $78

3. Loomstate

Why we love them: Fashion forward athletic leisure basics for men and women made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and produced under fair-trade conditions. The brand prides itself on its transparent and traceable supply chain, we just love that they care enough to share the details on their website!

Best for: Those seeking classic athletic casual wear for effortless style.

Price range: Tops from US$30, joggers $135 and hoodies $135.

Shipping: Ships across US for $6.95 flat fee. Doesn’t ship to all international locations, is dependent on weight and size. Customers are liable for all worldwide shipping costs.

Shop online: loomstate.org

Loomstate 100% Organic Cotton Women's Racerback Tank
Loomstate 100% Organic Cotton Women’s Racerback Tank $30
Loomstate 100% GOTS Organic Cotton Women's Ethical Joggers
Loomstate 100% GOTS Organic Cotton Women’s Joggers $135
Loomstate 100% Organic Cotton Pullover Hoodie Ethical Athleisure
Loomstate 100% Organic Cotton Pullover Hoodie $135

4. Ripple Yoga Wear

Why we love them: This US brand produces classic athletic apparel specifically for yoga practitioners and and pilates lovers. Their design and brand philosophy is influenced by yoga – mindful and conscious. While not all garments are made of organic cotton, on its website the brand devotes an entire category to their organic cotton line of yoga clothing to make these items easier to find. All garments are made fairly in Israel.

Best for: Yogis looking for functional, stylish yoga wear.

Price range: From $55 for shorts, $62 for leggings.

Shipping: Free worldwide shipping. Yes, you read that right. FREE international shipping.

Shop online: rippleyogawear.com

Ripple Yogawear Organic Cotton High Waist 7:8 Leggings
Ripple Yoga Wear Organic Cotton High Waist 7/8 Leggings $62
Ripple Yogawear Organic Cotton High Waist Short Leggings
Ripple Yoga Wear 92% Organic Cotton High Waist Shorts $55

5. Bhumi

Why we love them: Bhumi is an Australian sustainable lifestyle label that uses GOTS-certified and Fairtrade organic cotton (ranging from 55% through to 100% organic cotton), recycled fabrics and low-impact water-based dyes that are free from toxic chemicals We’ve featured their ethical sports bras before but let’s face it, their entire offerings from yoga wear, organic bedding and loungewear are all worth a mention.

Best for: Women and men who want super comfy, functional organic activewear.

Price range: From $59 for tops and $89 bottoms.

Shipping: Free shipping on all Australian orders. International shipping available.

Shop online: bhumi.com.au

Bhumi Organic Cotton Fairtrade Ergonomic Joggers
Bhumi 100% Organic Cotton Fairtrade Ergonomic Jogger $119
Bhumi Shelf Bra Camisole Organic Cotton Yoga top
Bhumi Shelf Bra Camisole 95% Organic Cotton $59

6. Rawganique

Why we love them: Pioneering Canadian organic label founded in 1997 by off-grid homesteaders who are the real deal! Rawganique has built its reputation on transparency, ethical sourcing and eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, linen and hemp. The brand reveals the country in which it sources its fibres and where its clothing is made. If you have time, check out their About Us page, seriously deserves a standing ovation for its raw, real, direct messaging around social media, business and customers. We love this part too: Zero animal testing. Zero animal cruelty. Zero slave labor. Zero sweatshop.

Best for: Serious sustainability folk who want to support a small business who really, really care about making a difference.

Price range: From $49 for hoodies and $79 for leggings.

Shipping: Ships to USA and Canada only.

Shop online: rawganique.com

Rawganique 'Santa Barbara' 100% Organic Linen Yoga Leggings
Rawganique ‘Santa Barbara’ 100% Organic Linen Yoga Leggings $79
Rawganique Organic Cotton Hoodie Unisex Athleisure
Rawganique Organic Cotton Hoodie Unisex $49
Rawganique 'L.A.' 100% Hemp Yoga Leggings Ethical Activewear
Rawganique ‘L.A.’ 100% Hemp Yoga Leggings Ethical Activewear $69

7. PACT Apparel

Why we love them: PACT Apparel is B-Corp certified, uses GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric in its activewear (its yoga leggings are made of 92% organic cotton), produces in Fair-trade factories and is super affordable. Its website has a clean, crisp, easy-to-navigate design.

Best for: Those seeking affordable basic athleisure wear such as yoga pants, tops and sports bras.

Price range: From US$29 for women’s organic leggings, tops from $15 and sports bras from $25.

Shipping: Ships to US and Canada only. Free standard delivery for US orders over $59.
Shop online: wearpact.com
Sustainable & Organic Activewear _ Eco Warrior Princess (1)
Organic Leggings

8. SATVA Living

Why we love them: New York based sustainable activewear brand SATVA Living incorporates eco-friendly fabrics into its designs, organic cotton (most garments contain 90% organic cotton) through to recycled fibres, it also gives back to rural communities in India, donating funds that go to the provision of education and livestock immunisation.

Best for: Classic athleisure clothing for stylish women seeking affordability and comfort.

Price range: Tops from US$25, leggings from $35 and gym shorts from $58.

Shipping: Free US ground shipping. Worldwide shipping available for extra cost.

Shop online: satvaliving.com

Satva Living Sustainable Activewear Organic Cotton Athleisure tops
SATVA Living Organic Cotton Sustainable ActivewearSatva Living Sustainable Activewear Organic Cotton Leggings

9. Pansy

Why we love them: Pansy activewear features 90% organic cotton that is grown in the US and 10% Spandex made of recycled PET plastic bottles. Its garments are also made under ethical conductions in California, USA. We especially love the brand’s use of diverse models of various shapes, sizes and races, inclusive vibes right up our alley!

Best for: Super cool gals looking for super cool activewear in soft colour hues.

Price range: Sports bras from $64, leggings from $72 and gym shorts from $58.

Shipping: Worldwide shipping available. Learn about it here.
Shop online: pansy.co
Pansy Organic Cotton Activewear Leggings Sports Bra Made in USA
Pansy 90% organic cotton activewear

Pansy Organic Cotton ethical sportswear made in USA

10. Soul Flower

Why we love them: Soul Flower is an American activewear label ideal for “kind souls and free spirits”. Its garments are made in the USA from a blend of GOTS-certified organic cotton (around 87% in most leggings) and spandex, and items are screen-printed by hand using low-impact dyes. We love that the brand has plus-size activewear collections too.

Best for: Yogis who love artistic designs on their leggings, tops and bras, and who are more hippie than hipster.

Price range: Leggings from US$44, tank tops $30 and bralettes and sports bras $25.20.

Shipping: Worldwide shipping available.
Shop online: soul-flower.com
Soul Flower decorated elephant cropped organic cotton leggings ethical yogawear
Soul Flower decorated elephant cropped organic cotton leggings $46
Soul Flower organic cotton mandala madness criss cross bralette ethical yogawear
Soul Flower 95% organic cotton mandala madness criss cross bralette $38 on sale for $25.20
Soul Flower full length organic cotton ethical leggings yogawear
Soul Flower full length 87% organic cotton leggings $44

11. Kowtow

Why we love them: This NZ sustainable label is Fair-Trade certified, uses sustainable fabrics such as GOTS-certified organic cotton, is popular with ethical fashionistas the world over for its design-forward garments and use of minimalistic photography. The brand continues to receive industry recognition and accolades for its offerings, recently receiving an ‘A’ grade in Baptist World Aid’s most recent Ethical Fashion Guide. Their athletic leisure wear is amazing but if you’re really game and you think your wardrobe needs it and your bank account can handle it, browse the entire site and check out the dresses, the basics, the jeans – oh my!

Best for: For women who love a little eco-luxe in their lives.

Price range: Leggings from US$65, track pants $165 and hooded sweater $165.

Shipping: Worldwide shipping available.

Shop online: kowtowclothing.com

Kowtow Organic Cotton Ethical Leggings Sustainable Athleisure
Kowtow ‘Stagelight’ organic cotton leggings US$65
Kowtow Clothing 100% certified fairtrade organic cotton hooded sweater in army green
Kowtow Clothing 100% organic cotton hooded sweater in army green $165
Kowtow Clothing Building Block Track Pants Organic Cotton Athleisure
Kowtow Light Pink Building Block Track Pants $165

12. B-LIGHT Organic

Why we love them: This Swedish sports fashion label B-LIGHT responsibly produces quality organic clothing for yoga, sport and leisure that is comfortable and soft and made only of GOTS-certified organic cotton (most garments range fro 87% to 95% organic cotton). The business regularly visits the factories to ensure compliance of strict standards.

Best for: Sporty ladies looking for high performance organic cotton athletic wear.

Price range: Leggings from 33, shorts 25 and hoodies €59.

Shipping: Ships only to countries within the European Union.

Shop online: b-light.se

B-Light Organic cotton Hoodie Virtual Pink ethical activewear
B-Light 95% Organic Cotton Leggings Virtual Pink
B-Light Organic cotton shorts, Supar – Moroccon blue
B-Light Organic cotton shorts in Moroccon blue 25
B-Light Organic cotton Hoodie Mukhy – Olive green Eco Athleisure
B-Light Organic cotton Hoodie in Olive green

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Title image of organic cotton crossover bra from Groceries Apparel.

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