101+ Sharing Economy Companies Helping You Embrace Collaborative Consumption

101+ Sharing Economy Companies Helping You Embrace Collaborative Consumption

We are taught that to ‘have made it’ in this world, we need to own stuff – and lots of it, clothes, cars, digital devices, multiple homes, books, toys and boats.

But with homes bursting at the seams with clutter, truckloads of stuff-slash-waste sent to landfills each day and household debt levels at all-time highs, some of us are starting to rethink our culture of overconsumption to minimise the impact on the planet and on our wallets.

Cue, the sharing economy.

The sharing economy is defined by Investopedia as an economic model often defined as a peer-to-peer (P2P) based activity of acquiring, providing or sharing access to goods and services that are facilitated by a community based online platform.”

After spending some time creating lists about online fashion rental and wardrobe sharing sites, we decided that a list of the sharing economy companies that are helping us embrace collaborative consumption, strengthen community and reduce waste across all areas of life would also be helpful to eco-conscious readers.

Some of the companies featured below also allow you to make money when you lend out or sell your items so not only will you reduce waste, but you also have a chance to top up your bank account too!

Now to make reading easier, we have divided this sharing economy companies list into subcategories. If there are others that you believe deserve to be included, make sure to leave the company details in the comments below and we’ll check them out. Enjoy browsing through this comprehensive sharing economy list!


1. Airbnb – A pioneer of the sharing economy, Airbnb offers incredible accommodation options, whether you’re after a room to rent or a whole house. Rooms and homes featured are sometimes cheaper than renting a hotel room.

2. Couchsurfing – An online community and app, Couchsurfing connects travellers with locals who offer free lodgings aka spare couches. Travel like a local on the cheap with this app. Or just connect with cool locals to hang with, there’s a global community of 14 million people across  200,000 cities!

3. HomeAway – An accommodation platform like Airbnb, but slightly more upmarket. You’ll find contemporary condos in NYC and beautifully-styled secluded cabins in Yosemite.

4. CampinmyGarden – If you love camping you’ll love CampinmyGarden where you can rent quiet and affordable private gardens to camp in, a great alternative to standard camping grounds.  There are over 1000 garden-campsites to choose from!

5. misterb&b – Launched after the founder’s experience renting shared accommodation and noticing the host’s discomfort that he would be sharing the bed with his same-sex partner, misterb&b is a sharing platform that targets gay travellers. Free app can also be downloaded on iTunes and Google Play.

6. LoveHomeSwap – If you’ve seen the romcom movie ‘The Holiday’ you’ll get how this works. LoveHomeSwap basically enables you to switch homes with another homeowner for a week or so. You go to theirs. They come to yours. You can’t earn money but at least you save on accommodation costs.

7. Onefinestay – If you’re after luxury share accommodation, Onefinestay is for you. Now part of the AccorHotels family, this site lists over 2,500 of the finest homes in major cities across the globe. The company has strict criteria so homes accepted are the crème de la crème with prices to match.

8. Oasis – Similar to Onefinestay, this is “home meets hotel”.  Also owned by AccorHotels, Oasis has vetted these designer homes for you so you get upmarket homes only. You also get your own personal concierge too. Homes are in major cities such as London, Paris, Milan and Barcelona.

9. VRBO – VRBO short for Vacation Rentals by Owner is a part of the HomeAway family of share accommodation platforms. You’ll find similarly stylish places to stay – and Instagrammable too! This platform has been around much longer than Airbnb, although lesser known, obviously.

10. Noirbnb A niche shared accommodation provider similar to misterb&b, Noirbnb appeals to travellers of colour, launched after an uncomfortable travel experience by the founder who is a ‘person of colour’. including and celebrating travelers of color.

11. HomeStay – Homestays are rooms in real homes that are rented out for short or long term stays. An affordable option for travellers, people on the move or students completing internships. Every home has a host and they help you settle in, so you feel at home. There are 33,000 homestays in 160 countries.

12. TrustedHousesitters  This is a global platform with presence in over 130 countries, with Australia as one of their largest markets. The service connects home and pet owners with caring pet and house sitters, who look after their home and pets for free, in exchange for a place to stay while travelling, all with a small annual membership fee.

13. GuestToGuest – A house swapping service popular in Europe, it is a social network where members exchange their homes to go on vacation or can offer a non-reciprocal exchange based on its point system. Based around community values of love of travel, hospitality, freedom and trust.

14. Outdoorsy A peer-to-peer marketplace for RV owners and campers who’d love to rent one – without necessarily owning it. According to Outdoorsy, there are 17 million RVs sitting unused in North America. Renters get to experience an RV and lenders make a profit from their unused RV.

15. HomeExchange – One of the pioneers of “collaborative consumption” HomeExchange was founded in 1992 as a printed mailer and has now grown to become a social network of travellers keen to swap their homes.

16. FlipKey  Owned by TripAdvisor, this rental marketplace features more than 830,000 rental properties in over 11,000 locations across the globe. Private rooms or whole properties to rent only, no shared rooms available. Great value and ideal for those looking for privacy and a quiet space whilst travelling.

17. Perfect Experiences – Perfect Experiences offers upmarket rental apartments, villas, concierge and travel services in Paris, London, Provence and Italy and other luxe locations. Ideal for those with high-end tastes.

101+Sharing Economy Companies Helping You Embrace Collaborative Consumption - Accommodation Companies

Fashion and Accessories

18. Rent the Runway – The most recognised fashion rental platform, New York-based Rent the Runway allows you to hire designer fashion and accessories for a fraction of the cost and without the textile waste. Love the novelty of wearing different outfits? This clothes sharing site and app is for you.

19. Armoire – This US-based clothes hiring site is ideal for busy women of all shapes and sizes, including pregnant ladies. It curates outfits to suit your taste and style preferences and offers members unlimited swaps.

20. GlamCorner – Australia’s answer to Rent the Runway, this business allows Australian community members to rent fabulous designer dresses for a fee. Stocks Australian and international designers.

21. Lena – The Fashion Library – This Dutch business is a store and online shop combo that helps fashionistas ditch fast fashion and indulge in their love of clothing by borrowing their wardrobe online instead. Lena won a Dutch award for best startup in 2015 for embracing the circular economy concept.

22. Gwynnie Bee – Another US-based clothing rental service, Gwynnie Bee allows members to raid their closet an unlimited number of times. If you’re new to the service, you can try it out for 30-days. Caters to plus-sized women, yay!

23. ShareWear – ShareWear is a “ready-to-share” collection featuring some of Sweden’s most recognisable labels. To borrow an item, just tag yourself in Instagram pics of the item published by the current borrower and share it forward to the first person that tagged themselves in your pic using #ShareWear.

24. Tumnus – This wardrobe sharing platform is suited to Melbourne-based (Australia) style lovers only. Members can lend out clothing or rent trendy, fashionable clothing from other members. Many members hire out clothing from some of the most recognisable brands in Australia and internationally.

25. DesignerShare – DesignerShare is a US-based online community for women who want to borrow and rent their designer clothing and accessories with one another. Earn and save money by lending and borrowing your wardrobe with your stylish network.

26. The Clothes Library Exactly as the business name suggests, this is a library not for books but for clothes. Sydney-based, The Clothes Library sources its garments and fashion accessories from second-hand stores, op shops, garage sales and members trade clothes too.

27. Style Lend – This US-based wardrobe sharing site allows members to lend and borrow designer items. Ideal for fashionistas who want a range of options and also for those who want to make money off of their gorgeous designer wares.

28. The Volte – Touted as the “Airbnb of Australian fashion”,  this online marketplace allows members to share their beautiful, trendy wardrobes and fashion accessories. Works similarly to community closet sharing sites Tumnus and Style Lend.

29. Kleiderie – An infinite wardrobe for a fraction of the cost, this Germany-based clothes rental business allows member subscribers to spice up their wardrobe by borrowing clothes instead of buying, ending the “wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear” situation.

30. Le Tote – This rental fashion service allows you to choose fashion and accessories, wear them, return them, rinse and repeat.

31. Designerex – Sydney-based Designerex is a super secure designer clothes sharing platform that fosters wardrobe sharing in the community of renders and lenders but verifies all users through real-time ID verification which scans drivers licences and passports. Great for high-end luxury clothes renting.

32. Outdress – A completely free to use peer-to-peer clothes renting market and app Outdress, encourages sharing and swapping items beyond designer luxury dresses and includes children’s clothes, men’s suits, snow gear, wedding attire and costumes.

33. Borrow For Your Bump – Works similarly to Rent The Runway but designed for US-based expecting mothers.

34. HUMM – Upmarket wardrobe sharing app, HUMM is brings your dream closet to you through peer-to-peer renting. For stylish women with a penchant for designer garments and accessories. Rent clothing, bags and shoes from each other for never-ending outfit options. Available only in the US and Australia.

35. Lána – Works similar to Borrow For Your Bump but services pregnant women in Australia.

Clothes sharing, wardrobe sharing, fashion rental sharing companies

Car Ride Share

36. Uber – Uber, like Airbnb, is one of the pioneers of the sharing economy and helped to revolutionise the concept of collaborative consumption. If you haven’t used this sharing app, where have you been? Download the app on iTunes or Google Play and get ridesharing! Make extra cash as a driver too.

37. Lyft – A popular ridesharing app like Uber that offers taxi-like services, but way more efficiently. Check this one out if you’re not keen on Uber or if Uber isn’t available in your area, Lyft may be.

38. GettA global ride-hailing app available in 120 cities across the globe, including London, Moscow and New York, Gett is one of Europe’s biggest on-demand car service company and offers fair pricing, higher driver fees and in-app tipping.

39. Zimride – Perfect for employees or students, Zimride is a ridesharing business that brings people together to carpool. Ideal for individuals as well as businesses. If you’re a sustainability officer at a company or university and keen to reduce your organisation’s environmental impact, get on it.

40. GoCarShare – A popular ridesharing platform in Europe, the GoCarShare connects drivers that need empty seats to fill, with travellers needing to get to a destination. Enables drivers to earn money and meet new people along the way and gives travellers a chance to catch a cheap ride.

41. Juno – The ridesharing app designed for New Yorkers, this Juno also gives a higher percentage of the total to the drivers and doesn’t charge exorbitant surcharge fees. Happy drivers, happy ride.

42. HopSkipDrive – A rideshare app for busy parents, HopSkipDrive allows them to schedule rides for their kids and offers them the ability to track the rides for peace of mind. Created by three moms who understand the juggling that comes with chauffering kids around to school, sports and everywhere else.

43. Bla Bla Car – One of the most popular and trusted apps for long-distance carpooling in Europe. The online marketplace and apps connect drivers and passengers willing to travel together and share the cost of the journey. Have a seat to spare? Need a seat in a car? Check out Bla Bla.

44. CoSeats – A ridesharing platform in Australia, this one doesn’t require you to complete an application, drivers just submit their journeys with the list of available seats in their vehicle and others join the free waiting list. Both drivers and riders will be notified of available rides and riders that match.

101+Sharing Economy Companies Helping You Embrace Collaborative Consumption - Ride Sharing Companies

Car Sharing, Renting Vehicles and Other Transportation

45. Zipcar – An alternative to car renting, Zipcar is a popular car sharing platform. Once your application is approved, you will be sent a Zipcard. Book a vehicle for however long you need, from short trips to getaways. Swipe the Zipcard on the vehicle reader and it will allow you to unlock and lock the vehicle.

46. Getaround – Getaround tackles car overpopulation and supports a more sustainable and efficient transport system by encouraging carsharing; maximising the use of privately-owned idle vehicles. It’s an affordable way for borrowers to rent a car, and a great way for car owners to earn some cash.

47. SamBoat.com – Similar concept to Getaround except this peer-to-peer marketplace enables boat owners to rent out their privately-owned boats. Borrowers can rent boats or charter yachts.

48. Boatsetter – Follows a similar concept to SamBoat but entirely based in the US. Don’t have a friend with a boat? Just rent one from Boatsetter. And if you own a boat, you can also rent it out to make some dollars.

49. GoGet – Works similarly to Zipcar except it’s Australia-based and is the country’s first and largest car-sharing service with a fleet of over 2,800 cars, vans or SUVs, in five major cities including Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

50. DriveMyCar –  This is an Australian peer-to-peer car sharing service that enables car owners to rent their car out to people who’d like to borrow them. DriveMyCar is a more affordable alternative to traditional car rentals, and renters get access to a wider range of vehicles.

51. Tubber – Another boat sharing service but focussed on European locations. Hire small or large boats for groups and parties, many come with its own skipper.

52. Enjoy – Another vehicle sharing service only this one is only available to hire at these city locations in Italy: Florence, Milan, Rome, Turin, Catania and Bologna.

53. RVShare – Similar to Outdoorsy, this a peer-to-peer marketplace for RVs. Whether you need one for long distance trips or have one just sitting there idly that you can rent, head to RVShare.

54. DriveNow – A car sharing concept which relies on a fleet of the latest BMW and MINI models, you can rent a car, use it and then park it in a free public parking space in the right zone to end your rental. Available only in select locations across Europe.

55. Liftshare – This UK-based car sharing platform has 600,000 members and facilitates a corporate car sharing program that enables people to share lifts, save money and their impact on the environment too. It’s free to join.

56. car2go – The convenience of mobility without the expense of vehicle ownership, this vehicle sharing platform (and free apps) doesn’t require reservations and doesn’t charge members ongoing fees. Works similarly to Zipcar and GoGet but available only in select locations in the US and Canada.

57. Car Next Door – An Aussie company founded in 2002, Car Next Door is a peer-to-peer car rental system that allows individuals to hire privately owned vehicles on an hourly or daily basis. Borrow for as little as $5 per hour from other members. Users can download free app on iTunes and Google Play.

58. Zum – Zum is the fastest growing ride and care company focussing on children’s transportation. It is on track to deliver one million rides by the end of 2018. It offers various services from kids car services, carpooling and childcare as well. Focussed on delivering services to the US… for now.

59. GetMyBoat – Another boat focussed site, GetMyBoat is one the biggest marketplaces for boat rentals, it lists 108,000 boats in 184 countries. The app is free to download from iTunes and Google Play.

60. Turo – Follows the same carsharing idea as Getaround and is popular across US and Canadians locations, such as LA, Boston, San Francisco, Montreal and Toronto.

61. Liquid – Formerly known as Spinlister, Liquid is a global peer-to-peer network that allows you to lend and rent bikes, surfboards, snowboards, skis with other enthusiasts. Some who rent out their gear make up to $500 per month doing so. If you need a bike or outdoor adventure equipment, check out Liquid.

101+ Sharing Economy Companies Helping You Embrace Collaborative Consumption - Transport Hire

Childcare, Babysitting and Caregiving

62. UrbanSitter – Featured in publications such as Wall Street Journal and CNN, UrbanSitter is a childcare service available in over 60 US locations and has 150,000 caregivers. With extensive profiles and community reviews from people you trust, you can book babysitters and nannies with peace of mind.

63. Gobi – An Australian childcare app that provides babysitters on demand, allows users to view babysitter profiles, credentials and experiences as well as read customer reviews. Allows members to set up their own in-app networks to build foster community and trust and discuss childcare performance.

64. Care.com – Founded in 2007, Care.com is one of the world’s largest platforms of its kind focussing on providing members high-quality carers for all types of care jobs including child care, senior care, pet care and house sitting. There are over 29 million members in 20 countries.

65. Bubble – This UK-based share economy business and free app connect parents with babysitters. Users can sign up free, browse profiles, read reviews, compare customer ratings, schedule a sitter in advance and pay for the service through the app. Of 416 customer reviews, Bubble receives a 9.5/10 rating.

66. Sittr – Possibly Australia’s most well-known childcare app, Sittr works similarly to Gobi but has been around much longer, has thousands of users and has received press from mainstream Australian media outlets such as The Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, Today and The Huffington Post.

67. SitterCity – Launched in 2001, SitterCity is of the pioneers of peer-to-peer child care platforms and on their website, notes that they have had seven million happy members and counting. Its main competitor is Care.com as it also offers pet sitters and special needs care givers.

68. GoNannies – Provides a platform where users can post details of caregiving jobs such as babysitting, housekeeping, caregiving and members can apply. The site provides useful resources to help the hiring process go smoothly. GoNannies has been featured in New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

69. Bambino – A US-based childcare app that provides babysitters and nannies on demand. The app provides extensive sitter profiles including customer ratings. Bambino allows users to create a private social network where friends and family can recommend sitters and discuss experiences.

Childcare and babysitting apps

Rent Children’s Clothing, Baby Equipment and Accessories

70. VIGGA – Launched in 2014, this Danish company is a maternity and kids wear brand that enables parents to rent organic maternity, baby wear and childrenswear for a monthly membership fee. A business rooted in the circular economy, VIGGA is changing the way mums and kids consume clothing.

71. BabyQuip – Formerly known as Babierge, its CEO calls the business the “Airbnb for baby gear”. Great for travelling families who prefer to rent baby equipment rather than travel lugging heavy and expensive baby gear. All equipment is offered by independent quality providers and comes with insurance.

72. The Borrowed Boutique – Works in much the same way as VIGGA but is solely focussed on renting luxury children’s wear for special occasions such as weddings. Services US only. Items are ideal for photo shoots and once-in-a-lifetime events. This business offers styling assistance.

73. Belles and Babes – This UK-based startup offers subscriptions for everyday maternity and baby clothing (up to 18 months) which is delivered across the UK. If you live near Bristol, you can also book an in-person appointment or style session.

74. Fittedtot – A US version of VIGGA (minus the organic clothing and maternity wear) its subscription boxes contain 5 to 8 pieces handpicked to suit your preferences and features high-quality children’s boutique brands such Tea, Kapital K, Le Top, Design History, Egg by Susan Lazar and Joules.

75. Rainey’s Closet – An alternative to The Borrowed Boutique, Rainey’s Closet is a stylish fashion rentals site for children offering designer and luxury children’s wear. Rent Rainey’s Closet for birthdays, special occasions and formal events.

76. goBaby – An alternative to BabyQuip, goBaby touts itself as the “Airbnb for Baby-Gear-on-the-Go”. A peer-to-peer rental marketplace and on-demand app that helps families rent baby gear and baby equipment from a community of trusted and local parents, reducing stress and headaches.

Credit- VIGGA baby clothing rentals circular economy
Credit: VIGGA

Toy Libraries and Toy Rentals

77. Pley – Founded in 2013, Pley is revolutionising kid’s play. A monthly subscription US service for toys, Pley delivers activity boxes filled educational toys that is affordable, convenient, clutter-free and eco-friendly. There are unlimited options for kids no matter their age, so kids will never be bored with Pley.

78. Toy Libraries Australia – The non-profit peak body for over 280 toy libraries in Australia, check out its website as it lists the toy library locations across Australia. Parents and guardians can borrow well-made toys for kids of all ages. Toy collections and range varies from toy library to toy library.

79. USA Toy Library Association – Works much the same as Toy Libraries Australia but is the peak body for toy libraries in the United States. Toy library locations can be found on its website.

80. KiwiCo – A monthly subscription box of hand-on creative, science and educational toys that enrich experiences and foster a love of learning, particularly around STEAM subjects (science, tech, engineering, art and math). Memberships start at $16.95 per month. For babies to teens aged 16+.

81. Spangler Science Club – As the name suggests, Spangler Science Club makes science learning fun through educational and engaging science kits. Offers three monthly subscription packages starting from as little as $14.99 per month. Has been featured on the Ellen Show, Today and Buzz Feed.

82. Green Piñata Toys – Launched in 2015, Green Piñata focusses on delivering low-toxic educational toys. For $24.99 per month, members receive four toys and round-trip shipping. Toys are made of sustainably-sourced wood and recycled plastic. For kids six months to five years old.

83. ToyLibrary – ToyLibrary is one of the largest privately-owned toy rental companies, having rented more than 1,200,000 toys. It focussed on educational toys in STEM. The B-Corp Certified business offers three monthly subscription packages depending on toy needs. Has been featured in Time and CNN.

101+ Sharing Economy Companies Helping You Embrace Collaborative Consumption - Borrow Toys Don't Buy Them

Pet Care

84. BorrowMyPooch – An Australian platform that connects local dog owners with local dog lovers for walks, dog sitting, weekend sleepovers and play dates. Why own a dog when you can look after one? This is just too cute an idea not to try out!

85. DogVacay – A Canadian pet sitting platform, DogVacay works similarly to BorrowMyPooch.

86. Rover – The largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers in the United States, the platform connects pet parents with people who will treat their dogs like family. DogVacay and Rover have merged as a business and all users are now invited to create profiles on Rover.

87. Mad Paws – A popular Australian pet-sitting platform and free app boasting 14,400+ pet sitters who are happy to treat your dog, cat, guinea pig, rabbit or whatever fur baby you own, as if it were there own. Mad Paws has featured in BRW, Financial Review and the Sydney Morning Herald.

88. Fetch! Pet Care – Another safe and reliable dog walking and pet sitting service in the United States, Fetch! also offers services such as puppy programs, overnight care and group off-leash services. The business has also received lots of press from media sites such as NBC, Fox News and USA Today.

89. Pet Cloud – A pet expert-driven Australian owned and run company endorsed by the RSPCA, PetCloud’s community-driven platform connects pet owners with verified and insured pet sitters. Has received press from The Australian and Sydney Morning Herald and is loved by 20,062 fans and growing!

101+ Sharing Economy Companies Helping You Embrace Collaborative Consumption - Pet Sitting

Everyday Items and Household Goods

90. Fat Llama – The “Airbnb of Stuff” this peer-to-peer rental marketplace connects people who want to rent stuff, with people who will pay to borrow the stuff. Need a camera for a day? Need a car for a few hours? Need digital equipment for the weekend? You’re sure to find it on Fat Llama. UK and US only.

91. Zilok– Similar to Fat Llama but not as prettily designed. It allows you to rent out your stuff. American users can borrow anything, from ladders to video games, cars and outdoor adventure equipment and much more. If you own it, and it has a worth, you can rent it.

92. Freecycle – Launched in 2003, Freecycle is one of the original peer-to-peer online marketplaces and the beauty of the platform is that members sign up free and gift items to people who will get used. This platform has kept millions of stuff from entering landfills and encourages stronger communities too.

93. Dolly – The stress-free and very affordable way to move just about anything in the US. Use the peer-to-peer platform to rent a truck (and helping hand) from other members, who will help you load, haul and deliver so you can save time, money, car damage and a bad back!

94. 3D Hubs – 3D Hubs helps customers connect with manufacturers to produce parts using 3D printers, CNC machining and inject moulding. No need to buy your own expensive equipment in order to produce components, there is 3D Hubs network that will happily rent out their machinery and services to you.

95. GoShare – Similar to Dolly, this platform and app connects truck and van owners with those needing help to move and haul items. Services Unites States only.

101+ Sharing Economy Companies Helping You Embrace Collaborative Consumption - The Airbnb of Stuff

Rent Car Spaces and Spare Spaces

96. JustPark – This nifty app allows you to rent out your driveway, garage and parking space. Helps to manage spare spaces so that vehicle owners can efficiently find a place to park their vehicle and car space owners can make some money from their valuable ‘space’ assets.

97. Parqex –  No more wasted car spaces. Like JustPark, Parqex is a “private parking marketplace” and app that allows drivers and space renters to connect, for efficient management of car spaces that delivers win-win outcomes to all parties.

98. Splacer – The Airbnb of event spaces, this platform helps people make the most of their space by connecting people looking for a private space to rent for short-term events, production and other projects, with people who have them. Hire out a barely used loft, garage or barn to users who are keen to rent it.

99. Peerspace – Similar to Splacer, Peerspace marketplace enables owners of one-of-a-kind spaces to rent out to hosts who are keen to use the space for meetings, events, gatherings, photo shoots and other cool projects. Services US only.

100. SharedEarth – According to SharedEarth there is 40 million acres of unproductive land in residential and commercial properties in the US  and over 19 million abandoned properties. This business aims to make effective use of the earth by connecting landowners with people who want to garden or farm on it.

101. Liquid Space – Thanks to the popularity of the “startup” there are a countless number of small companies in need of check office space. Liquid space is a great way small, medium, or even large companies to rent office space. Have unused space? Feel free to rent out your space as well.

102. YourParkingSpace – YourParkingSpace is the UK’s online marketplace that allows people to rent out a parking space, driveway or locked garage and encourages people who own parking spaces, to make use of it rather than waste it.

101+ Sharing Economy Companies Helping You Embrace Collaborative Consumption - Rent Out Parking Space

Disclosure: The curated list is based on the writer’s research and does not fully take into account all ethical criteria that are unique to each individual. Before subscribing or purchasing from any of the above platforms, we encourage you to do your own research into the sites and fashion brands, paying particular attention to customer reviews, business supply chain and your own particular set of ethics. We also recommend you review customer ratings if any on the site and online. This list also contains affiliate links. For more information, click here.

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