9 Sustainable and Ethical ‘Made in USA’ Brands For the Stylish Shopper

9 Sustainable and Ethical ‘Made in USA’ Brands For the Stylish Shopper

We’re going to assume that you’re on this page because you’re a proud American keen to support local designers and fashion brands to help strengthen the American rag trade. From ethically-produced underwear to resort wear and everything in between, these eco-conscious brands are 100% ethically American made (and most of them are American owned!).

1. Reformation

One of the most popular USA-owned and USA-made ethical fashion brands, Reformation is a cult LA label that has featured in many publications including fashion bible Vogue and for good reasons: the clothing is fashion forward and super stylish; it’s made of eco-friendly fabrics that have low impact on the environment such as TENCEL™ Lyocell, Recover® yarns which are made from old clothes and fabric waste, and vintage and deadstock fabrics; the garments are locally manufactured in Los Angeles; the packaging is made from recycled materials and the business has achieved B-Corp Certification which means its business practices including environmental and labour policies adheres to rigorous standards.

Best known for: Fun, flirty, feminine dresses in various colours and prints made from sustainable materials; as well as its slogan: “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2.”

Where to buy online: thereformation.com.

The Reformation Christine Dress - Ethical Brand Made in USA
Reformation Christine Dress
The Reformation Gavin Dress Ethical Fashion Brand Made in USA
Reformation Gavin Dress.
The Reformation Gwyneth Dress - Ethical Fashion Labels Made in USA
Reformation Gwyneth Dress.

2. VETTA Capsule

VETTA creates mini capsule wardrobes made of five basic garment essentials that can be mixed, matched and layered to create up to 30 outfits. The pieces are all responsibly made in NYC in a family run factory that VETTA visits often. All capsule clothing is made of eco-friendly fabrics such as leftover fabric remnants or TENCEL™ which is sustainably harvested wood pulp processed in a closed-loop system that recycles solvents and therefore has minimum environmental impact. The knitted sweaters are produced by a LA-based partner factory which is 70% powered by solar energy. From the recycled and recyclable packaging to transparency within its supply chain, VETTA considers sustainability at every stage and thank goodness for that!

Best known for: Minimalist wardrobe essentials for a capsule closet that can be mixed and matched to create 30 outfit combinations.

Where to buy online: vettacapsule.com

VETTA The Reversible Jumper Dress - Sustainable Ethical Fashion Made in USA
VETTA The Reversible Jumper Dress
VETTA The Oversized Sweater Sustainable Ethical Fashion Made in the USA
VETTA The Oversized Sweater.
VETTA Capsule The Minimal Capsule Collection Sustainable Ethical Fashion made in the USA
VETTA Capsule The Minimal Collection.

3. Pansy

Organic cotton underwear business Pansy is American-made and American-owned, with headquarters in California. The brand produces minimal, dreamy but unpretentious undies, bras and loungewear that are made in a garment factory in San Leandro that treats its workers with respect and pays them fair wages. The garments feature Texas-grown GOTS-certified organic cotton that is milled in North Carolina and natural rubber/cotton elastic made in South Carolina. The brand produces its range in a variety of soft hues and pastel colours that you’ll find hard to choose from.

Best known for: Comfy, minimal organic cotton under garments, as well as its marketing and advertising that celebrates femininity and ethnic diversity and promotes body positivity.

Where to buy: pansy.co.

Pansy organic cotton underwear made in the USA ethical fashion
Credit: Pansy
Pansy ethical underwear made in the usa
Credit: Pansy
Pansy Ethical Underwear Made in the USA Ethical Fashion
Credit: Pansy

4. Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman is an eco-conscious women’s fashion label offering designer clothing, bridal wear and swimwear. While not all of its collections are produced in the USA (some of its Tier 1 manufacturers are based in India, Peru and China), a big portion is, particularly its Ready to Wear collection which is produced in NYC and swimwear which is entirely made in LA. Regardless of where its factories and artisan collectives are located, Mara Hoffman prioritises the treatment of its workers, ensuring they are paid fairly, treated respectfully and work in a safe environment – although we would love to see more information about how it enforces this. The business is committed to supply chain transparency, publishing its Tier 1 supplier factories here and regularly visiting the factories to ensure compliance with its strict codes of conduct.

The brand creates high-quality stylish pieces that are designed to be cherished. Most of the garments are made of eco-friendly materials such as GOTS-certified organic cotton, recycled nylon, recycled polyester to minimise its environmental impact.

“Our California-based swim manufacturers are longtime Mara Hoffman partners with whom we have close working and personal relationships. Domestic manufacturing fosters a healthy local economy, bolsters national employment levels, creates a smaller carbon footprint, contributes less to pollution, and ensures that employees are treated fairly under the strict USA worker protection laws.” – Mara Hoffman website

Best known for: High-end designs and luxurious resort wear pieces and swimwear.

Where to buy online: marahoffman.com.

Mara Hoffman Lydia Bikini Bottoms Ethical Fashion Made in USA
Mara Hoffman Lydia Bikini Bottoms.
Mara Hoffman Olympia One Piece Ethical Fashion Made in USA
Mara Hoffman Olympia One Piece.

Mara Hoffman Sasha Pant Ethical Fashion Made in USA

5. Yoga Democracy

This American brand founded by Bikram yogi Natalie Oldroyd, produces eco-conscious yoga wear, swimwear and athletic wear made of recycled materials such as luxury Italian fabric derived from post-consumer plastic sourced from water bottles. It also uses non-toxic dyes in its collections. Yoga Democracy is based in Carefree, Arizona and its highly skilled garment manufacturers are located in California. The brand also gives back, joining sustainable apparel pioneer Patagonia in donating to the 1% For The Planet environmental charity which means that one percent of their proceeds is donated to fund environmental causes and support conservation programs.

Best known for: Yoga clothing that features a wide range of artist exclusive designs and prints, with artwork leggings being its most popular product line.

Where to buy online: yogademocracy.com.

Yoga Democracy Eco-Friendly Rustica Yoga Leggings Ethical Activewear made in usa
Yoga Democracy Eco-Friendly Rustica Yoga Leggings.
Yoga Democracy The Athena in Black Mesh Ethical Fashion Activewear Made in USA
Yoga Democracy The Athena Black Mesh leggings.
Yoga Democracy Palms Reader Yoga Leggings Ethical Activewear Made in USA
Yoga Democracy Palms Reader Yoga Leggings.

6. Tuckerman & Co

Tuckerman & Co creates modern, tailored work shirts for both men and women that are high-quality, made from GOTS-certified organic cotton from Israel and made and constructed in New England, USA by third and fourth generation skilled craftsmen. The range is produced in a historic shirt factory that’s been making shirts for over 70 years! The business is also B-Corp certified which means that it has met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance and business transparency. The brand has also received the highest rating on the Good On You app: “Great”.

“A lot goes into making a great shirt: quality materials, a commitment to craftsmanship, and attention to detail. We set out to build shirts that we hope will become the favorites in your closet. From start to finish, they’re designed with a simple but ambitious ethos: Look good, feel good, do good.” Tuckerman & Co website

Best known for: Modern, well-constructed button-down classic shirts.

Where to buy online: tuckerman.co.

Tuckerman & Co Navy Gingham Check Ethical Fashion Men's Shirt Made in USA
Tuckerman & Co Men’s Navy Gingham Check Shirt.
Tuckerman Men's Bengal Stripe Work Shirt Organic Cotton Ethical Fashion Made in USA
Tuckerman & Co Men’s Bengal Stripe Shirt.
Women's Blue Poplin Work Shirt Organic Cotton Ethical Fashion Made in USA
Tuckerman & Co Women’s Blue Poplin Shirt.

7. Vegan Resort Wear

Vegan Resort Wear is a New York-based fashion label that produces PETA approved women’s clothing made of natural fibres such as linen sourced from Europe and designed to be worn on tropical holidays and beach weekends away; hence Vegan Resort Wear. The brand manufactures in NYC in a factory that offers garment workers fair wages and good working conditions. This cruely-free label utilises small batch production to reduce waste and keep its environmental impact to a minimum. It stocks beautiful artisan-made straw fashion accessories such as bags and footwear to complement its resort wear collections but these aren’t made in the USA.

Best known for: Vegan resort wear with a sassy twist.

Where to buy online: veganresortwear.com.

Vegan Resort Wear Hermosa Tie Back Top Baby Pink Ethical Fashion Made in the USA
Vegan Resort Wear Hermosa Tie Back Top in Baby Pink.
Vegan Resort Wear Hermosa Lounge Pant Sahara Ethical Fashion Made in the USA
Vegan Resort Wear Hermosa Lounge Pant in Sahara.

8. Arkins

An indie eco-friendly label, Arkins was launched in 2014 to offer women well-designed, quality clothing that is stylish, classic and comfortable that you will continue to love and wear years after purchase. The brand incorporates many ethical and sustainable practices, from using eco-friendly fabrics such as GOTS Certified GMO-free Organic Cotton, natural dyes, and where much of the fabric dying is handled by Certified Fair Trade workers using PETA approved practices. Garments are assembled and manufactured with a local factory in the heart of Manhattan’s Garment District that pays its garment workers fair wages. Arkins produces exclusive small batch collections to keep waste to an absolute minimum.

Best known for: Stylish, classic and tailored clothing with a modern twist and feminine silhouettes.

Where to buy online: shop-arkins.com.

Arkins White Ring Classic Dress Ethical Fashion Brand Made in USA
Arkins White Ring Classic Dress
Arkins Roamer Jumpsuit Organic Cotton Ethical Fashion Made in USA
Arkins Roamer Jumpsuit.
Arkins Wheat Fitted Dress Ethical Fashion Made in the USA
Arkins Wheat Fitted Dress.

9. Brook There

This US-made, US-owned ethical lingerie label produces a broad range of undies, unpadded and wireless bras, lingerie slips and other basics. All undergarments feature GOTS-certified organic cotton jersey that has been milled in South Carolina or California. Most of the organic fabrics are dyed with low-tox dyes in Pennsylvania or California, and garments are cut and sewn in New England, with much of the production taking place in Fall River, Massachusetts. Local manufacturing is at the core of this brand as its priority is to strengthen the local economy, keeping skilled workers employed in the rag trade and maintaining high-quality and compliance of ethical and labor standards given the country’s strict labour laws.

Best known for: Minimalist organic cotton lingerie and underwear.

Where to buy online: brookthere.com

Brook There Organic Lingerie Ethical Fashion Made in USA
Brook There Midnight Lingerie Set.
Brook There Buff Curve Convertible Ethical Organic Cotton Lingerie made in the usa
Brook There Buff Curve Convertible Lingerie.
Brooke There Organic Lingerie Pewter Lingerie Set
Brooke There Pewter Lingerie Set.

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Disclosure: The curated list is based on the writer’s research and does not fully take into account all ethical considerations that are unique to each individual. Before making a purchase, we encourage you to do your own research paying particular attention to the supply chain and your own particular set of ethics. You can also check out online tools and apps that provide product reviews and brand ratings here. This list also contains affiliate links. For more information, click here.

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