Free Online Sustainable Fashion Course – Fashion and Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World

Free Online Sustainable Fashion Course – Fashion and Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World
We receive many wonderful emails, messages, comments and constructive criticisms each week from our readers for which we are extremely thankful. An email recently landed in our inbox from a reader named Tammy, who shared about an online sustainable fashion short course that she had recently completed:

I have a huge passion for Ethical Sourcing and have been trying to learn as much as possible and have found a course that was very helpful and eye-opening.

Fashion & Sustainability is a short course through the London College of Fashion. This course is a collaboration between Kering, who are the owners of designers like Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Gucci. It brings your attention to the fact that fashion is the 2nd dirtiest industry in the world. It highlights the impacts of fashion on both social and environmental levels. A huge eye-opener for me was the impact of everyday items being produced every day by retailers globally. Cow leather having the most impact on the environment from cradle to gate, silk and then cotton.

I was hoping you could spread the word on your website for anyone else looking for more information.

When I checked out the course, I realised it is being delivered by Future Learn, the same brilliant organisation behind a free online course that I had enrolled in a couple of years ago on building a sustainable fashion business. I was impressed with the quality of that course so hence why we’re sharing about this one too.

A big thanks to our lovely reader Tammy for bringing it to our attention!

Course Details

Duration: 6 weeks, 3 hours study a week
Mode of learning: Online
Course creator: London College of Fashion, UAL
Cost: Free
Starts: Next course begins October 22

This free online course “Fashion and Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World is aimed at people working in fashion or who have a general interest in sustainability and ethical fashion and are keen to make positive changes in the fashion industry. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world so this course will help students understand luxury fashion’s impacts on communities and on the environment and how it can be made more positive and sustainable.

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Free Online Sustainable Fashion Course | Fashion and Sustainability- Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World

What the six-week free course covers

Each week focusses on key topics that will help students understand the sustainability issues in luxury fashion. Here are just some of the topics you expect to learn if you sign up:

  • what is sustainability in fashion and what can the industry do to make it more sustainable
  • how luxury brands can provide positive social and environmental impact
  • sustainable fashion design
  • sourcing eco-friendly fabrics and working with ethical manufacturers for luxury fashion
  • research and making informed business decisions
  • creative possibilities and realisation

The course facilitators are sustainable fashion educators: Professor Dilys Williams, the Director of Centre for Sustainable Fashion at the University of the Arts Research Centre at London College of Fashion; Nina Stevenson London College of Fashion’s Education for Sustainability Manager at Centre for Sustainable Fashion, and Gabrielle Miller Education Research Assistant at Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

The course was developed by London College of Fashion, UAL a world leader in fashion design, education, media and communications. The course is supported by renowned French company Kering which owns several luxury goods brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Bottega Veneta to name a few.

So whether you’re a fashion student, emerging designer, working for a brand and keen to implement sustainability practices, or you’re just genuinely interested in learning more about the subject, make sure to enrol. Click here to sign up to this free sustainable fashion course.

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