6 Ethical and Eco-Friendly Baby and Kids Organic Cotton Clothing Brands

6 Ethical and Eco-Friendly Baby and Kids Organic Cotton Clothing Brands

Being eco-conscious when it comes to baby and kids clothing is not just good for the environment. It also goes a long way towards safeguarding the health of your children.

You see, environmentally-harmful clothing is tantamount to health hazards. Non-organic cotton, for example, is grown using a lot of chemicals — insecticides and pesticides that can cause skin problems. Plus, the use of synthetic fibres in clothing can also be problematic as these contain PVC, petrochemicals, formaldehyde and more, which are linked to health issues and can even cause cancer. So it’s important to try to keep your children as far away as possible from clothing made from these harmful fibres.

To help you, we’ve curated a list of environmentally-friendly and ethical clothing for your precious little ones which will also go a long way towards caring for the planet and its people.

Mini Rodini

For clothes specifically designed for children while maintaining environmental and social standards, Sweden-based Mini Rodini is definitely the go-to brand. Mini Rodini uses not just 100 percent organic and GOTS-certified cotton in its products, it also utilises eco-friendly technologies such as the Bionic-Finish Eco, which provides a water-repellent finish for specific clothing such as windbreakers without the need for the use of harmful fluorocarbon-based materials. The brand also recycles polyester fibres and uses ocean waste for some of its products, such as swimwear.

But the best thing about Mini Rodini is its care for its people. The brand implements a Living Wage Program. You can be assured that each piece of clothing being sold by the business has been made by employees who each receive fair salaries.

So if you want to not just buy clothes for your little ones but also contribute to the advocacy of Mini Rodini, simply visit their website. You can find all manner of children’s clothing — for babies, dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear and more.

Delivery information: Shipping is available worldwide. Costs dependent on freight option, weight of the package and destination.

Mini Rodini Eco-Friendly Children's Fashion and Kids Clothing
Mini Rodini produces a cute range of eco clothing for babies and kids
Mini Rodini K2 Wild Duck Winter Jacket Eco-Friendly Kids Clothing
Mini Rodini “Wild Duck Winter Jacket” made from recycled polyester

Earth Baby Outfitters

Interested in cutesy and Instagrammable baby and kids outfits that are also good for the environment? If so, look no further than Earth Baby Outfitters (EBO).

For all of its clothing offers, EBO uses only GOTS, USDA and/or Oeko Tek100-certified fabrics and accessories. This means that the fabrics used in the garments follow stringent criteria and ensures ecological and social responsibility. All clothing for your precious ones are toxins-free, comfortable and ethically-made. Nothing else should touch your little ones’ sensitive skin, right?!

Delivery information: Based in Canada, shipping is available to all countries. However, it is recommended that customers send an email first with the complete address prior to purchase in order to determine the best shipping arrangement and rates. EBO offers flat shipping rates of USD 10 in Canada and USD 15 to USA. Free shipping is provided for orders over CDN 100.

One Snap-On Shoulder Splashy Playsuit - Earth Baby Outfitters eco kids clothing
Earth Baby Outfitters One Snap-On Shoulder Splashy Playsuit
Earth Baby Outfitters Bamboo Short Sleeve Pajama Set - Eco Friendly Kids clothes
Earth Baby Outfitters Bamboo Short Sleeve Pyjama Set

Toby Tiger

British brand Toby Tiger offers colourful and bold children’s wear made from 80 percent GOTS certified organic cotton. And the brand is striving to make this 100 percent. What’s more, with Toby Tiger, you are guaranteed that each piece of clothing is not just free of toxic chemicals but of high quality too. Toby Tiger proudly claims that their clothes are “tough enough to survive any adventure.” Their pieces can also be easily mixed and matched for sustainability purposes and do not adhere to fast fashion. So grab comfortable and fun clothing for your kids only from Toby Tiger!

Delivery Information: You can order Toby Tiger clothing (including toys, bedroom items, art, and mobiles) from their online shop here or by calling their contact number: +44 (0)1903 766777. The shop offers free deliveries for purchases GBP 50 and up in the UK. They also offer European and international deliveries.

Toby Tiger Tulip Twirl Dress Eco Friendly Kids Clothes
Toby Tiger Tulip Twirl Dress
Toby Tiger Blue Dot Baby Trousers Eco Friendly Kids Children's Clothing
Toby Tiger Blue Dot Baby Trousers

Nature Baby

Perhaps the most aptly named eco-friendly kid clothing brand is New Zealand’s Nature Baby, which promises to “nurture you, your baby and nature.” And it indeed lives up to its promise, using only GOTS-certified organic cotton that will nurture your baby and children’s skin. Its range of clothing is made in India, where care is undertaken throughout the entire manufacturing process, workers are provided with above-average wages, gender equality is practised and child labour is NOT ALLOWED. Side note: Nature Baby also offers baby products and even items for mums.

Delivery Information: Items amounting to more than $150 are delivered FREE of charge to customers from the U.S., New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world, subject to an approximate delivery time frame.

Nature Baby Poncho Towel Organic Cotton Ethical Kids Clothing
Nature Baby Poncho Towel
Nature Baby Cotton Stretch and Grow Babywear Ethical Eco Baby Clothes
Nature Baby “Cotton Stretch and Grow” Babywear

Little Green Radicals

A UK brand, Little Green Radicals was established in 2005 producing quirky and colourful baby and children’s clothing for toddlers and kids up to eight years old. Little Green Radicals is one of the very first UK brands to have obtained Fair-Trade certification for its cotton. This means that all throughout its supply chain — it has a factory in India — employees receive fair wages and all corresponding benefits too, such as maternity leave. You can learn more and get a glimpse of their employees here. What’s more, the company uses organic cotton in its products, definitely without the addition of harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach, formaldehyde and dangerous dyes.

Delivery Information: Little Green Radicals offers free delivery in the UK (for orders amounting to GPB 50 or over), EU (for orders of GBP 75 or over), and the rest of the world (for orders costing GBP 100 or over). Special delivery is also available subject to additional fees.

Little Green Radicals ethical and eco friendly kids clothing
Little Green Radicals ethical kids clothing
Little Green Radicals Winter Blossom Classic Ruffle Top Ethical Kids Clothes
Little Green Radicals Winter Blossom Classic Ruffle Top

Happy Monkey

Singapore brand Happy Monkey is offering multi-brand clothing for babies up to six-year-olds, made of organic, natural and eco-friendly fibres. Plus, they’re stylish and fabulous too — but all without the dangers of harmful chemicals and toxins.

Happy Monkey also serves as an e-commerce platform for international eco-friendly brands to penetrate the Singapore and Malaysian markets. Their main goal is to deliver great designs and comfortable, chemical-free clothing. Hence, all their products are carefully handpicked and curated to meet these criteria.

Aside from clothing for little ones, Happy Monkey also provides care products and eco-mummy products too.

Delivery Information: Happy Monkey offers deliveries wherever you are in the world. But, if you are in Singapore or Malaysia, free deliveries are offered depending on your purchase amount.

Happy Monkeys organic ethical kids clothing.jpg
Happy Monkeys organic cotton kids clothing

Little Green Radicals 'Cornish Copper' Baby Frill Romper Organic Kids Clothing

Do you know of other eco-friendly baby and kids clothing brand that deserves a mention? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

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