13 Natural Skincare and Eco Beauty Brands from New Zealand

13 Natural Skincare and Eco Beauty Brands from New Zealand

If you aren’t participating in the latest food fad, what are you even doing with your life? These days we’re quick to jump into diets and care about what we put into our bodies, but what we put on our bodies becomes a side thought. Our body is the only one we’ve got, and whatever our skin, hair, and face encounters, will have an impact on our health and longevity.

New Zealand is home to amazing medicinal plants, natural ingredients, and wonderfully creative humans who know how to use them. If you’re into healthy beauty, why not make the most of it?

So here are my top picks for beauty brands in NZ. First things first…

If you’re after a one-stop shop, to bulk order, and save on multiple shipping costs, here are your four go-tos:

Oh Natural

What they stock: Literally everything you need when it comes to beauty products and zero waste home tools.

A world without Oh Natural would be a sad place. The business carefully handpicks brands who fit into its natural, organic, vegan and waste-free ethics, and conveniently sells them through its online store. It’s so easy to buy everything at once and pay only one shipping fee, plus knowing the brand approves products that live up to high ethical standards gives peace of mind.

Oh Natural NZ Zero Waste Eco Beauty Online Shop
Credit: Oh Natural

The Natural Co.

What they stock: Bath and body products, home accessories, skin care, baby care, plastic and waste-free products.

The Natural Co. is an Auckland based company, spearheaded by  Rebecca Roberts, a passionate natural and low-tox-living mum, wife, and business owner. They cover everything from the kitchen to bathroom, and have some great travel packs too.

The Natural Co. NZ Zero Waste Store New Zealand
Credit: The Natural Co.

Natural Nation

What they stock: Homemade skin care products, zero waste focused brands.

Natural Nation may be new on the block, but I hope they’re here to stay! The business sells a range of different waste free and natural brands, and also make their own natural soaps, lip balms, healing balms, and much more.

Albatross Designs Safety Razor NZ Natural Nation
Credit: Natural Nation

Tigs & Boo

What they stock: Skincare, healthy living products, vegan and organic baby products.

This online shop is perfect for families, couples, and individuals who want their products all in one place. Tigs and Boo are constantly growing, and the brands they stock are exclusively organic and vegan.

Tigs & Boo Natural Dry Shampoo MUD natural beauty haircare
Credit: Tigs & Boo

Now for the individual brands designing and creating great things…


What they stock: Hair, face, body, and pet care.

I’ve had a love affair with Ethique for several years now. I first made the switch to their shampoo and conditioner bar range, and have been a loyal consumer of several of their products ever since. This NZ brand is especially known for their ability to effectively clean hair with a bar, helping people veto plastic bottles while simultaneously not compromising on cleanliness and feel.

Ethique Plastic-Free Beauty Bar NZ Zero Waste beauty
Credit: Ethique

The Botanic Alchemist

What they stock: Cleansing oil, face elixir, face masque and scrub and body oil.

All Botanic Alchemist products are crafted with pure botanical oils and plant-based ingredients. There is no water present in the products, meaning preservatives and nasty chemicals are not needed or included. Plus, a little goes a long way. The exfoliating powder and masque is a personal favourite, as I love multifunctional products (you can use it to exfoliate, but it’s also great to leave on as a masque. I slather on most weeks).

The Botanical Chemist Green Beauty Products NZ
Credit: The Botanical Chemist

Bee Fresh

What they stock: Natural deodorant.

To be frank, I nearly gave up on my natural deodorant hunt this year. But Bee Fresh stepped in to save the day. Their deodorant has received by far the most positive feedback from those I’ve talked to. It’s easy to apply as it’s in a cardboard stick, plus the stick can go straight in your home compost bin once it’s empty.

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Karen Murrell

What they stock: Lipsticks and lip pencils.

Karen Murrell is the mother of all natural lipstick companies in New Zealand. The lipsticks literally smell so good you’ll want to eat them. Even though they are made of natural ingredients, such as avocado oil and cinnamon, there is no compromise on touch, scent, wear, or colour.

Karen Murrell Fuchsia Shock Natural Beauty Lipstick NZ
Credit: Karen Murrell

Dirty Hippie

What they stock: Hair, skin, teeth, men, deodorant.

Dirty Hippie is transparent in its fight for the wellbeing of our planet. They list every ingredient next to their products, and aim to reduce their footprint as much as possible, by packaging products with minimal materials. Owner and founder, Dawn, makes all her products in her studio cabin in Waipu, New Zealand.


What they stock: Skincare and sunscreen.

Essone ingredients come direct from the source, and are sustainably harvested. They’re all about the four-step daily skin routine: cleanse, tone, protect, and restore. Essone’s sunscreen is particularly recommended, plus they have free shipping in AUS and NZ!

Essone green beauty natural beauty brands New Zealand
Credit: Essone

Living Nature

What they stock: Skincare and makeup.

Living Nature is New Zealand’s original natural skin care company, founded in 1987 by Susanne Hall. Hall was inspired by the healing properties of the country’s native plant life. The brand’s products incorporate native plants, honey, and oils. Its day and night oils are to-die-for, and their eyeshadow palette is perfect for travelling and girls like me who don’t care too much about hundreds of shades.

Living Nature New Zealand Natural Beauty Eco Makeup NZ
Credit: Living Nature

Lewin & Reilly

What they stock: Skincare.

Known for their triple threat trio, a cleanser, tonic, and moisturiser, Lewin & Reilly are driven by a husband and wife duo who mean business. Their range is 100% cruelty-free, and they love utilising exotic and unique extracts.

Lewin & Reilly NZ green beauty brands
Credit: Lewin & Reilly

Frankie Apothecary

What they stock: Bath salts, body oils, healing balms and sunscreen.

Frankie Apothecary’s Kawakawa Balm is the talk of the town. It’s an eczema relief product that truly works. Mothers use this balm to tend to their children’s adventure wounds, and long-term eczema sufferers revel in the discovery. Their sunscreen is a winner (I’ve tried) and I love how the packaging is readily recyclable too.

Frankie Apothecary Kawakawa Balm Eczema Dry Skin
Credit: Frankie Apothecary

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Title image credit: Oh Natural

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