For Father’s Day, Buy Your Dad An Ethical Gift That Gives Back

For Father’s Day, Buy Your Dad An Ethical Gift That Gives Back

It’s that time of the year again – the time to show your father just how much you love him. While there are plenty of ways to show your father that you care, buying a Father’s Day gift from a social enterprise is ideal, particularly if your dad is of the “you don’t need to get me anything” variety. Not only does it provide a great opportunity to show your father gratitude and appreciation, but these are the ultimate “gifts that give” since supporting these social businesses helps them make a difference in our community as well.

So without further ado, here are some Father’s Day “gifts that give” ideas we love that we’re certain your dad will love too.

1. Woodley Stone Hat – Will & Bear

If your dad is super cool, adventurous or just simply has great fashion sense, the Woodley Stone Hat from Will & Bear is the perfect gift. Made of 100% Australian wool and ethically handmade in Mongolia, this is a stylish hat that your dad will love and cherish well beyond Father’s Day. It’s also a hat that gives back to the environment. Will & Bear along with their partner plant 10 trees for every hat sold. A gift to your father AND to Mother Nature!

To purchase the Woodley Stone Hat for your dad, click here. If a more traditional style is more to your father’s tastes, you can’t go past Will & Bear’s William Brown fedora hat.

Woodley Stone Fedora Hat Ethical Hat Will & Bear

2. Indigo Whipstitch Blanket – Seljak Brand

Let’s face it, this gorgeous hardwearing blanket from Seljak Brand may be a gift for your dad, but it will likely be enjoyed by other members of the family. It’s perfect for weekend camping trips, picnics and even lazy nights on the couch Netflix-binging. So what makes this blanket extraordinary? Unlike other blankets that are a part of the linear business model of ‘take, make and waste’ this blanket requires fewer virgin resources to manufacture. It is a closed-loop business solution to textile waste because it is made of 70% recycled Australian merino wool from factory floor offcuts and a 30% blend of recycled alpaca, mohair and polyester. Since 6,000 kgs of textile waste are thrown out every 10 minutes in Australia according to ABC’s War on Waste, this blanket is not just a gift to your dad, but to the environment too!

Visit this page to buy this eco-luxe Indigo Whipstitch blanket for your father. If you think your dad would prefer green rather than indigo, the Pine Whipstitch blanket might be more his style. Buy it here.

For Father's Day, Buy Your Dad An Ethical Gift That Gives Back - Seljak Brand Closed Loop Fashion

For Father's Day, Buy Your Dad An Ethical Gift That Gives Back - Seljak Brand Upcycled Circular Economy

For Father's Day, Buy Your Dad An Ethical Gift That Gives Back - Seljak Brand Upcycled Blanket

Seljak Brand upcycled recycled wool blanket ethical gifts

3. SealPod Coffee Bundle – Crema Joe

If your dad enjoys a good home-brew of coffee and owns a coffee pod machine, why not help him enjoy his cuppa zero waste style by getting him the SealPod Coffee Bundle from Crema Joe which includes two reusable stainless steel coffee pods and a 250g house blend coffee. Australians consume three million coffee capsules every single day, which end up in landfill since recycling small bits of aluminium is out of the question for our municipalities. With this purchase, you’ll be helping your father tackle single-use disposable waste one cup of coffee at a time.

Purchase the SealPod Coffee Bundle here.

Crema Joe Father's Day Bundle Reusable Stainless Steel capsules zero waste coffee

4. Mini Trio Gift Pack – Eat Me Chutneys

For the father who loves his food (what father doesn’t?), Eat Me Chutneys makes a tasty gift idea. It features savoury jars of Fairtrade Tamarind & Fig chutney, Organic Eggplant & Curry Leaf pickle and Organic Tomato & Kaffir Lime chutney.

This family-run business sources its ingredients from small-scale farms in and around NSW and Fair-Trade food cooperatives in India and Paraguay. What we love about this Australian social enterprise is that it rescues wonky, cosmetically-tarnished and ‘fugly’ fruit and vegetables from being wasted and instead turns them into these jarred delicacies. With food waste currently costing the Australian economy more than $20 billion each year, your purchase of Eat Me Chutneys helps to continue the fight against food waste.

Grab your father’s day gift pack and support Eat Me Chutneys here.

Mini Trio Gift Pack Father's Day Gift – Eat Me Chutneys

5. The Sustainable Surfing Pack – Surf Socks

If your father loves to surf, help him do so sustainably with Surf Socks. The Sustainable Surfing Pack includes an Australian-made reusable eco-friendly ‘surf sock’ (that helps him to get in and out of his wetsuit faster), a bamboo-derived wax comb and a cake of Froth surf wax that doesn’t come off so easily in the ocean. These reusable socks are helping to replace single-use plastic bags as have been up-cycled from sail offcuts (yes, you read that right) so they’re strong, durable and 100% recycled which means that in addition to reducing single-use plastic waste, they’re also reducing textile waste. As if that wasn’t enough, the social enterprise also donates $1 from the sale of each Surf Sock to non-profit organisation Surfrider Foundation Australia to help them continue their important oceans advocacy work.

Buy The Sustainable Surfing Pack here.

The Sustainable Surfing Pack Father's Day Ethical Gifts – Surf Sock

6. Two Good Co. care pack

For dads who prioritise grooming and self-care, make sure to get him this salon-quality Two Good Co. care pack which features a 250ml luxe shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and body wash. The skincare and haircare range features 100% essential oils and is paraben-free, sulphate-free, cruelty-free and vegan. The bottles too are made of 100% recycled plastics. So what makes Two Good too good? It applies the ‘buy one, give one’ social business model so that for every purchase of a care pack, Two Good also provides a care pack to women and children seeking refuge from domestic violence. The social enterprise also provides restaurant quality meals to the disadvantaged and homeless. Essentially, Two Good help people feel good.

Purchase a Two Good Co. care pack for your dad and support survivors of domestic violence here.

Two Good Co. care pack father's day ethical gifts

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