Eco Beauty Review: Au Naturale Cosmetics

Eco Beauty Review: Au Naturale Cosmetics

Summer is slowly rolling to an end in DC, so it’s the perfect time to review some dewy, fresh makeup. Even though I worked at a makeup counter throughout undergrad, I’m always excited to try new cosmetics, no matter how many I’ve tried before. Au Naturale Cosmetics sent me some of their summer collection to review. They’re a clean beauty brand that’s naturally derived, vegan, and cruelty-free. On their website, they say that their products are formulated without animal by-products, synthetic preservatives, nanoparticles, gluten, parabens, fillers or toxins.  They’re also made in the USA.

Their summer collection is comprised of a creme multistick which comes in two colors, a gloss, and a universal highlighter. They’re all sun kissed, juicy colors and all luminous. I tried the multistick in Destiny because it’s a coral-ish peach unlike other colors I have and one that I think really compliments the gorgeous gloss and golden highlighter well. The brand as a whole is small but its ethos is on point. The products’ packaging is sleek, but the highlighter didn’t pop open when I tried to open it. To be fair, I was trying to twist the top off instead of pulling it off. Just be warned, don’t be like me. The lip gloss and the multistick both have a pleasant scent reminiscent of ripe hibiscus flowers, though neither have hibiscus oil in them. I suspect it’s a combined effort from my nostalgia, having picked up a hibiscus lipstick at a wellness shop years ago, and the naturally floral and fruit oils at work.  It honestly makes the lip gloss addictive.

Eco Beauty Review- Au Natural Cosmetics - Eco Warrior Princess

The Anywhere Creme Multistick is impressive for such a small company, because multisticks are hard to do well. I usually don’t wear coral colors, but this managed to flatter my cool pale skin. The texture was creamy but dried to a semi-matte powdery finish. It’s comparable to the  Bite Beauty multistick, but I actually think I like this texture better. On my lips, Au Naturale is weightless and unnoticeable. I did have to reapply after eating or if a few hours went by, but I’d have to do that if I had normal lipstick, anyway. As a blush, I thought it was sheer though buildable. Of course, as with most multisticks, it didn’t work quite as well on my eyes. It isn’t quite thick enough to work as an eye creme for me, but the sheer wash of color was still very pretty. It works especially well for the summer when I typically don’t want much on my eyes. I set it in the morning when I wear it to help with its staying power. My recommendation is to keep it in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day.

The Aura Pure Powder Highlighter is wild because it’s a loose powder highlighter, something I’ve never used before. When applying it, I tried three methods. For the first two, I deposited some powder onto the back of my hand, then used my finger and a brush to apply it. With my fingers, I got an intense glow that was appropriate for my cupid’s bow, and with the brush was more diffused. I then put powder directly on the brush which I think was my favorite way to apply it. I’m also excited by possibility of mixing this with pigment or glosses to give them a golden sheen. The amount you get for $25 is a steal, too. My only complaint is that it did get a little flakey towards the end of the work day. That was just on my oily, sweaty face, and I did apply a generous amount (because I was having so much fun playing with it).

The Fortune High Lustre Lip Gloss has an almost chrome-like finish, rather than a glitter or shimmer, and is moisturizing without being sticky. It’s not quite as slick as Glossier’s clear gloss, but it has won an envied space in small bag of everyday makeup. It’s like a highlighter for your lips and would flatter almost any look or skin tone.

As a whole, this collection is made up of some great basics that would work in any number of situations. When worn together, they make a dewy natural look that makes you look like you woke up and did yoga in the mountains before continuing the rest of your day.

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