Flow Hive Offers Funding For Pollinator Projects in the United States and Australia

Flow Hive Offers Funding For Pollinator Projects in the United States and Australia

As we now know, bees, and to a lesser extent other pollinators such as wasps and moths, play a crucial role in food production. Their work allows plants to fruit as well as breed. Without our pollinators, our food system is in jeopardy. According to Friends of the Earth, more than 90 percent of the leading global crop types are visited by bees; crops such as avocados, cauliflower, apples, macadamia nuts and even cotton. With widespread land clearing and subsequent loss of habitat and the use of synthetic chemical pesticide and herbicide sprays, our bee populations are dwindling and their existence is threatened.

Flow Hive is helping to turn things around. This Australian company behind the remarkable pourable honey from a beehive concept and whose Kickstarter video went viral, has allocated AUD$40,000 to give to programs in Australia and the United States which support pollinating insects through direct action, education and advocacy.

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The Pollinator Support Program is open to not-for-profits, community groups that are auspiced or sponsored by a nominated organisation and social enterprises, and educational institutions – so long as the project is dedicated to supporting pollinators. Types of pollinator projects to be considered include:

  • The sharing of educational materials, events and initiatives to support pollinators,
  • Planting gardens and creating habitat for pollinators,
  • Advocating on behalf of pollinators and educating the public on their importance, or
  • Protecting and rehabilitating pollinator habitat.

Whether the pollinator project is a small backyard activity run by a small team or a larger community initiative involving many people, it will be considered for funding so long as eligibility requirements and application guidelines are met. If your organisation and project meet the criteria above, you can apply for funding support here. The funding round is open from now until June 28, 2018.

A total of 6-7 projects, as well as runner-up prizes, will be funded in both Australia and the United States. The funding will be directed to organisations in these two countries only.
For further details and application guidelines, make sure to visit this page.
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