The Sustainable Wardrobe Pop-Up Launches at Fashion Week in Sydney

The Sustainable Wardrobe Pop-Up Launches at Fashion Week in Sydney

Amidst the hype of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, stylist Aleysha Campbell has curated a pop-up event in Surry Hills in Sydney made up entirely of sustainable fashion brands aptly named the The Sustainable Wardrobe Pop-Up.

With an eye (and heart) for sustainable brands Aleysha seeks to disrupt the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry, providing a bricks and mortar space for consumers to see, feel and experience conscious fashion brands within an industry that is desperate need of reform. 

Sydney stylist and founder of The Sustainable Wardrobe, Aleysha Campbell
The Sustainable Wardrobe founder and stylist, Aleysha Campbell
Sustainable Wardrobe Pop-Up Event at Sydney Fashion Week - The Very Good Bra
The Very Good Bra

From a dentist-slash-jeweller creating one-of-a-kind pieces, to a bra that is so eco-friendly you can put it in the compost bin, to a selection of vintage and thrift store pieces from all over the world, there’s something for everyone keen to make the switch to a more sustainable wardrobe. Each brand has its own set of conscious values, and The Sustainable Wardrobe has a label to match your individual set. But if you’re looking for sustainable hippie, you won’t find it here. This was sustainable fashion crossed with modern, sophisticated, minimalist vibes – huge ticks from EWP.

Sustainable Wardrobe Pop-Up at Sydney Fashion Week

Sustainable Wardrobe Pop-Up at Australian Fashion Week

Sustainable Wardrobe Pop-Up Launches at Fashion Week Sydney

Sustainable Wardrobe Pop-Up Event During Fashion Week in Sydney

Sustainable Wardrobe Pop-Up Launches at Sydney Fashion Week

I attended the launch night and was fortunate to meet some of these designers, both well established and emerging, and I left feeling inspired and optimistic about the future of fashion. Australia has a truly amazing group of fashion creatives championing the way forward and bringing substance back into shallow fashion conversations. The road is long and, truthfully, many challenges that our generation and most likely the next will face, in having to lay foundations for an Australian fashion industry where sustainability and ethics is the norm.

The final day of the popup is today so if you’re in Sydney make sure to head down and try sustainable fashion on size. We’re certain it’ll fit!

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Sustainable Wardrobe Pop-Up Launches at Sydney Fashion Week - Kombu Ethical Jewellery

The Sustainable Wardrobe Pop-Up Launches at Sydney Fashion Week

The Sustainable Wardrobe Pop-Up at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Note: There is the possibility of ongoing pop-ups, so make sure to follow Sustainable Wardrobe Sydney to keep updated with future popup events and if you’re keen to see a thriving Australian fashion community, make sure to support these brands from the launch event on Instagram:

NATALIJA | @natalija_label

SURO | @surostudio


MOMOKO HATANO JEWELLERY | @momokohatanojewellery

LOIS HAZEL | @loishazel

REVEL KNITWEAR | @revelknitwear


MIGHTY GOOD UNDIES | @mightygoodundie

CARLIE BALLARD | @carlie_ballard

CELERY THE LABEL | @celerythelabel

ANNIE HAMILTON | @anniehamiltn

THE VERY GOOD BRA | @theverygoodbra

OP SHOP TO RUNWAY | op_shop_to_runway

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