The Ultimate Guide to Greening Your Festival Routine: For Eco Stylish Party Goers and Music Lovers

The Ultimate Guide to Greening Your Festival Routine: For Eco Stylish Party Goers and Music Lovers

With a whole bunch of festivals coming up like Splendour in the Grass, Byron Bay Blues Festival, Groovin The Moo and Coachella (of which I’ll be attending) it made sense to put together an eco-friendly festival guide to help you green your festival routine. Travelling away from home for festivals and events can disrupt our sustainable lifestyle routines but this guide will help to minimise the stress so you can just let your hair down and party! 

Eco-Friendly Festival Wardrobe

Eco Festival Outfit

If your current wardrobe provides few festival outfit options than secondhand stores and vintage emporiums are your go-to for eclectic clothing and accessories finds. Get creative by making your own outfits by upcycling and reworking vintage finds. If you’re looking for something new, Rode To No Wear have beautiful linen festival style pieces and of course Reformation for feminine silhouettes and prints (they have just announced a range in size 0-22!). For something louder try The Social Outfit or Willows Call.

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The Social Studio Eco Festival Wardrobe
The Social Outfit. Credit: Photographer: Levon Baird for Company 1
The Social Outfit Ethical and Sustainable Festival Wear
The Social Outfit.

Eco Festival Shoes

Comfortable shoes are a festival must if you want to keep those dancing feet happy. A pair of boots or sneakers are my recommendations (in some cases, depending on the weather, a pair of gumboots might come in handy too!). Veja prides itself on producing responsibly-made sneakers  (that come in a millennial pink version, yes please) and for boots, the Dr Martens vegan range is outside of the trends of normal fashion, but in a cool, I-don’t-give-a-stuff kind of way. Invest in a pair of Dr Martens and not only will your festival feet be happy you’ll still be wearing them 10 years later!

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Dr Martens Eco Friendly Festival Wear Vegan Flora Boots
Dr Martens Vegan Flora Boots
Dr Martens Cherry Red Cambridge Brush Eco Festival Wardrobe
Dr Martens Cherry Red Cambridge Brush Vegan Boots

Eco Festival Sun Protection

A hat and sunglasses should also be on your must-have list no matter what kind of festival you’re attending. Again, op shops, (thrift shops) and vintage stores are great for this but if you’re jumping online check out our curated list of eco-friendly sunglasses or Helen Kaminski for beautiful raffia hats you’ll continue to wear post-festival.

Sticks and Sparrows Ethical Sunglasses
Credit: Sticks and Sparrows
Helen Kaminski ethical and eco festival hats
Credit: Helen Kaminski

Festivals are an opportunity to add that extra element, as we now know glitter is extremely bad for the environment… where do all those tiny glitter particles go after we wash them out of our hair!? Alas, you don’t have to go without, for the ultimate final touch look for brands like Natural Earth Paint and an Eco or Bio Glitter.

Essential Eco Festival Kit

Straw: If you’re one of those people who uses a straw regularly, then make sure to pack your reusable steel or bamboo straw to avoid plastic waste.

Drink Bottle: Most festivals provide free drink water stations, so make sure to take along your reusable drink bottle to take advantage of the free water and avoid paying for bottled water and the unnecessary plastic that comes with.

Klean Kanteen reusable water bottle eco festival guide
Klean Kanteen reusable water bottle with handle

Camping Gear: The Seek Society have you covered for camping utensils. If you’re partial to a tipple then an enamel mug or tumbler is great and works for your morning coffee too. Patagonia… need we say more?

Sunblock: Spending all day(s) out in the elements takes its toll, you should be wearing sunscreen on the daily and at a festival, it’s a non-negotiable. Free of parabens and preservatives and not tested on animals, I recommend We Are Feel Good Inc.

We Are Feel Good Inc. Eco Sunscreen

Lip Balm: On the elements note, lip balm is also a must. Hurraw lip balm, check!

Wipes: At a camping festival you will find 1,429 reasons to use wipes, from ‘showers’ to wiping down camping equipment and sanitising your hands. Go zero waste and just bring some reusable cloths and wash them out as you need to. But if you’re lazy, tipsy, self-conscious or just plain hungover, look to WotNot for organic, natural and biodegradable wipes.

Ticket: Obviously you’ll need this! Opt for an electronic or mobile ticket rather than printing your ticket.

If you have ever been to a festival or event and have been part of the ‘last crowd’ you will know the magnitude of waste that is often left behind. Please take your waste with you, or use the waste and recycling bins provided!

The Ultimate Guide to Greening Your Festival Routine- For Eco Stylish Party Goers and Music Lovers

My last festival goer tip is to make sure you offset your travel. Flights, cars, buses, trains, trams, go-go mobiles. If your transportation emits greenhouse gases, travel should really be offset.

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