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Introducing the Eco Warrior Princess Podcast

In the debut episode of the Eco Warrior Princess Podcast, founding editor Jennifer Nini explains why she’s launching the podcast almost eight years after founding her blog-turned-media brand, Eco Warrior Princess. She shares her personal story, why she founded the brand, why she and her fiance Ben left her beloved hometown of Melbourne for regional Queensland (Australia) and what she hopes to achieve from using this new communication medium.


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Show Notes

Connect with Jennifer Nini

Discussion points and what you will learn in this episode

  • Why founding editor Jennifer Nini named the blog ‘Eco Warrior Princess’
  • On why she was conscious of her ‘Western’ privilege from an early age
  • Why she left her cosmopolitan lifestyle in Melbourne, Australia to live in a tent for four months
  • Why she and her partner Ben purchased a 120-acre farm in regional Queensland
  • What propelled her to launch the Eco Warrior Princess Podcast
  • What she hopes to achieve with the podcast and the farm

…and plenty more!

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