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My Australian Green Lifestyle Through The Eyes of A Drone

For years people have asked me for videos about my green lifestyle and for years I’d been trying to deliver this type of content. But me communicating through film is like that metaphorical fish out of water, it’s just not my natural environment.

If you flick through our YouTube channel, you’ll see my haphazard approach to delivering video content. Videos have been inconsistently published over a two-year period. Film quality is poor. Consideration for lighting is non-existent. Storyline is confusing. Film production… ummm, what film production? Execution on video strategy has been downright awful. I’m the first to put my hand up and own it.

But one has to start somewhere right? Even if that means starting below the bottom rung of that ladder, in a deep dark hole with dirt on your face ha! There’s only one way to go from this miserable place and that is up!

My Australian Green Lifestyle Through The Eyes of A Mavic Drone
Ben is an Aussie larrikin, often contorting his expression and look (like hat pulled way over his ears) to produce a funny effect lol

Thankfully my partner Ben has decided to take full control of our YouTube channel and all associated filming and editing, because let’s face it, I truly suck at this medium of communication.

So I have left the video strategy in his much more capable hands and he’s taken over the reins gladly. He and I have differing taste and styles when it comes to film (I love indie and foreign films, and he, not so much), but since he watches way more YouTube videos than I and understands that medium well, I was happy for him to take complete control.

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From equipment purchases through to film editing, thumbnails and sometimes music selection (I say sometimes here as music is the one area I exert strong influence in) Ben has been the driving force behind it, particularly over the last several months.

I’m just super thankful for all his help. Plus I know how lucky I am to be with a multi-talented man who can renovate homes, cook, garden, use heavy machinery and work in an office and who doesn’t even complain about it. Hashtag totally fucking grateful to be with a man who understands the meaning of equality.

And on that note, it’s time to share our latest YouTube video which showcases our forest-filled farm and Ben’s love of his new drone. Let me know what you think of it!

If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Ben will love you for it, and so will I!

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