The First Ever Australian Circular Fashion Conference Launches in Sydney

The First Ever Australian Circular Fashion Conference Launches in Sydney

With the mounting body of research pointing to the negative social and environmental impacts caused by the fashion industry and the market becoming increasingly concerned about the ethics and sustainability of the fashion brands they purchase from, the Australian Circular Fashion Conference couldn’t be launching at a better time.

An Australian first, this one-day event will be held on March 22 at Sydney Masonic Centre, Goulburn Street in Sydney. The conference will focus on the role of businesses and organisations and the steps that can be taken to ensure they are ‘in touch’ with fashion sustainability. Given the increasing number of fashion consumers demanding transparency and environmental accountability from brands, it has never been more important for fashion labels to adopt sustainable business practices that will see them ‘win over’ the market and set themselves up for success well into the future.

“A company’s approach to sustainability management is indicative of how it deals with stakeholders in general, including consumers, regulators and shareholders,” said Australian Circular Fashion (ACF) founder and conference organiser Camille Reed. “It can serve as a proxy of management quality.”

Australian Circular Fashion Conference 2018

For fashion businesses keen to stay at the forefront of an ever-changing retail landscape, this event shouldn’t be missed. Conference speakers include Australia’s foremost advocacy specialists and renowned sustainability experts who will provide information about circular design and equip them with the tools and resources to make their businesses more sustainable and economically viable.

“Our primary aim is to first and foremost educate and start important conversations with the biggest and most influential parties in the Australian retail fashion industry. We’ve brought together experts who are excited to share their knowledge of how the apparel sector is tackling sustainability overseas,” said Ms Reed.  

The conference’s speaker lineup:

  • Clara Vuletich – PHD, Research Specialist and Consultancy Expert
  • Craig Reucassel – Host of ABC’s War on Waste and Journalist
  • Patrick Duffy – Global Fashion Exchange Co-Founder
  • Wendy Cameron – General Pant, Supply Chain and Quality Assurance Specialist, Consultant and Expert
  • Andrew Sellick – Australia Post, Head of Environment and Sustainability
  • Gordon Renouf – Good on You Co-Founder and Director

Speaker lineup at Australian Circular Fashion Conference 2018

Roundtable experts:

  • Jaana Quaintance-James – The Iconic, Ethical and Environmental Expert
  • Cameron Neill – Ethical Fields Co-Founder
  • Graham Ross – Kusaga Athletic Founder
  • Fabia Pryor –, Consultant and Expert
  • Mans Carlsson-Sweeny Ausbil – ESG Research Specialist
  • Maureen Taylor – Textile Recyclers Australia Co-Founder
  • Blake Lindley + Tom Davies – Edge Environment, Procurement + Aggregation Specialists
  • Lisa Heinze – Sustainability with Style, PHD Fashion Sustainability Expert
  • Julian Lowe – NEXT/The Textile Hub General Manager
  • Edwina Huang – Vivify Textiles Founder and CEO
  • Ellen Miao – WellSilk (China) Managing Director

Australian Circular Fashion Conference 2018 - Sydney

During the conference, attendees will learn from experts as they share important resources for business growth and development, equality and sustainability measures, to build a stronger fashion industry in Australia.  

Key topics to be covered during the conference include:

  • Harnessing Textile Sustainability and Measuring ROI’s
  • On-shoring and Local Manufacture
  • Navigating Market Trends and Change
  • Circular Design Practice and Closed Loop Design
  • Forging Strong Partnerships + Managing Supply Chain Responsibly
  • Environmental Stewardship + Natural Capital

While this is the first conference of its kind ever to launch in Australia, the organiser has plans to hold this event annually.

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To purchase conference tickets, visit this website.

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