This Green Beauty Company Uses Olive Oil To Make Your Skin Gorgeous

Home Beauty This Green Beauty Company Uses Olive Oil To Make Your Skin Gorgeous
This Green Beauty Company Uses Olive Oil To Make Your Skin Gorgeous

Stealing ingredients from the pantry for your skin, hey if it’s good enough for eco-babe Isabelle Cornish then we’ll give it a try. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used in most natural home remedies, a completely pure form of olive oil meaning it is full of all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that benefit our skin.

These vitamins, minerals and antioxidants have regenerative properties to rejuvenate cells, improving skins elasticity and flexibility to combat the ageing process while naturally fighting bacteria and removing free radicals. The ability to regulate the skins natural moisturising system give Extra Virgin Olive Oil power to improve the appearance of damaged skin as you cleanse and moisturise. 

Cue Olive Oil Skincare Company, a 100% Australian owned, all-natural, sustainably and ethically produced skincare and haircare brand utilising the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for you. We took them to the test and picked some favourites, you can thank us later!

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Facial Serum

The serum gives an instant lifting effect to all skin types, with an intense formulation of vitamins and antioxidants. The combination of this product and the Facial Moisturiser works wonders on the face. 

Facial Moisturiser

Vitamin B3, E, Olive Leaf Extract and antioxidants give this light weight moisturiser the power to combact free-radical damage, lighten blemishes and combat the signs of ageing making it the perfect addition to your skincare regime and has the tick of approval from Isabelle Cornish.

Goats Milk Soap

Two hero natural ingredients in one product, yes please. Goats Milk and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, goats milk is rich in vitamins, minerals and hydroxyl acids to brighten, hydrate and moisturise. Are you vegan? No worries. The brand has 11 different soaps for all skin types with the majority suitable for vegan use.

Olive Oil In Skincare Is the Latest Green Beauty Trend

Lemon Scented Tea Tree Handwash

We’ve all heard about microbeads in skincare products and what effect plastics like them have on our eco-system once they have entered the water (if not, you should definitely read it here), thank you to this company for using natural exfoliants so we don’t have to scrub our skin with plastic. This handwash uses bamboo particles to gently exfoliate blended with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to leave hands smooth and nourished and the Lemon Tea Tree not only smells amazing but is antibacterial as well.

Give it a try and tell us what you think.

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