A Day In The Conscious Life Of A Sydney-Based Sustainable Fashion Advocate

A Day In The Conscious Life Of A Sydney-Based Sustainable Fashion Advocate

Growing up in central west country New South Wales gave me an appreciation and love for the bush. Then I moved to Newcastle and now call Sydney’s eastern suburbs home, so naturally, I have deep love and appreciation for the ocean. It is this love for nature and everything it possesses and my career in the fashion industry (yes that devil in disguise) that has moved me to live more sustainably.

My path to an eco-conscious lifestyle naturally began with my wardrobe, so I begin my day with conscious choices in what I wear.

Sustainable Fashion - Revel Knitwear
Author wearing Revel Knitwear

Where I shop in Sydney

On an ordinary day during the week you’ll find me wearing a uniform of old press samples, but on the weekend it’s denim and a white tee (no seriously, every single weekend). My favourite places to shop are Cream on Crown and Miss Brown Vintage, both in Surry Hills and a few steps away from each other and filled with vintage denim and second-hand designer threads.

King Street in Newtown is an amazing space of vintage and second-hand stores, if I can recommend a one stop shop this would be it. King Street is also home to You, The Earth and Me quite possibly the most beautiful ethical store.

You Earth Me store in Sydney. Credit- Brianna Jodie Schlecht
You Earth Me store in Sydney. Credit: Brianna Jodie Schlecht

This month sustainable pop-ups worth looking into are the Sustainable Fashion Pop Up at 14 William Street in Paddington featuring designers like Revel Knitwear, Natalija and A Rare Kind. It runs from 23rd – 30th November. There’s also WIP Studio Designers + Friends pop-up with conscious labels like Annie Hamilton, Provider Store and Quiet Sydney which runs from 25th – 30th November at Blank Space Gallery 374 Crown Street in Surry Hills.

Where I eat in Sydney

In a typical day, you will me dining at conscious food haunts in an around Sydney. My current favourites are COOH Organic Café in Alexandria with their wholesome food philosophy, Cuckoo Callay in Surry Hills for their  use of organic, Fair-trade and locally sourced produce, and of course the ever-popular The Grounds of Alexandria.

I am avoiding purchasing coffee and now look to instant coffee (more money in my pocket and less disposable coffee cups) however if you are around Redfern try Henry Lees Café and pick yourself up a Pottery For The Planet ceramic coffee cup.

About Life in Surry Hills is a great location for ethical, sustainable, organic and eco-conscious groceries and wholefoods, and it is just across the road from previously mentioned Cream on Crown and Miss Brown Vintage.

Some Sara daily life eco-conscious recommendations that I am using at the moment are BEAR Journal vitamins, owned and made in Australia with lots of plant-based ingredients. My vegetarian diet and sometimes less than desirable or nutritional desk salads call for these beauties of a morning, re-usable straws from Nourished Life because saying no to a straw is easy but trying to drink an ice filled beverage without one is not so easy and The Body Shop ginseng and rice products for some vegan beauty goodness.

BEAR Journal vitamins for wellness and for the eco-conscious

What I do in Sydney

Home is only where I rest my head, I’m usually out and about indulging in the many events that this wonderful city has to offer. Sydney has amazing energy and there are constantly things to do, not just on the weekends but mid week too. Event Brite is a really great place to find cool things happening in the city, Films For Change are screening some powerful eco-conscious movies with reservations through Event Brite. 

An after work beach walk is always on the cards, the Bondi to Bronte walk is the go-to iconic walk to do in Sydney but my preference is Clovelly to South Coogee. This stretch of coastal walk feels like home to me and makes me feel grounded. For anyone visiting Sydney I highly recommend a trip to Gordons Bay, just north of Coogee beach.

Bondi Beach in Sydney is arguably Australia's most famous beach. Credit-Simon Rae

There are a tonne of markets on the weekends, Bondi Market is good for a stroll through and you will also find one of my favourite organic cotton tee brands Bandsome Apparel selling threads. Glebe Market you will surely find a winner, it’s a rabbit warren of goodness and you can pick up a smoothie bowl from Kath Ebbs’ The Smoothie Bowl Shack.

I have always had a caring nature towards the world but am only beginning to scratch the surface of the extent of personal impact I can have further than my wardrobe.

Anyone who is living in Sydney or has visited and has any recommendations in this space, feel free to connect with me and share you fave places and things to do!

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