Soulara – Australia’s Dedicated Vegan-Friendly Plant-Based Food Delivery Service

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Soulara – Australia’s Dedicated Vegan-Friendly Plant-Based Food Delivery Service

A wholly plant-based vegan-friendly diet that consists of locally-grown produce is the most ‘sustainable’ way to eat. It has less environmental impact than a vegetarian diet even. But cooking nutritious vegan meals can be a hassle for busy people who’d prefer to be doing something other than planning what they’re going to eat each day.

Cue: Soulara.

Soulara is an eco-conscious local Australian food delivery service supplying an array of delicious plant-based meals to Australian households, from Melbourne and Sydney, through to NSW Central Coast and Queensland.

Soulara - Australia’s Dedicated Plant-Based Vegan Food Delivery Service

The company’s four ‘food fundamentals’ are: Sustainability, Local Sourcing, In Season and Packed with Power. The ‘sustainability’ fundamental was tested very early on. Originally their food was packed in polystyrene but after several complaints, they quickly changed to cardboard maintaining their sustainable ethos. That Soulara listened to feedback and pivoted is a sign that the company is at least aware of how crucial it is to keep customers happy.

Soulara - Australia’s Plant-Based Vegan-Friendly Delivery Service
Spicy Wondernut Soba

Soulara purchase all their ingredients locally to support local Australian farmers and ensure that their food is fresh. The vegan meals are ‘designed’ by chefs and nutritionists so not only are the vegan-friendly meals delicious, but they’re packed with essentials amino acids, vitamins, minerals and adequate protein intake so customers gain optimal nutrition from their meals. In addition the business sources ripe seasonal produce bursting with flavour. Only using what’s in season means that customers have access to a wider variety of fruit and veg year-round because the menu is adapted to include what’s readily available. 

Soulara - Australia’s Dedicated Plant-Based Vegan-Friendly Meal Delivery Service
Twilight Truffle Potato
Soulara Vegan Meal Delivery Service - Power Balls
Soulara Power Balls

The pre-prepared meals also come fully prepared and only require re-heating. According to Soulara, their pre-prepared plant-based meals stay fresh and cold enough for “two days of shipping and up to 12 hours after delivery” as they are stored with gel packs that are non-toxic, water-soluble, are safe for septic systems and the plastic used to encase the gel is completely recyclable. The packaging of the food itself is reusable and completely recyclable and does not release BPA when microwaved.

Soulara - Australia’s Dedicated Plant-Based Vegan-Friendly Food Delivery Service
Enchanted Forest Wild Penne
Soulara - Australian Vegan Meal Service
Mushroom Bourguignon

Now for nutritious plant-based meals home delivered you’d think Soulara’s meals would cost a fortunate. But it doesn’t.

The subscription meal service starts from $9.50 to $11.50 per meal and meal plans start from nine meals per week. Considering that all the shopping, preparation and cooking has been done for you, this is very affordable indeed. Plus, if you order lunch most days and eat out often, you’re probably already spending way more than this anyway. And considering the increasing prices of ingredients at the supermarket and farmer’s markets, you may even save money with this option. Plus there’s the added bonus of not having to clean out the fridge and chuck out rotting perishables at the end of the week. Winning!

Soulara - Australia’s Dedicated Plant-Based Vegan-Friendly Meal Delivery Service
Forbidden Rice and Railey

Want to eat healthily but don’t have the time to search for nutrition-packed vegan recipes or have the time to prepare vegan meals? Soulara is the ideal option for workaholics and busy health-conscious vegans.

Keen to know if this Australian dedicated, plant-based meal service delivers in your area? Visit www.soulara.

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