24 Hours In The Toronto Life of a Conscious Fashion Entrepreneur

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24 Hours In The Toronto Life of a Conscious Fashion Entrepreneur

I really love Toronto.

I may be biased as I was born and raised here, but after travelling to so many cities in the world I can confidently say Toronto is something special. The diversity of people and cultures nestled into this one hub makes this city quite unique from other big cities I’ve been to, and seriously- it has such a cool vibe. Any day of the week you’ll find something going on, music to suit your tastes and an atmosphere that fits in with your desire. Sometimes though, there are too many choices and it can be difficult to make a decision!

However, my entrepreneurial hustle with Chic Made Consciously doesn’t afford me the financial freedom to indulge as much as I would like. Let’s get real – Toronto isn’t cheap, so living with my parents has helped considerably, allowing me to save money and invest more into the business.

Toronto, Canada

Want to know what a day in Toronto typically looks like for me? Read on…

I live about a 25 minute drive to the main city center – about 50-60 minutes by public transit. My sustainable mindset encourages me to commute with transit as often as I can, but I admit to driving around the city most days when it’s more convenient. I try to book all my meetings on the same one or two days of the week so it means that I usually have to hop around from one part of the city to the other. Today, I chose to drive and walk (note: I encourage carpooling to save on GHGs!) and of course, am sustainably chic in what I’ve chosen to wear – tank by TAMGA, second-hand shorts, and always my fave Chic Made Consciously gear!

Cassandra Ciarallo shares a day in her entrepreneurial life in Toronto, Canadaa

I love being a mobile entrepreneur – all I need is a good coffee and my laptop. So this morning I decided to get some work done with my fave double shot almond milk latte at The Sovereign Espresso Bar – top quality coffee that’s for sure. They also serve some vegan and gluten free snacks if you’re feeling peckish.

The Sovereign Espresso Bar in Toronto
The Sovereign Espresso Bar in Toronto.

The Sovereign Cafe Toronto

The Sovereign Espresso Bar and Cafe Toronto Canada

One of my favorite things about our city is that we have so many different pockets of neighborhoods, each one having its own unique culture. After a solid chunk of work done, I decided to head to Roncesvalles area. I love Roncy for it’s European and small town feel, and today the Sorauren Farmers’ Market is happening. It’s so cool that almost every day of the week throughout the summer and fall, you will find a farmers market happening in some part of Toronto. So, I pick up a bunch of local Ontario apples, mushrooms, eggplant, tofu and squash.

Sorauren Farmers' Market in Toronto, Canada

Roncesvalles farmers market in Toronto
Farmers market in Roncesvalles, Toronto.

Roncesvalles farmers market in Toronto Canada

Roncesvalles farmers market in Canada

At the market I find out that the Village Juicery nearby has a happy hour special, offering fresh organic juices for half off so I decide to make a pitstop. So I walk along Roncesvalles and pass one of my favourite stores called Ecotique, a sustainably minded boutique, also carrying my brand CMC.

Ecotique retail shop in Toronto Canada
Ecotique retail store.

I get to Village Juicery and so excited to try something new so I grab the ‘Energy Tonic’ – a medley of cold-pressed orange, lemon, lime ginger and turmeric topped with bee pollen (sorry vegans – I am still a veggie!). I am so in love with the explosive flavors and that the drink is wildly thirst-quenching, suitable for this absurdly hot day.

Village Juicery in Toronto, Canada
Village Juicery in Toronto.

Village Juicery is Toronto's first certified organic juicery

Village Juicery Toronto - Energy Tonic Drink
‘Energy Tonic’ drink from Village Juicery.

Afterwards, I hop in my car and drive over to meet a friend who is in Kensington Market – one of the most diverse and vibrant areas of the city. Of course, there are musicians and dancers on the street and life really looks and feels a whole lot more colorful here. We meet at Urban Herbivore to grab a bite to eat – one of my favorite vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city. Their bowls are so hearty and filling, just what I need, so today I chose the ‘Rhino’ a super filled with tons of beans and the tastiest lemon tahini dressing.

Kensington Market, Toronto Canada

Urban Herbivore Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant in Toronto, Canada
Urban Herbivore in Toronto caters to vegan and vegetarians.
Urban Herbivore in Toronto
The ‘Rhino’ veggie bowl from Urban Herbivore in Toronto.

After our meal we walk around the area, snap some photos of my favorite street art and pop into a few shops. Fresh Collective is one that’s a Toronto staple to find products locally made in Canada. Now at this point I would opt for some of my fav vegan ice cream at Bunner’s, the local vegan and gluten-free bakery, but sadly it’s closed. So, we decide to take the 30 minute walk along Queen Street West to grab a vegan ice cream at Sweet Olenka’s. I’ve never been before so I’m really excited to give this popular Canadian ice-cream brand a try.

Fresh Collective in Toronto Canada supports local designers and businesses
Fresh Collective in Toronto Canada supports local designers and businesses
Bunner's vegan and gluten-free bakery in Toronto Canada
Bunner’s vegan bakery.

Queen Street West is one of the most artistic and hippest areas of town. As we walk, we pass by Graffiti Alley that displays the city’s best street art, murals and graffiti. I really love how much Toronto supports the art scene. This weekend we even have Nuit Blanche, our annual all-night arts festival. From dusk to dawn there are art galleries open free of charge, installations all over the main streets – art and creative people everywhere adds so much depth and culture to our city!

Queen Street West Toronto
Queen Street West in Toronto.
Street art in Kensington, Toronto
Street art in Toronto.

Graffiti art in Toronto

Kensington market in Toronto

We finally make it to Sweet Olenka’s and I get two scoops – one Chocolate Oreo and one Chocolate – of their delicious coconut vegan ice cream. And wow, it tastes heavenly. Was well worth the walk!

Sweet Olenka's ice-cream Toronto Canada
Sweet Olenka’s serves vegan ice-cream.

Sweet Olenka's vegan ice-cream

Sweet Olenka's vegan ice cream

After a long day we walk back to my car and head home to rest. I’m grateful to be an entrepreneur in this city that gives so much and enriches my soul. Another fabulous day in Toronto is officially over.

Have you ever been to Toronto? What did you think? Or would you like to travel here? Feel free to comment below if you need any advice or recommendations on the best places to visit when travelling to my home city. 

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