LÉ BUNS: The Australian Intimates Brand Helping Women Feel Eco Sexy

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LÉ BUNS: The Australian Intimates Brand Helping Women Feel Eco Sexy

Chic sustainable underwear brands can be hard to find; say hello to LÉ BUNS the eco-conscious intimates label creating their collections with a sustainable approach. Designed for women who are environmentally conscious, LÉ BUNS combines luxury, comfort and simple silhouettes with positive environmental effect that you can feel good about wearing.

In a market that influences and promotes impulse fashion purchases, LÉ BUNS aims to challenge the industry and the consumer with sustainable innovations in lingerie design. Founder and Creative Director Keisha Dessaix was inspired to start the intimates label after noticing a gap in the market for a high-end product at an affordable price point that didn’t compromise the people and environment involved in its making. The end result is soft, luxurious sustainable eco-friendly options that are effortlessly playful and feminine.

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Made from GOTS certified organic cotton

The intimates are made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton that is free from anti-wrinkle, anti-static and GMO and chemicals that are ordinarily used in cotton production, eliminating the harmful side effects on the environment.

The organic cotton is not only ideal for those with allergies and skin sensitivity but is super soft and breathable. The fabric is more resistant to fading, graying and shrinkage which helps to extend the lifespan.

Every time you wear LÉ BUNS you are supporting and championing for the demand for organic cotton to be the norm, as it stands less than one percent of all cotton grown is currently organic. Alarmingly the cotton industry uses more insecticides than any other crop production in the world with an estimated 25 percent of the world’s insecticides and pesticides being used in cotton production, having an impact on farmers and workers, the environment and us as wearers of cotton products. As part of the slow fashion movement (and along with holding vegan and cruelty-free principles) the brand’s use of plant-based fabrics are better for your skin, since it’s the body’s largest organ, it pays to take care of it from inside and out.

LE BUNS- The Australian Intimates Label Helping Women Feel Eco Sexy

From fast fashion to championing eco fashion 

Keisha’s experience in fast fashion made her aware of the excess consumption and unethical and unsustainable practices within the fashion industry. Her first venture into fashion began when she founded a fast fashion start-up while studying International Business at university and then Design at a Melbourne Fashion Institute. She then did job stints at globally recognised luxury brands such as the Prada Group. It was these combination of experiences that helped to build the foundation of sustainable design that underpin LÉ BUNS.

Keisha independently designs the collection in Melbourne and rather than encourage customers to consume mindlessly, inspires them to rekindle their connection with their purchases by creating conscious lingerie to be cherished for years to come.

In addition, the brand prides itself on its supply chain transparency working exclusively with a family-owned boutique manufacturer in Bali recognised for their ethical and environmental practices and fair-trade certified GOTS-certified organic cotton grown in India.

“We all wake up every day and put clothes on and our decisions as simple (or sometimes not so simple) as what to wear really do make an impact– so we all have the opportunity to make change for the better.”- Keisha Dessaix, LÉ BUNS Founder

LE BUNS- The Aussie Intimates Brand Helping Women Feel Eco Sexy

In an industry with a negative reputation, Keisha strives to promote positive change with LÉ BUNS, regularly visiting and working from the factories when developing collections. She takes the time to build relationships with the people making her products, understands where they work and what their workplace is like, ensures a proper standard of living and provides workers with fair pay.

The production process is also closely managed to reduce the amount of fabric waste. In Australia alone consumers send 6000kg of clothing to landfill every 10 minutes. LÉ BUNS excess materials that would usually end up on the cutting room floor and into landfill are given to local orphanages for children to make dolls. Complimenting this production approach, Keisha creates intimates that are functional, comfortable and flattering for longevity, so that you won’t feel the need to throw these pieces into landfill like many others. 

“By simply seeking out and supporting ethically minded brands it would send a message to the industry that the demands of the market are evolving. If more consumers choose to shop ethical brands, more retailers will support ethical practices to satisfy the market.” – Keisha Dessaix, LÉ BUNS Founder

During pre-wash and printing, fabrics are washed by hand and dried naturally by the sun eliminating the use of industrial washing machines and heat machines. With a ‘less is more’ approach this eco-friendly intimates label minimises their carbon footprint while also producing beautiful products. 

LE BUNS- The Australian Intimates Label Helping Women Feel Eco Sexy

The orders are then packed in recycled paper biodegradable boxes eliminating unnecessary wasteful packaging like additional wrapping paper, stickers and marketing collateral and complimented with a signature wash bag to look after your intimates.

LÉ BUNS also offer a swimwear collection designed using recycled fibres, such as discarded fishing nets found in the ocean, by turning them into a luxurious regenerated nylon.

Love what you’ve just learned about this eco-conscious intimates and swimwear brand? You can get your fix here.

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