Eco Buzz | Adelaide ‘Slow Fashion Festival’ to Launch in October, Mars Commits to Fighting Climate Change With New $1 Billion Sustainability Plan

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Eco Buzz | Adelaide ‘Slow Fashion Festival’ to Launch in October, Mars Commits to Fighting Climate Change With New $1 Billion Sustainability Plan

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Adelaide Welcomes a New Slow Fashion Festival in October

SLOW Fashion Festival, a new Adelaide fashion festival focussing on sustainability and ethical principles, is set to launch in October.

Created by three eco-conscious friends and entrepreneurs, Emily Sheahan of SWOP Clothing Exchange, Natalie Ivanov of RE-SWIM Club and Anny Duff of Good Studios, the idea for this eco-fashion focussed festival began after the success of their SWOP the Seams Runway Event on Fashion Revolution Day.

“Because we are all involved in this industry, it’s been so important for us to be doing it a different way. And when you’re not stopping and taking stock of that and celebrating it, it becomes just a really hard slog. I think one of the great things about SLOW is that all these people from those fringe industries have a different opportunity to come together and celebrate,” festival co-founder Anny tells CityMag.

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A SLOW marketplace will also be held at Ensemble that will showcase handmade and sustainable designs from local brands such as Ana TerraBB Shoemaker and the artwork of eco-conscious individuals such as artist Olivia Kathigitis.

The SLOW Fashion Festival will kick off on October 6 2017 – the week before the Mercedes-Benz Adelaide Fashion Festival – and will run until October 15.

To learn more about this sustainability-focused Adelaide fashion festival or if you require specific event details, visit their Instagram account. – Jennifer Nini

Confectionary Giant Mars Unveils $1 Billion ‘Sustainability in a Generation’ Plan to Fight Climate Change

Corporate backlash grows against President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord, with confectionary giant Mars dealing a heavy blow, announcing the launch of its new $1 billion ‘Sustainability in a Generation’ plan.

As part of the company’s commitment to sustainability, Mars will invest $1 billion over the next few years to tackle three areas they believe are essential drivers for sustainable growth:

  • Climate change – The company acknowledges the recommendations of climate scientists and will take climate action. This will include water stewardship, sustainable sourcing and land management.
  • Positive social impact – Mars will help to develop sustainable agriculture projects aimed at improving food security, restoring ecosystems, reducing poverty and improving incomes for smallholder farmers and help them implement sustainable farming practices.
  • Community wellbeing – Investing in science and innovation to help “billions of people and their pets lead healthier, happier lives”.

Speaking at the launch of its sustainability plan, Mars CEO and Office of the President, Grant F. Reid, said:

“If we are to help deliver on the targets agreed in Paris and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, there has to be a huge step change. While many companies have been working on being more sustainable, the current level of progress is nowhere near enough.

Mars has been in business for four generations and intends to be for the next four generations. The only way that will happen is if we do things differently to ensure that the planet is healthy and all people in our extended supply chain have the opportunity to thrive. We must work together, because the engine of global business – its extended supply chain – is broken, and requires transformational, cross-industry collaboration to fix it.”

Mars to commit to $1 billion sustainability plan to fight climate change

The $35 billion company responsible for some of the world’s most popular confectionary brands such as M&Ms and Skittles, has also set a goal to cut its carbon emissions across its supply chain by 67 percent by 2050.

While the Mars sustainability plan is welcome news, the brand is unlikely to win any health and wellness awards any time soon. – Jennifer Nini

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