6 ‘Made in Australia’ Ethical Activewear Brands You Need to Know About

6 ‘Made in Australia’ Ethical Activewear Brands You Need to Know About

One of the most regularly visited posts on this site is the one on Australian ethical activewear brands. In the year or so since we published that piece, we’ve received many requests from the community to curate an Australian-made ethical activewear brands.

We think it’s wonderful that Aussies care so deeply about supporting our local garment industry because without these conscious patriotic folk, our local rag trade would be non-existent!

Anyway, with that said, here is the list of Australian-owned and made in Australia activewear brands you’re after:

1. DK Active

Manufacturing activewear from its North Brisbane solar-powered headquarters, DK Active incorporates sustainable design and functionality to produce well-fitting activewear and garments. Founder Danielle Kay established the business to provide ethical and inclusive energy to the Australian activewear industry.

From the use of eco-friendly and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified materials such as organic cotton, organic bamboo and regenerated fabrics such as Italian Lycra, producing in a factory that meets all Australian standards for ethical clothing manufacturing, right through to its eco-friendly packaging, DK Active is the real sustainable activewear deal.

Browse the online shop here.

Ethical & Sustainable Activewear in Australia - DK Active

Sustainable Activewear in Australia - DK Active

2. Pink Punk Active

When it comes to activewear and yoga clothing, this Aussie-owned and Aussie-made brand has been kicking goals from its Gold Coast studio since 2015. Founder of Pink Punk Active Tarah Frow started designing her own activewear and swimwear collections from home. The vibrant colours and punk-edgy prints is what makes this activewear brand so distinctive, and what keeps customers returning again and again. Pink Punk is ideal for the woman who lives a bold and unapologetic life. The brand also produces activewear for young girls and a swimwear line. Check out the online store here.

Pink Punk Active High Low Jungle Print Crop
Pink Punk Active SS17 collection.

Pink Punk Active SS17 Swimwear collection

3. Dharma Bums

Their huge ever-expanding activewear selection of leggings, crop tops, tees, sports bras in a variety of lengths, colours, prints and styles, is what makes Dharma Bums a go-to destination for activewear made in Australia. Founded by yoga teacher and fashion designer Debbie Lawson, this brand’s identity is closely linked to happiness and harmony, and their motto ‘Keep Your Karma Clean’ perfectly sums up what the brand is about. Although not made from eco-friendly materials (yet!?), the brand is at least conscious about its packaging and of course, is locally-made.

“We only use recycled paper for all of our stationary, packaging and promotional material. We do not use any harsh chemicals in the dying of our garments. By working closely with our supply base and having it close to home we are able to make to order thus we have extinguished the need for excess stock which creates unnecessary waste and landfill.” – Dharma Bums website.

Dharma Bums 'Made in Australia' Ethical Activewear Brand
Dharma Bums.

Dharma Bums made in australia ethical activewear

4. Elle Evans

This activewear and swimwear brand was founded by fashion designers and friends Tanya Evans and Ellie Evans (no relation) who met when working for the same clothing label in Melbourne. Joining forces they created Elle Evans, an activewear brand that is as beautiful as it is ethical. And the best part is, their Australian-made activewear is also sustainable! The garments are made in Melbourne from 100% regenerated fabric Econyl (post-consumer waste and discarded remnants that is turned into eco-friendly fabric) and recycled lycra. The brand also produces swimwear and caters to kids and teens. View their eco-stylish activewear and swimwear collections here.

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Elle Evans Activewear Made in Melbourne Australia
Credit: Elle Evans

Elle Evans Activewear Made in Melbourne Australia

5. The Ten Active

If you’re a mum-to-be, The Ten Active produces some of the most beautiful selection of maternity activewear you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Created by Aussie mums Mel Bryden and Amy Hahn, this activewear brand caters to the pregnant woman’s changing body. As such, the leggings feature a stretchable band to support the growing belly and all garments are designed to be comfortably worn through the duration of your pregnancy. In fact, this maternity activewear label was named ‘The Ten’ as the brand expects you’ll be wearing the garments for 10 months. Need stylish Australian-made maternity activewear? We highly recommend you visit thetenactive.com.au
The Ten 'Made in Australia' Ethical Maternity Activewear
Credit: The Ten
The Ten ethical maternity activewear Australian made
The Ten ethical maternity activewear made in Australia

6. Sunrise at Bondi

Can you get anymore Australian than a Sunrise at Bondi? The brainchild of textile technologist Leigh Mason and professional lifeguard and entrepreneur Trent Maxwell, this activewear label captures the very essence of Sydney’s Bondi beach. It is proudly Australian-owned and Australian-made, so much so it even holds a green kangaroo triangular ‘Made in Australia’ certification as proof of just how authentically Aussie it is. Inspired by the colours of the Australian sun and ocean, Sunrise at Bondi produces functional activewear and swimwear that is built to withstand the harsh sun and our unique climate. What’s also refreshing is the brand caters to both men and women.

“Playful and bright, we are inspired by the feeling of sunrise at Bondi Beach and the anticipation of a new day. The colours of the ocean from calm days to stormy seas, nature knows best and gives an amazing colour palette to work with.” – Sunrise at Bondi website.

Sunrise at Bondi made in Australia ethical activewear

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Cover image via DK Active.

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