Tesla Tiny House Tour Aims to Educate Australians About Clean Energy

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Tesla Tiny House Tour Aims to Educate Australians About Clean Energy

Is there a corporation that publicises sustainable lifestyle concepts better than Tesla? We think not.

This titan of the clean energy industry receives a gold medal for its clever use of PR and marketing to campaign for a sustainable future. Not only is the company building the world’s largest battery system in South Australia and expanding its electric car charging network down under, it can now add a Tiny House Australian tour in the aim of educating Australians about renewable energy.

The Tiny House makes clean energy more accessible to everyday Australians. Powered by 100% renewable energy via a 2 kW solar system and the Powerwall solar battery unit, visitors can inspect the tiny home for themselves and direct all questions about solar home systems to Tesla staff. The Tiny House also “contains a mobile design studio and configurator which can calculate how your home can generate clean energy from the sun” which can all be monitored and controlled by the Tesla app. To top it off, the Tesla Tiny House will be towed by its revolutionary electric vehicle, the Model X. 

“The tour is designed to provide a one-on-one educational experience on how to integrate Powerwall and solar to seamlessly power an entire home 24/7, allowing Australian consumers to gain control and understanding of their power use,” its company press release states.

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Tesla Tiny House in Melbourne
Tesla Tiny House in Melbourne. Images supplied.

Tesla Tiny House specifications:

Weight – 2 tonnes

Dimensions – 6m x 2.2m x 4m

Solar generation – 2kW PV system of 6 panels

Solar storage – 1 x Tesla Powerwall

Exterior – Clad in locally sourced, chemical-free, sustainable timber

Tesla Tiny House Tour to Educate Australians About Renewable Energy

The tour begins today and will run throughout September and October.

The first stop on the Tesla Tiny House Australian tour is Melbourne’s Federation Square. For those interested in off-grid living or transitioning their homes to renewable energy, this is a great opportunity to see first hand how easy it is to “go clean”.

Tesla Tiny House Australian tour dates:

Federation Square, VIC

14-15 August

Melbourne Home Show, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, VIC

17 – 20 August

Eco-Living Fair, Randwick Community Centre, NSW

3 September

Brisbane Home Show, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, QLD

8 – 10 September

Rundle Mall, SA

20 September – 2 October

Sustainability Lane, Lane Cove Shopping Centre, NSW

8 October

Sydney Home Show, Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park

27 – 29 October

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As of today, individuals interested in helping their community become more sustainable, can nominate their town, school, business or community group as one of the stops for the Tiny House to visit whilst on tour.

To request Tesla Tiny House to drop by your town just visit www.tesla.com/teslatinyhouse

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