Opera Recycles at New York Couture Fashion Week 2017

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Opera Recycles at New York Couture Fashion Week 2017

Advertisement has become something of a commodity to any business needing recognition of their product, from new, up and coming businesses to billion-dollar companies. Advertisement has cemented itself into modern society and is constantly evolving to appeal to the ever-changing public. However, this means that over the years, older marketing material that may have worked in the past, are no longer relevant to today’s demographic. This then produces mass amounts of wasted marketing material that has been collecting for years, not being used and very often discarded.

Back in 2015 these forgotten and outdated advertisements caught the eye of Opera Carolina, the largest opera company within the greater Charlotte region, founded in 1942 by the Charlotte Music Club. These unused pieces of marketing material inspired Opera Carolina to begin the Opera Recycles initiative.

Opera Recycles is a recycling initiative that creates entire lines of clothing made from the unused marketing material, producing some very original and stunning items of clothing. This outside-the-box thing shown by Opera Carolina in creating the Opera Recycles initiative really highlights their creative thinking and makes them an inspiration to any conservation enthusiast wishing to assist in reducing the amount of wasted industrial material.

Opera Recycles Show at New York Couture Fashion Week - Upcycled Recycled Dress
Credit: Opera Recycles

In the two years since initiative launched more than 10,500 pieces of marketing material has been converted into fashion pieces. – Opera Recycles website.

This year, Opera Carolina is creating their very own show at the New York Couture Fashion Week, giving sustainable fashion enthusiasts an opportunity to see the stunning creations from the Opera Recycles initiative up close and in person. This show will give Opera Carolina an amazing opportunity to showcase Opera Recycles and their commitment to environmental conservation on a national scale and will help them receive their much deserved recognition.

Event Details

Date: Saturday 9th September 2017

Time: 4:00 PM

Where: Crowne Plaza, Times Square, Manhattan, 1605 Broadway (Between 48th and 49th streets) Broadway Ballroom, 4th Floor

Tickets: Range from $50 to $1500 (USD). Get yours here.

General tickets range from $50 and $65. After Party and Dinner tickets costing $150.

For those of you who won’t be able to make the show, the upcycled dresses will be on display at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) on August 29 to September 1 2017.
Further show details can be found at www.operarecycles.org

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