Eco Warrior Princess 7th Birthday Sustainable Wardrobe Giveaway – Approx. Value $1,000!

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Eco Warrior Princess 7th Birthday Sustainable Wardrobe Giveaway – Approx. Value $1,000!

A couple of days ago it was our 7th birthday. Yup, that’s right, seven years old. Eco Warrior Princess is S-E-V-E-N.

Happy belated birthday to us! Whoop whoop!

On the day (Saturday the 5th) I actually got my wires crossed and thought the birthday was today, August 7th.

It’s easy to forget I guess. I’m running on adrenaline and trying to keep all business balls up in the air. Time and dates just run on by when you’ve got heaps of deliverables, have a team, shuttling back and forth from the city to the country for work and training a team member.

And in truth, I am still in shock. I can scarcely believe it’s already August and we’ve reached our 7th birthday.

If Eco Warrior Princess had been a baby girl I’d given birth to, she would now be walking, conversing, giving me warm hugs, tying her shoe-laces, going to school, asking me loads of questions and testing my patience.

But then again, I wouldn’t name my daughter Eco Warrior Princess… or would I? LOL!

Seriously, if you had asked me in 2010, right at the beginning of my personal eco crusade, what my intentions were with Eco Warrior Princess, I would have just shrugged my shoulders and replied,

“I dunno. I haven’t thought that far down the track. I’m just happy to be writing about the things I care about and hopefully my words will wake people up from their slumber and motivate them to make the world a better place.”

Jennifer Nini
Circa 2010 – 2011. I left the city for the rural country life, to embark on a tree change. Hence, Eco Warrior Princess.

Unlike some modern day influencers who have launched their blogs and sustainable businesses with an eye on making money and global domination, I launched Eco Warrior Princess with the sincerest of intentions: to contribute to positive change.

So with an activist heart, an inquiring mind, armed with words aimed to shoot straight, I used the site to track my eco journey and raise the level of eco-consciousness.

The hours I’ve spent sitting in front of my laptop, lost in thought, trying to find the right words to express how I was feeling. Thinking, writing, researching, editing and then rinsing and repeating. Some years I wrote zealously because I just I couldn’t contain my thoughts and I had so much to say. Other years I wrote sluggishly because of a stressful day job zapping all my creative energy.

But I continued to plug on. So committed I was to my vision for a better, greener, smarter world.

And over time, the blog grew. And it grew up. It wasn’t about me and my personal journey any longer.

That it turned into a business happened rather organically. I was receiving more and more emails from strangers seeking answers to their green questions. In a community bedazzled by ‘reality’ stars, I could see the need for smartly written content. I intuitively knew I had to grow the team to give the website the best chance of serving its readers and the wider online community.

So I followed my instincts and here we are.

Blog turned conscious media brand, founded by a writer and activist turned ethical business crusader.

I would never have imagined that this humble site would grow from a one person passion project to a team of clever writers and talented creatives.

I would never have thought I’d be here celebrating its 7th birthday. How did I get to be so lucky to have found my purpose and to be so sure of it? How did I have balls enough to leave everything I knew to follow my heart and follow my man? How did I not just fade out or give up?

Still pinching myself really. Thank goodness for a genetic makeup that’s given me a positive can-do attitude, idealistic altruistic outlook and a resilient and highly-driven personality. I may not have lasted the distance otherwise.

Anyway, to celebrate seven years in existence, we are running our biggest giveaway yet – an eco-conscious giveaway valued at just over $1,000 AUD and made possible by our grexy friends ALAS, Jeux De Vaguessticks + stone, Mandala Dream Co., Amilita and HempMe.

What you get if you win this eco-conscious giveaway.

Here’s what you’ll win if you’re the lucky, well, winner:

  • Mandala Dream Co., voucher to spend on the organic hemp sheets of your choice valued at $200

Mandala Dream Co hemp organic sheets

Mandala Dream Co organic hemp sheets
Mandala Dream Co. Images supplied.

Mandala Dream Co. organic hemp sheets

Amilita the Label eco conscious label from Byron Bay
Amilita. Images supplied.

Amilita the Label conscious brand from Byron Bay

sticks + stones organic cotton outfit drop pants and top
sitcks + stones. Images supplied.

sticks + stone The Seeker - Organic Cotton Dress

  • Jeux De Vagues a bikini or one-piece swimwear of your choice valued up to $241
Jeux De Vagues eco conscious swimwear
Jeux De Vagues. Images supplied.

Jeux De Vagues eco swimwear

  • HempMe skin moisturiser valued at $38
Hemp Me Certified Organic skincare
Credit:. Hempme
  • ALAS long sleeved nightie $69.95
ALAS the label
Credit: ALAS

Total prize value approx A$1079.

A huge thanks to Sara von Trzcinski, Katherine Terrell, Jul Grant, Jacky Stickler, Kelly Elkin and Leigh Olsen for donating these gifts to our birthday giveaway. You guys rock!

How to enter this conscious fashion giveaway:

It’s super simple to enter.

Just complete the form below and you’ll be in the running to win. You’ll also get 2 bonus entries for each friend referred! So make to share with your social network to increase your chances of winning.

That’s it. Easy peasy.

Thanks again for all the love over the last seven years and may the luck be with you!

xx Jen

Terms & Conditions

Giveaway is open to international residents.

Contest is not open to Eco Warrior Princess employees or members of their immediate families.

Contestants must enter using giveaway sweepstakes form/app found on this page.

Contestants can receive additional entries by sharing this giveaway with their social media networks using the sweepstakes app (two bonus entries for each friend referred).

By entering this giveaway, contestants agree to be added to the Eco Warrior Princess email database. Contestants can unsubscribe at anytime.

Entries close 20th August 2017 10pm AEST.

The winner will be drawn at random and will be announced on Instagram Stories, Facebook and Twitter.

The winner will be notified via the email address used to enter the giveaway and must reply within 7 days of email notification. The winner is expected to liaise with each participating brand to select appropriate style/outfit/size.

In the event of the winner not being contactable, another random draw will be held.

Total prize package is valued at approximately $1000.00 AUD

Eco Warrior Princess is not responsible for any loss or theft through the postal system.

Eco Warrior Princess is not responsible for any issues arising from limited size or stock. It is the responsibility of the winner to liaise directly with each participating brand if matters do arise.

Eco Warrior Princess reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time.

The prize cannot be transferred for cash or other form of monetary compensation.

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