Eco Buzz | Ethical Fashion Guatemala Takes Action For Copyright Infringement, Al Gore Launches Victoria’s Clean Energy Plan

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Eco Buzz | Ethical Fashion Guatemala Takes Action For Copyright Infringement, Al Gore Launches Victoria’s Clean Energy Plan

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Ethical Fashion Guatemala Takes Action Against Copycats to Protect Artisans’ Rights

The fashion industry is awash with copyright violations and each season it seems another fashion designer comes out accusing another fashion business of copyright infringement.

However it’s not just the designs of the world’s top designers that are being knocked off. Even the crafts of traditional artisans are being stolen.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala is looking to protect the rights of Guatemalan artisans by going after businesses peddling inferior quality artisanal goods on sites such as Etsy and Shopify.

Using intricate knowledge of how products are uniquely created, Ethical Fashion Guatemala, led by James Dillon and Kara Goebel, identify blatant copies that infringe the artisans copyrights, and request the platforms cooperation in having the products removed. According to Fashionista, the team have identified about 64,000 products on Etsy – ranging from leather goods, jewellery, ceramic homewares and art – that breach trademark and copyright laws.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Takes Action for Copyright Infringement

To help connect the artisans to a global audience, the business will also provide them with an e-commerce platform where they can sell their products and receive a higher – and fairer – price of their goods. This is welcome news as many Western-run e-commerce websites act as ‘middlemen’ and take a disproportionately higher share of the profits. Their business model is fairer. Ethical Fashion Guatemala will take just 10 percent to cover site operating costs, credit card fees and shipping costs.

The outcome is that the maker makes most of the profit – and so it should be. – Jennifer Nini

Former US Vice-President Al Gore Launches Victoria’s Green Energy Plan

Victoria’s renewable energy plan includes a solar farm that would power more than 400 trams and battery storages that can store enough solar power for 200,000 households.

The renewable energy action plan, launched by one of the world’s most prominent environmentalists, former US vice-president Al Gore, will underpin the state’s attempt to achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

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Mr Gore said the renewable energy plan was a “highly impressive” example of a state government taking the initiative to cut carbon emissions.

“All over the world there has been a dramatic change in the marketplace, with electricity generated with renewable sources falling below the cost of electricity generated by fossil fuels,” he said.

Former US Vice President Al Gore Launches Victoria's Green Energy Plan
Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

Energy and Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said the renewable energy plan “represents the most significant government investment in renewable energy in Victoria’s history”. She said the plan would also reduce power prices for Victorians.

Powering Melbourne’s city tram network with electricity from a solar farm is one such project garnering much support. To do this, the Victorian government will purchase renewable energy certificates for 35 mega-watts of power from a solar farm, which will be enough to operate the tram system.

Before jumping aboard a city tram, Mr Gore predicted Melbourne’s solar-powered trams “will become a symbol of the renewable energy revolution worldwide”.

The global economy is moving away from fossil-fuel generated power and Australian states have no option but to invest in clean energy. With solar farms currently being built and proposed solar farms across the nation awaiting regulatory approvals, it is clear that the country is serious about its commitment to reduce carbon emissions.

And with energy prices skyrocketing across Australia causing public outcry, a green energy plan may be the only sure-fire way to deliver lower-cost electricity.
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