Eco Buzz | The Body Shop’s 100% Clean Energy Target, Gisele Bündchen Takes a Fur Stand on Vogue Cover

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Eco Buzz | The Body Shop’s 100% Clean Energy Target, Gisele Bündchen Takes a Fur Stand on Vogue Cover

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The Body Shop’s plans for 100% clean energy.

By 2020, The Body Shop intends to source 100 percent of its energy requirements from renewable sources or carbon-balanced sources of electricity.

The Body Shop, which was purchased by French beauty brand L’Oreal in 2006, have committed to releasing Commitment Reports which will chart the company’s progress on a range of  goals including the sourcing of inputs that “have no negative social or environmental impacts” and emitting no “substances that could harm the environment or society”.

The brand’s mission known as Enrich Not Exploit™ sees the brand committing to three main principles: “enrich our people; enrich our products; and enrich our planet”. The brand will target key areas including ingredients, packaging, clean energy and employees. Audrey Blancart, The Body Shop’s Sustainable Sourcing Assurance Manager explains in this video: “Our first milestone toward that goal is our 2020 Enrich not Exploit target to ensure that 100 percent of our natural ingredients are traceable and sustainably sourced. And also to protect 10,000 hectares of habitat through our sourcing activities.”

The brand is also aiming to double its Community Trade programme which will see it use 19 fair trade ingredients to 40 with the aim of helping 40,000 economically vulnerable people access work.

In lieu of a traditional report, the company has recently taken to YouTube to publish its 16 episode “Enrich Not Exploit™ Report 2016” video series.

We will publish updates on our progress every year, both good and not so good, and talk about some of the challenges we face on the journey, towards our aim.” – The Body Shop website

– Jennifer Nini

Image credit: The Body Shop

Gisele Bündchen uses Vogue cover to take a stand against fur.

Retired runway icon Gisele Bündchen who has professed to being the “biggest animal lover in the world” is standing up for animal rights again; this time using the front cover of French Vogue to send a strong message that wearing fur is unacceptable.

“So happy that [Vogue Paris] dedicated this issue to animal protection,” the Brazilian supermodel wrote on Instagram. “Sending a strong message that wearing real fur is never an option!”

The Vogue August issue is dedicated to promoting cruelty-free sustainable clothing and faux fur so hiring the Brazilian supermodel and United Nations Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador to grace its cover makes complete sense.

But it hasn’t always been rainbows and unicorns for the former runway model. In 2002, Gisele became the spokesperson for a fur designer Blackglama, which prompted fury from animal rights activists and PETA President Ingrid Newkirk to release this written statement: “Gisele has blood on her hands and blood money in her pockets. She may have long legs, but she’s pitifully short on compassion, given the pain and fear that animals suffer for her vanity.”

Gisele apologised for the incident and since then has used her clout to do good. In her op-ed piece for The Huffington Post last year, Gisele writes: “When we carelessly harm the planet and all of the precious species of plants and animals, we damage ourselves. We are all part of nature and all life is connected… Let’s embark on a new journey together for a better future.” – Jennifer Nini

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