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Bestowed Clothing is an Australian eco-friendly and vegan fashion label. The brainchild of fashion designer Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky and her husband Jason Hodoniczky, the brand is known for its relaxed certified organic women’s clothing with an avant-garde twist. It creates styles that can be mixed, matched, layered and worn over and over again – the true test of a sustainable clothing label.

Ideal for the busy modern woman who enjoys wearing effortlessly cool ensembles, Bestowed pieces are so versatile in fact that they can be worn to work, at home, whilst running errands and even whilst travelling because the items don’t crease so you won’t need to iron and are so comfortable. The garments are designed with longevity in mind; intended to be worn no matter the season or year and make the perfect building blocks to any sustainable closet.

Bestowed Clothing Vegan Fashion
Photography: Todd Hunter McGaw

This vegan fashion brand produces limited pieces in its collections, so can be best described as an ethical capsule collection. Each garment complements the others in the range, making it easy for women to create various outfits and looks.

Further adding to its eco-credentials, Bestowed garments are designed, pre-washed and sewn at the brand’s solar-powered studio in Brisbane. Pre-washing is done using rainwater harvested on the property and the brand limits its production runs so as to minimise textile waste. 

In addition, all manufacturing is done within a 30km radius of their Brisbane property and the GOTS certified organic cotton is milled in Melbourne, further minimising this brand’s carbon footprint.

Bestowed Clothing Vegan Label

There is nothing Sarah and Jason haven’t thought of.

The vegan label has also built a cult-like following and it’s not difficult to understand why. With customer service as of equal importance as sustainability, you can expect Sarah and Jason to be highly involved in answering questions about fabric or if you have concerns about fit. The pair also understand the disappointment that customers face when their favourite items are no longer available due to end of season, so unlike other brands, Bestowed Clothing continue to produce popular designs to keep their loyal customers happy.

Bestowed is not just a sustainable fashion business, it’s a smart sustainable fashion business!

Bestowed Clothing vegan fashion label

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