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3 Stylish Brands That Create Ethical Capsule Wardrobe Collections

Can minimalism and frugality coexist with your love of shopping sustainable and ethical fashion brands? Of course! The solution is ethical capsule wardrobe collections.

A capsule wardrobe refers to a small collection of seasonally appropriate, mix-and-match clothes that can be layered or combined to create multiple outfits. As discussed in our previous article Creating an Eco-Friendly Capsule Wardrobe for under $150, remember that the main objective for having a capsule wardrobe is to save money, closet space, headaches and the environment.

With that, it can be difficult to find fashion brands that are committed to the creation of ethical garments and capsule wardrobes.

But we’ve found four that we think you should know about. These fashion labels ethically produce their garments and purposely keep their collections small all without sacrificing your stylishness.

Vetta Capsule

When Carla and Vanessa, founders of Vetta, launched their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in 2016 to raise the money to develop a capsule collection of just five garments that could be mixed and matched to create 30 outfit ensembles, they never imagined that their campaign would gain so much traction from within the fashion world.

Minimalists, ethical fashion enthusiasts and even the average shopper were gobsmacked at the versatility of Vetta’s five-piece capsule collections. Inspired by the capsule wardrobe’s main concepts of versatility and simplicity, this brand has carefully created a few key items that act as both building blocks as well as stand alone go-to pieces to be added to a thoughtful and minimal wardrobe.

The photo shoots are also cleverly done; with each ensemble styled to perfection and photographed in a Pinterest-worth way. Only one word does the brand justice: WOW!

4 Fashion Brands That Create Ethical Capsule Wardrobe Collections

Vetta’s “Original” Capsule Collection. Credit: Vetta

4 Fashion Brands That Create Ethical Capsule Wardrobe Collections

3 Fashion Brands That Create Ethical Capsule Wardrobe Collections

3 Fashion Brands That Create Ethical Capsule Wardrobe Collections

Vetta’s “Classic” Capsule Collection


When founder and designer Agata Natalia Kozak launched ECO HOT label COSSAC she had it in mind to create eco fashion that was beautiful and responsibly-made and that lived up to its sustainability ethos. This meant that each collection Agata created would never contain more than 16 pieces, an ode to minimalism that is so evident throughout the photo shoots, social media accounts and COSSAC website.

The collections are timeless and trendy – and all responsibly-made. COSSAC is an amalgamation of Agata’s fashion career – inspired by both high end and high street labels – but without any of the fast fashion nastiness such as crazy colours and faddish prints guaranteed to be “so last season” by season’s end.

Designed in London and made in Europe, COSSAC promotes the minimalistic concept of capsule wardrobes by creating pieces that are versatile and transeasonal. Sustainably-designed, each garment s created with the aim of maximising usefulness and minimising wastefulness.

COSSAC Ethical Capsule Collections SS17

COSSAC SS17 Collection. Credit: Can Sever

SS17 Collection COSSAC - Ethical Capsule Wardrobe Collections

SS17 Collection COSSAC - Ethical Capsule Wardrobe Collections

Rant Clothing

This sustainable fashion label sticks to what it knows: dark-coloured, sustainable fabrics, ethical Australian production and garments that are designed to complement all others in the collection.

This is a fashion label that takes sustainability seriously. Aside from its use of solar power to operate its studio and collection of rain water to prewash garments, it only produces two collections per year. Founders Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky and Jason Hodoniczky care deeply about its customers, thoughtfully keeping popular pieces in vogue each year so customers needn’t worry about design disposability. Customers can rely on this ethical capsule clothing brand to produce their favourite garment, or a version of it, each and every year.

Rant Clothing - Who Wears the Pants collection

Rant Clothing “Who Wears the Pants” Collection. Photography: Todd Hunter McGaw

Rant Clothing Ethical Capsule Collections

Rant Clothing Ethical Capsule Collections

Have we missed any other ethical brands known for their capsule collections? Go ahead and suggest some brands too and we’ll make sure to check them out!

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