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Yogi Spirit: One Stop Yoga Lifestyle Shop for Ethical Shoppers

What’s fascinating about Amanda Wiart is not her unplaceable accent (it seems a blend of many accents rolled into one) or that she recently launched an e-commerce site selling ethical and sustainable yoga wear. It’s that she’s the perfect embodiment of how spirituality and rationality can coexist harmoniously.

A yoga teacher who is also a scientist with a degree in Marine Biology and a post doctorate degree in Genetics, Amanda grew up on the beautiful island of Vanuatu cultivating her life-long interest in our natural environment.

Amanda Wiart founder of ethical yoga wear online shop, Yogi Spirit
Amanda Wiart founder of ethical yoga wear shop, Yogi Spirit. Image supplied.

Keen to reduce environmental pollution, Amanda focussed her energies on helping families reduce waste. She launched a cloth nappy business to provide parents with greener alternatives to the disposable nappy. Her business helped families save thousands of disposable plastic nappies from being thrown into landfills.

12 years on and the conscious entrepreneur is at it again, this time launching Yogi Spirit, a Sydney-based one stop online yoga store that caters to the yogi who is conscious on and off the mat. Since yoga is a discipline that combines physical, mental and spiritual practice, it makes sense that yogis wear yoga clothes that mirror their values.

As a long time yoga practitioner and yoga teacher, Amanda launched Yogi Spirit to help others access fashionable conscious yoga clothing and products. “There are so many beautiful yoga brands that I wanted to bring them together in one place and make it easy for others to shop,” Amanda explains. “I truly believe that sustainability and style can co-exist and Yogi Spirit epitomises that belief.”

Amanda Wiart founder of ethical yoga wear store, Yogi Spirit
Image supplied.

Researching and carefully handpicking stylish ethical and sustainable yoga clothing from Australia and around the world, Amanda has done the homework so others won’t have to. 

On the website, you’ll find leggings made from recycled plastic bottles, yoga tops made from organic cotton, intentional jewellery, yoga towels, natural perfumes and biodegradable and eco-friendly yoga mats.

Moonchild Leggings - Dream on Dreamer from Yogi Spirit
‘Dream on Dreamer’ Leggings

Here are five popular ethical and eco-friendly yoga wear brands you’ll find on Yogi Spirit:

1. Moonchild Yoga Wear

A Danish eco activewear brand founded in 2015, Moonchild Yoga Wear is ethically manufactured in the EU.

This socially responsible activewear company is deeply committed to the environment and is mindful of its impact. Each decision in the manufacturing process is carefully thought out.

Moonchild Yoga Wear uses OEKO-TEX® certified Italian fabric which means that the materials don’t contain any harmful substances. The fabric manufacturer also invested in a cutting-edge cogeneration plant leading to a significant reduction in energy consumption, and subsequently their carbon footprint.

For the printing process, Moonchild Yoga Wear uses water based dyes only. No toxic chemical solvents are used in its printing and the process generates zero waste water. In addition, its transfer paper is 100% organic material and is recycled once the process is complete. All printing is done locally in Denmark.

Moonchild 'Daydreamer' leggings from ethical yoga wear shop Yogi Spirit
‘Daydreamer’ Leggings
Moonchild Yoga Wear 'Zenith' Leggings from Yogi Spirit ethical yoga shop
Moonchild ‘Zenith’ Leggings
Moonchild 'Zenith' leggings from ethical yoga wear shop Yogi Spirit
Moonchild ‘Zenith’ Leggings

2. NiyamoSOL Ethical Yoga Wear

This yoga wear brand makes recycling stylish and cool. To make its activewear, NiyamoSOL uses a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and Spandex.

Some plastics take up to 1000 years to biodegrade, so by turning plastic waste into a desirable consumer product, NiyamoSOL is on a winning ‘eco’ formula.

“The ideal is that we do not use plastic at all, but since we live in a plastic economy making use of the recycled plastic means that it does not end up in landfills and in our oceans,” Amanda explains. “The plastic epidemic is an issue that is gaining increased global attention because of TV programs such as the War on Waste and the movie A Plastic Ocean.”

There are 5.25 trillion pieces of these tiny bits of plastic swirling in the ocean, covering over 40% of the surface of the sea. Our oceans are becoming a plastic soup and our sea life is choking on its content.” – Yogi Spirit

One look at its most popular leggings style ‘The Traveller and you can understand why this stylish yoga wear brand is popular with yogis and ethical fashionistas alike. That the fabric is soft to the touch and doesn’t feel plastic is a major bonus. “The plastic is turned into a fabric that’s deliciously soft, feels like a second skin and is breathable,” Amanda points out.

NiyamaSOL The Traveler Ethical Yoga Leggings from Yogi Spirit
NiyamaSOL ‘The Traveler’ Leggings
NiyamaSOL 'The X-Back Noir' yoga sports bra from Yogi Spirit
NiyamaSOL ‘The X-Back Noir’ Sports Bra
NiyamaSOL 'Mamba Endless' Leggings from ethical yoga shop Yogi Spirit
NiyamaSOL ‘Mamba Endless’ Leggings

3. Live Whole Yoga Mats

If you’re practising yoga, pilates or other exercise at home, using a 100% natural, biodegradable, sustainable yoga mat makes more sense than a synthetic PVC one.

Yogi Spirit stocks Live Whole Yoga Mats which are made from a durable mix of coconut fibre and natural tree rubber. The coconuts and tree rubber are ecologically farmed and processed and the yoga mats are ethically manufactured in Sri Lanka.

This ethical yoga mat brand buys back acres of land for conservation through their conservation partner, Rainforest Trust.

The mats are also 100% recyclable and compostable so you can mix it in with other food scraps or turn it into useful garden mulch.

Live Whole Coconut Yoga Mat ftom Ethical Yoga Wear Shop Yogi Spirit
Live Whole Yoga Coconut Yoga Mat
Live Whole Yoga Sustainable Yoga Mat
Live Whole Yoga Coconut Yoga Mat

Live Whole Yoga Coconut Sustainable Yoga Mat

4. Yuhme Reusable Water Bottle

Perhaps the world’s most eco-friendly, reusable water bottle, Yuhme water bottles are made from sugarcane, are BPA and toxin free, have a low carbon footprint and are 100% recyclable. Designed and manufactured in Sweden, the bottles come in two different prints, ‘Namaste’ and ‘Endurance’.

What’s also commendable is that for every bottle sold, the company gives six months of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic through their charity partner, Water for Good. 

Yuhme stylish reusable water bottles from Yogi Spirit
Yuhme Water Bottle

Yuhme eco-friendly water bottle

5. Yoga Tribe Yoga Mats

This yoga mat from Yoga Tribe Mats is a greener alternative to the common toxic PVC yoga mat varieties.

Made from a plant fibre called jute and a polymer environmental resin (an eco-friendlier version of PVC) Yoga Tribe mats contain no phthalates, phenols, PAHs, latex or silicone. It’s also non-slip and durable making it ideal for the modern yogi.

Yoga Tribe Eco Friendly Jute Yoga Mat from Yoga Spirit
Yoga Tribe Eco-Friendly Jute Yoga Ma

Yoga Tribe Organic Jute Yoga Mat from Yogi Spirit

In essence, Yogi Spirit is a yoga lifestyle store stocking everything that a yogi might need.

With new sustainable brands being added regularly including organic cotton yoga wear brands and those catering to men and children, Yogi Spirit hopes to empower people of all ages to live the best, most authentic life they desire to live.

To shop conscious yoga wear brands that have deep ethical values, use sustainable production methods and give back to their communities, head over to Yogi Spirit.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Yogi Spirit. Specific product information is checked with the company. Eco Warrior Princess strives to work only with brands that meet our high ethical standards. For more information about our ad policies, click here.

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