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More Selflessness, Less Selfishness

Our world rewards confidence.

It rewards the ego.

It rewards those who fought their way to the top.

It rewards the triumphant.

It rewards the pretty, the smart, the wealthy.

It rewards the privileged.

It rewards talent and hard work and persistence.

It has a tendency to reward selfishness.

More Selflessness, Less Selfishness

People forget that no man is an island.

People forget about collaboration.

People forget that looks aren’t everything.

People forget that money doesn’t equal happiness.

People forget to build their character.

People forget those who helped them along the way to success.

People learn selfishness.

Jennifer Nini Editor-in-chief Eco Warrior Princess

Why not be open-minded?

Why not live with integrity?

Why not build up others? 

Why not be a beacon of light?

Why not perform a random act of kindness?

There’s already plenty of selfishness.

Eco Warrior Princess - Ethical Fashion Blogger

Imagine if those with more than enough shared with those who have nothing.

Imagine if we gave more than we took.

Imagine if we valued community as much as ourselves.

Imagine if we used our creativity to solve global problems.

Imagine if we used our lives to serve others.

We wouldn’t be so selfish.

Eco Warrior Princess Amilita Photo Shoot


Photography – Ben McGuire

Stylist/Model – Jennifer Nini

Dress – Amilita the Label

Shoes + Sunglasses – Model’s own

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