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Where to Buy Ethical & Sustainable Home Decor Online

Where to buy ethical and sustainable home decor online?
Written by Emma Joyce

Sustainability is all the rage in many industries, and interior design isn’t an exception. Still, making the switch to green décor can be a touch-and-go affair if you don’t know where to go looking for ethical homeware. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a list of eco-friendly home décor brands that will help you greenify your nest.


Whether you’re looking for everyday tableware or a conversation-starting trinket, you can’t go wrong with VivaTerra. A single visit to the online store is enough for you to find almost everything you need to furnish your home from the floors to the ceiling.

Settle-In White & Cappuccino Dot Rattan Lounge Chair and Ottoman from Vivaterra

Settle-In White & Cappuccino Dot Rattan Lounge Chair and Ottoman from Vivaterra

Teak and Recycled Rubber Outdoor Furniture Collection from Vivaterra

Teak and Recycled Rubber Outdoor Furniture Collection from Vivaterra

You can also rest in the knowledge that your cash will end up in the hands of a brand that cares about the planet as much as it does about its profits.

In addition to focusing on green products made from recycled, organic, reclaimed, and other sustainable resources in line with Fair Trade production standards, VivaTerra is also committed to planting trees and building wind generators to help make the world a better place for the generations to come.

Note: VivaTerra ships with the U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam only.

Where to buy ethical and sustainable home decor?

Source: Inhabitat

Eco Chic

Founded with the aim of making eco-friendly furniture available to all eco-minded homeowners regardless of their location and budget, Eco Chic features superior-quality homeware made from recycled or recyclable, toxin and allergen-free materials in accordance with Fair Trade practices.

The brand’s catalogue includes Senegalese baskets hand-woven from eco-safe materials, African beads handcrafted from recycled glass, bamboo mirrors, floor lamps, scented soy candles, and bowls made from washed-up driftwood.

In addition to focusing on eco-safe offerings, the brand donates a part of its profits to environmental protection charities including Friends of the Earth, Animal Welfare League of Australia, World Wildlife Fund, and the Surfrider Foundation.

Note: Eco Chic ships across Australia only.

Hudson Armchair from Eco Chic

Hudson Armchair from Eco Chic

Flight Pattern Art from Eco Chic

Flight Pattern Art from Eco Chic

Carribbean Mirror from Eco Chic

Carribbean Mirror from Eco Chic

Eco-friendly furniture from

Eco-friendly furniture from Eco Chic

Miss Amara

If you’re looking for bespoke rugs that combine elegance, durability and eco-friendly materials, you won’t go wrong with Miss AmaraThe brand offers quality rugs and runners in a wide range of hues and styles, including ethnic, contemporary, and designer rugs, and it also features animal hides and floor covers crafted from wool, jute, sisal, hemp, and cotton fiber.

Although not all of their floor covers are environmentally safe, many of them are, such as Batukaru Navy Cable Weave Jute Rug or Haiku Natural Chunky Jute Rug. You can browse the brand’s online catalogue and pick rugs that fit your home’s eco-friendly bill in terms of size, style, color, pattern, and material.

Note: Shipping is free Australia-wide.

Miss Amara eco-friendly hemp rug in blush colour

Miss Amara Eco-friendly Hemp Rug

Miss Amara eco-friendly hemp rug

Miss Amara Waipio Sand Grey Chunky Jute Rug

Miss Amara Waipio Sand Grey Chunky Jute Rug

Impact Eco Tableware

Another well-known brand you should check out if you want to go green at home is Impact Eco Tableware. The business stocks durable, chic, and environmentally conscious tableware including tumblers, plates, bowls, and cups crafted from highly renewable bamboo.

Eco-friendly and budget-friendly, Impact Eco Tableware’s products are a chic and durable alternative to classic products made from non-renewable and non-biodegradable materials such as ceramic, plastic, and glass. Dishwasher-safe and food-grade as approved by LFGB & FDA, Impact Eco Tableware is a perfect kitchenware store for folks set on greening their lifestyle.

Note: Free shipping Australia-wide.

Impact Eco Tableware

Impact Eco Tableware

Eco-Friendly tableware from Impact Eco Tableware


A furniture retailer founded with the mission of transforming standard into sustainable living areas one room at a time, Bambeco sells pieces crafted in line with environmental protection, workplace safety, and social responsibility.

Thanks to the brand’s eco-friendly efforts, the world is richer by over 300 million gallons of water and more than 20,000 trees. On top of that, the brand strives to curb unemployment and it opened jobs for around 10,000 people since it went into business.

If you need a comfortable chair or suave bed frame that fits the sustainable bill, head over to

Note: Ships only within the U.S. Bonus points for this business as they only offer carbonfree shipping due to their partnership with FedEx and’s Carbonfree® project.

Reclaimed Barnwood Builteman Bed from Bambeco Sustainable Home Goods

Reclaimed Barnwood Builteman Bed from Bambeco

Recycled Industrial Steel Side Chair from Bambeco

Recycled Industrial Steel Side Chair from Bambeco

Organic Cotton Cable Knit Throw from Bambeco

Organic Cotton Cable Knit Throw from Bambeco

Bandhini Homeware Design

Nothing feels better than sitting on a cushion crafted from sustainable materials, does it? If you agree, head over to Bandhini Homeware Design and grab a few sustainable cushions and pillows handmade from natural or recycled fibers and stuffed with GECA-certified fillings from recycled drink bottles.

For a finishing green touch, each of the cushions in Bandhini’s collection is treated with eco-safe dye so that all products could return to the earth without adding to environmental pollution. Apart from cushions and pillows, the brand also sells beautiful handmade throws and home textiles which will dial up your home’s aesthetic value while promising lasting health and durability at the same time.

Note: Ships within Australia only.

Handmade cushions from Bandhini Homeware Designs

Ethical pillows from Bandhini Homewear Designs

Ethical cushions from Bandhini Homewear Designs

Sustainable homeware is the future of interior design, and it’s for the common good, too. From environmentally conscious pillows and cushions to chic bamboo tableware and organic textiles, chic homes around the globe nowadays rock a sustainable guise and it’s likely the trend will only grow further as more and more homeowners begin to awaken to the hazards of mass-produced furniture and accessories.

After all, it’s up to each and every one of us to plant the sustainability seeds in our own homes if we want to leave the world a brighter, better, and safer place for the generations to come.

Disclaimer: This curated list is based on the writer’s research and does not fully take into account an individual’s set of ethics or style preferences. Before making any purchases, we encourage you to do your own research and recommend using online tools and apps that provide product reviews and brand ratings to help you make an informed decision. You can find a list of the top ethical ratings apps here. For more information about our policies, click here.

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