What Do You Think of the New Eco Warrior Princess Vlog Series?

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What Do You Think of the New Eco Warrior Princess Vlog Series?

Eco Warrior Princess is considered one of the leading eco fashion and sustainable lifestyle sites in the world. I had never much thought about its ‘authority’ in the green space until strangers started to ask for advice and recommendations, readers started to share our articles on social media, and magazines, blogs and online publications started to feature us and approach us for interviews. (Check out our press page to see exactly where we’ve featured and the ‘awards’ we’ve been given.)

Our popularity – as measured by the number of online articles we’ve featured in, website traffic, social media followers and media coverage – has grown exponentially, particularly in the last couple of years.

Now while it strokes the ego to know that people think of Eco Warrior Princess as a ‘sustainability influencer’ and ‘thought leader’, our goal has never been about acquiring pats on the back, awards and accolades.

Why I started Eco Warrior Princess

I founded this site to share my sustainable lifestyle story which began around the time I left my urban lifestyle in Melbourne in 2010 for a tree change to rural Queensland.

I had hopes of inspiring people to a greener way of life.

I wanted to contribute my skills and talents to help transform the world for the better.

I wanted to encourage critical thinking to help move people away from societal conditioning and their unconscious autopilot and nudge them into logical, reasoned thought to help develop a more conscious mindful society.

I wanted my posts to resonate with the masses, so that they too would reflect on their values, relationship to material items and our environment and find a way to live that isn’t defined by the possessions they own, the expectations of others, their job title and how fancy their house and clothes are.

I wanted people to step off the consumer rat race and find a real sense of purpose, just as I had.

(If you want to learn more about what inspired Eco Warrior Princess, this page explains  in detail why we do what we do and how I personally feel about our work).

My dreams are coming true

About 12 days ago and for the first time in our history, we reached 25,000 unique visitors in a month.

Reaching this milestone means that my dreams are coming to fruition: The world is becoming more conscious.

As more people search for tips and advice on living more sustainable, they are finding the Eco Warrior Princess site. As people seek ideas on how to reduce their environmental impact and live in harmony with people and planet, they find Eco Warrior Princess.

I feel so blessed and grateful that all our hard work is paying off. But we need to do more.

Not content to sit ‘pretty’

I have instinctively known that I would need to find new ways of sharing our sustainability message if I wanted to reach the environmentally ‘unconscious’. People are finding us because they’re searching – but what about those people who aren’t searching?

When I look around, I see that the ethical fashion and sustainable lifestyle community is dominated by female millennials.

To me, preaching to the converted is a waste of time and resources because there’s still a huge part of the population who don’t think, talk, walk eco-friendly. I am not satisfied to live in an echo chamber, as comfy and lovely as this chamber has been for me.

As sustainability and green lifestyle influencers, need to reach people outside of the community. These are the people I think, we need to reach and influence if we really want to reduce global environmental impact and accelerate the rate of sustainable lifestyle adoption.

I knew Eco Warrior Princess would need to do more to reach the masses.

It is for this reason that we have started to invest some time and resources on creating videos as part of our new Eco Warrior Princess vlog series on YouTube. I join creative forces with my fiance and business partner Ben to bring a male and female perspective to the topic of green living.

Ben has a good sense of humour and our dynamic as a couple is funny and entertaining – so we’re told. I think our relationship and the way we bounce off each other is something a lot of people will relate to, and particularly other couples.

If my intuition is right, then the Eco Warrior Princess YouTube vlog series – which aims to educate about sustainability through entertainment, humour and fun – will capture the attention of male viewers and young people, two segments of society we haven’t been successful in reaching with our written content.

That is my hope anyway. Wish us luck!

Anyway, here are the first two episodes of our vlog series. I really care about what you think so make sure to leave a comment on YouTube with any questions, recommendations and advice. Thanks in advance peeps x

p.s. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive new video content.

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